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Custio Clayton Has Big Ambitions

By Daniel Cloutier

QUÉBEC - Ranked seventh contender by the WBO in the welterweight division, Custio Clayton is determinate to move up in the Top five of the international boxing ratings in the months to come.

Saturday evening in the ring of the Videotron Centre in Québec, just before the main event, Clayton (14-0-0) will face the British Stephen Danyo (14-0-3) in a WBC international championship.

“Yes, I am ranked by the WBO, but my ambitions is to move up,” said Clayton Thursday afternoon in Québec City. “I want to maintain my perfect record to improve my chances to dispute a world championship in 2019. i know I have the technique and the power to succeed on the international boxing scene. In the amateurs, I fought the best fighters in the world, and I want to do the same in pro boxing. I really believe I will fight the biggest names of the welterweight division in 2019 and 2020.”

A fighter from Halifax, Nova Scotia, living in Montréal since three years, Clayton said he is perfectly prepared for this match up with Danyo, mentally, physically, technically and strategically. “I did not get the chance to see Danyo in action,” said Clayton. “He is undefeated and I am undefeated. I know he is tall, he has a long reach, and it’s never an easy game to fight a boxer with long arms. I guess it will be an intense and spectacular bout. But I really believe that my good technique will make the difference in the result of this fight. I am very efficient to adjust my style to the opponent’s style. I will fight with intensity and concentration from the beginning to the end, and I need to stay undefeated to increase my chances to fight eventually for a world title. I am perfectly prepared for this challenge.”

When we asked him who are the fighter who provide him the biggest inspiration, Clayton smiled. “The Californian Andre Ward is certainly one of the best fighters I saw in action in my boxing career,” said Clayton. “I became a huge fan of his style when I saw him win the Showtime Super Six super middleweight Tournament in 2011. And he still is a fantastic fighter when he moved up in the light heavyweight division. I have also a great admiration for Terrence Crawford, who is the WBO welterweight first contender. He is fast and he has a great technique. No doubt in my mind, this guy will play a major role on the international boxing scene in the years to come.”

Former lightweight and super lightweight champion of the world, Crawford, a boxer from Omaha, Nebraska, has the same record than Ward, 32-0-0.

Saturday, Clayton will face a boxer who is ranked just behind him in the WBO 147 pounds ratings. “Clayton is ranked seventh by the WBO, me eight,” said Danyo. “I need to win this bout to move up in the ratings. I know that Clayton is a big challenge for me, but I believe I have the weapons to win it. I will need to fight intelligently and give a huge effort in each round.”

The promoter of this boxing show, Camille Estephan, the big boss of The Eye Of The Tiger Management Group, is impatient to see this fight Clayton-Sanyo. “If the fight between David Lemieux and Karim Achour (the main event) is promising great action, it’s certainly the same thing with this fight Clayton-Danyo. Clayton and Danyo are definitively two of the best welterweights in the world. If Clayton win it, like I expect it, he will dispute very significant bouts in the months to come. I know he is extremely ambitious. He hopes to fight for a world title next year. And I can tell you that our organization is working with promising fighters, like Lemieux, Clayton, Simon Kean, Erik Bazinyan, Batyr Jukembayev, Steven Butler, Mathieu Germain and others.”

Simon Kean (14-0-0), a heavyweight from Trois-Rivières, Québec, will dispute his next fight June 16th in Shawinigan. He will fight Adam Braidwood (12-1-0), from British Colombia, a former pro football players (Edmonton Eskimos), who has decided to become a pro boxer in 2009.


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