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  Ryan Garcia Beats Velez But Fails To Impress The Crowd; O’Sullivan Victory Has Him Seeing Red

By William Trillo & Albert Castillo
Photos: Marlene Marquez


Super featherweight Ryan Garcia (14-0, 13 KO’s) put on a lackluster display against Jayson Velez (26-4-1, 18 KO’s) in a bout that answered a lot of questions about Golden Boy’s young protégée. The truth is this kid has a long way to go and is far from the Super Star pedigree his promoter was hoping for. Garcia entered the ring to the cheers of the crowd but by the late rounds the crowd was booing him for his fight in retreat performance. In the post fight interview Garcia was asked why the crowd of over 6,000 was booing him. I’d like to tell you what he said but I couldn’t hear what the young man had to say over the jeers of the crowd. I can tell you this though…. running away in the tenth round while repeatedly looking at the clock didn’t do him any favors.

For Velez this was a no win situation. Golden Boy didn’t bring him in here to be the spoiler on this ESPN card and at times it seemed the Puerto Rican was willing to oblige with the promoters wishes. That being said it was obvious to even the most casual boxing fan that Velez possessed way more natural skills than his counterpart. That’s fact cannot be denied.

What can be denied is this vaunted KO power that Garcia was supposed to have in his fists. Although he landed numerous flush shots on Velez he never had him in any trouble at all. You can spin this any way you want, the kid from Victorville with the Justin Beiber looks didn’t prove to anyone in the house that he has what it takes to be his promoters next golden egg laying goose.

Garcia showed no lateral movement of any kind and the only head movement he displayed was pulling it straight back. That is a recipe for disaster and is bound to bite him right on his butt as he climbs up the ladder.

Velez proved to be a tough whiskered customer who handled everything Garcia threw his way. Those right hands that dropped that string of palookas on Garcia’s ledger did little or no damage to the seasoned Velez. It’s not going to get any easier on the way up.

On his performance Velez said, “I didn’t think he would last with me, but I was proven wrong. He needs a little more experience, but he’s going to be big. He moves well, and was able to keep up with me. He’s a great opponent, and we put on a great show. I’m proud of what we did here.

That being said, there was no way they were going to take this one away from Garcia once it went to the cards. Lopsided scores of 99-91 across the board not only gave Garcia the win but he picked up a few meaningless trinkets along the way. Those being the vacant NABF Super Featherweight Title, vacant World Boxing Organization and NABO Super Featherweight Title.

After the fight Garcia quipped, “I feel good, but I need to learn some things. I need to learn how to handle roughhousing. Either way, I’m only 19, so it was a good experience. It taught me a lot. He was a tough guy, but I landed a lot of crazy shots. I thank Jayson Velez. I will learn from this experience.”

Middleweight Gary O'Sullivan (28-2, 20 KO’s) took a victory over Berlin Abreu (14-2, 11 KO’s) in a bout that ended abruptly as Abreu quit at the end of three. In all honesty it didn’t look like Abreu was attempting to win this bout at all. In fact, after stunning O’Sullivan early in round two Abreu backed off for no apparent reason.

Later in the fight after the ref admonished Abreu for holding the fighter spit his mouthpiece out in disdain and was penalized a point. Moments later he quit in between rounds. Slice it any way you like, Abreu wasn’t here to win.

To his credit O’Sullivan came into the ring in shape and took care of his business. With a rumored fight with Canelo looming it was the wisest of moves for the fighter from Ireland.

Spike noted, “He could punch, and caught me with a couple of good ones. I came to do my job, and that was get the win. This win doesn’t compare to what’s waiting for me – I’m waiting for my next big stage. Who knows? You might see me on the next major Mexican Holiday Weekend.”

Middleweight Marvin Cabrera (8-0, 6 KO’s) dropped Wilfrido Buelvas (18-9, 12 KO’s) twice in round 2 with legitimate shots but in round three it looked like Buelvas was looking for a way to make an early exit. In fact… with seemingly no punch landed Cabrera watched Buelvas claim “Rabbit Punch” and then drop to his knees. The ref had no choice but to start the ten count, which he completed at the 1:11 mark of the third.

“I felt I was stronger and that recovered quicker in this fight,” said Marvin Cabrera. “I was more conditioned. He caught me in the first round, but that was it. I’m ready for fighters of a different caliber and with more experienced, and I think I showed that in this fight.”

Light flyweights Seniesa Estrada (12-0, 3 KO’s) and Amarilis Adorno (1-6) went at it toe to toe for three rounds of spirited action. Unfortunately for Adorno the battle opened a cut over her eye that forced an early halt to the bout in the third. Estrada took the female scrap by TKO in the evenings “Me Too” brawl.

Estrada told the media, “I knew I was going to knock her out at some point – I knew the ref stopped the fight because of the cut over her eye. I just kept landing my left hook aiming for her eye knowing she’d give up soon. I hope that the next time I fight, I really get to show my fans what I’m made of. I want my next fight to be a world title. I’m ready.”

Super welterweight Richard Acevedo (2-0, 2 KO’s) jumped all over Edward Aceves (0-4) and made quick work of his hapless foe. The fight didn’t even last a minute. Frankly speaking this was a travesty. Someone should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this to happen. Official time of stoppage was 59 seconds of round 1.

“I felt great; I did this with the support of my team and my brothers. This win was for my mom. What’s next? It’s back to the gym on Monday to keep training.”


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