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  Cloutier’s Canada Corner
Frustrating Loss For Lafrenière

By Daniel Cloutier

The Montrealer Francis Lafrenière said 24 hours before the bout: “I got to win all my next fights, because I want absolutely to improve my situation in the WBO ratings.” Ranked nine contender by the WBO in the middleweight division, Lafrenière failed to reach his goal Thursday evening in the ring of the Montréal Casino. Lafrenière (16-6-2) lost by majority decision of the judges against the Nigerian Albert Onolunose (23-1-1) in this NABO North American championship. The judges scored the bout 95-95, and 96-94 and 97-93 in favour of Onolunose, who lives in Calgary, Alberta.

“It’s a frustrating fight and frustrating result,” said Lafrenière right after the bout. “I connected more solid shots than Onolunose, who was hanging constantly. I really believe I was deserving the win. I was more energetic than him and I fought honestly… not him. He passed 80 p.c. of his time to hang in this fight.”

When a journalist asked him if he hopes to get a rematch, Lafrenière said: “Not really. I like to face a real fighter, not a master of hanging on.”

Otis and Howard Grant are the Lafrenière’s trainers. Otis said: “Yes, it’s a frustrating fight. I cannot understand why Onolunose did not loose points for his constant hangings. Francis was connected punches with his hooks and uppercuts, and Onolunose was doing always the same moves. No doubt that Francis was deserving the win.”

Aggressive and accurate, Onolunose dominated clearly the first round. More confident in the second and third rounds, Lafrenière connected the best power shots of each round.

Onolunose got a good fourth round. Aggressive like in the first round, he connected a lot solid body shots.

The fifth round was intense and close, each fighter having good offensive sequences.

The sixth round was not spectacular like the first five, too many hangings.

The seventh round was intense, and Onolunose connected solid power shots in the last minute of the round.

More energetic than his opponent in the eight and nine rounds, Lafrenière touched the target several times, more often than his rival.

In the final round, the 10th, the two fighters were tired, but they fought energetically, Like in the eight and nine rounds, Lafrenière connected more shots than his rival.

Just before the main event, the Montrealer African middleweight (160 pounds) Christian M’Billi obtained his eight win in pro boxing (8-0-0), in beating the Mexican Jesus Gurrola (24-13-3) by TKO in the first round.

M’Billi provoked two knockdowns in the first two minutes of the bout, and it’s was enough for the referee, who declared Gurrola TKO after only 1.45 minute of action.

M’Billi, who scored a KO or a TKO in all his pro bouts, hopes to dispute a North American championship next year.

One of the best prospects on the super middleweight division (168 pounds), the Montrealer Romanian Dario Bredicean stayed undefeated in 16 fights (16-0-0), with a victory by unanimous decision in six rounds against the Mexican Guillermo Romero (12-5-0).

Bredicean, a southpaw, has the former champion of the world Lucian Bute as advisor, and Howard and Otis Grant as trainers.

Better technician than his opponent, Bredicean dominated all the rounds and he hurt Romero several times.

In the opening bout of the evening, the Montrealer light heavyweight Terry Osias scored in third win in pro boxing (3-0-0), in beating the Mexican Jorge David Vargas (3-2-0) by TKO in the second round.

Osias provoked a knockdown in the first minute of the bout with a body shot, and one minute and a half after, he sent Vargas on the floor for the second time, this time with a punch on the head.

Vargas went on the canvas two others times in the second round, and few seconds after, the referee stopped the bout. It was obvious that Vargas was suffering on each Osias’s punch.

The Montrealer super middleweight Louisbert Altidor improved his pro record to 7-2-0 with a win by TKO in the fourth round against the Mexican Genaro Ortiz (8-3-1).
Altidor sent twice Ortiz on the floor in the fourth round, and after the second knockdown, the referee stopped the fight.

The fight between the Canadian super middleweight champion, the Montrealer Shakeel Phinn (16-2-0) and the Polish Remigiusz Woz (11-2-0), has been cancelled few hours before the show. Woiz failed a medical test.


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