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  Cloutier’s Canada Corner
Marie-Eve Dicaire: "The Greatest
Moment Of My Pro Boxing Career"

By Daniel Cloutier

QUÉBEC CITY, Canada — The best Canadian female boxer, the Montrealer Marie-Eve Dicaire, will life the greatest moment of his career Saturday evening in the ring of the Québec City Colisée. She knows it.

Right after the WBC light heavyweight championship of the world opposing the Montrealer southpaw Adonis Stevenson (29-1-1) to the WBC mandatory challenger, the Russian Oleksandr Gvozdyk (15-0-0), Dicaire (13-0-0) will try to dethrone Chris Namus (24-4-0), from Uruguay, as IBF female super welterweight champion of the world.

“No doubt, Namus is the biggest challenge of my boxing career,” said Dicaire Wednesday afternoon at this press conference held at the Château Bonne Entente in Québec City. “But this event is certainly the greatest moment of my boxing career. Namus has so much experience. She is intense, she has a good technique, but she is not a natural mover in the ring like I am. I really believe I have the good strategy to beat her.”

Dicaire said she will defend her eventual world title in Montréal or Québec City... after her victory over Namus. “When I am fighting in Montréal or Québec City, I am always very stimulate by the crowd,” said Dicaire. Then, no doubt, I hope to proceed to the first defence of my world title in Montréal or Québec City. But I got to be realistic. A win is never a guaranty when we are fighting on our territory. The judges are obliged to be fairs, you know it like me.”

Dicaire’s trainer, Stéphane Harnois, is extremely confident to see Marie-Eve become new champion of the world. “Marie-Eve is superbly prepared for this challenge,” said Harnois. “In training, she got 120 rounds of boxing with her sparring partners. She could not be more prepared for a fight, and this title bout is certainly the most important one of her career. Namus? Marie-Eve was supposed to fight Namus before the conquest of her world title. It did not happen, and thanks God, because this time, a world title is involved.”

Namus said she watched Dicaire in action on videos. “Dicaire fights well technically, but I don’t think she is best opponent I faced so far,” said Namus. “I respect her, but I am persuaded I will return in Uruguay wilt the IBF belt in my luggages.”

The GYM Group scout, Bernard Barré, is expecting a furious bout. “Marie-Eve is ranked first contender by the WBA and the IBF, and second by the WBC. And Namus is the actual IBF world champion. Namus lost four fights, but the boxers who beat her compiled together a pro record of 58-3-0. No doubt, we have all the ingredients necessaries to generate a great fight. And I like the fact that these two female boxers have very different styles. I am so impatient to assist to this bout.”

The promoter of the GYM Group, Yvon Michel, said: “It will be the first time in the Québec pro boxing history that we are presenting a female world championship bout. And I am sure that the boxing fans who will assist to this event won’t forget the fight Dicaire-Namus for long time.”

Fight Rivas-Jennings

Yvon Michel confirmed that the Montrealer heavyweight Colombian Oscar Rivas will have a NABO North American championship and an IBF international championship January 18th at the Turning Stone Casino in Verona, New York.

Undefeated, ranked 14th contender by the WBC and the IBF, NABF North American champion, Rivas (24-0-0) will face Bryant Jennings (24-2-0), who is ranked second contender by the WBO, seventh by the WBA and eight by the IBF.

Jennings, a fighter of 34 years old from Philadelphia, is detaining the NABO and IBF international titles. “I really hope to dispute a world championship fight before the end of 2019, then, I got to stay undefeated, said Rivas. No doubt that a win over Jennings would increase my chances to fight for a world championship in 2019, because this guy is actually ranked in the Top 10 by the WBA, the IBF and the WBO.”

The scout of the GYM Group, Bernard Barré, is very confident that Rivas will become eventually world champion. “Oscar is fast, good technically, destructive puncher with a solid chin, and he is a very determinate fighter,” said Barré. “I really believe he will become eventually world champion. He has certainly the talent and the motivation necessaries to achieve it. Rivas never stopped to progress in the ratings since a year, and I am sure we will see him at the top in few months.”

Obviously, Rivas got to stay undefeated to get this great opportunity to fight Jennings in Verona. Saturday evening before the fight Stevenson-Gvozdyk at the Québec City Colisée, Rivas will defend his NABF title against the Brazilian Fabio Maldonado (26-0-0).

Vincent Morin, the Gym Group PR, knows very well Maldonado. “Oscar will need to fight with intensity and a perfect concentration, said Morin. Maldonado has been amateur Brazilian champion three times (1998, 1999 and 2000) and he is undefeated in pro boxing. Plus the fact that he fought 40 times in ultimate fighting (UFC). He is a real competitor. He has a very solid chin, then, Oscar got to be prepared for a long bout.”


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