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  Cloutier’s Canada Corner
If The Las Vegas Bookies Are Right,
Gvozdyk Will Dethrone Stevenson

By Daniel Cloutier

QUÉBEC CITY, Canada - If the Las Vegas bookies hit the target, the Russian Olekandr Gvozdyk will return in home with a WBC belt in his luggage. The bookies established Gvozdyk favourite by 2-1. WBC mandatory challenger and interim champion, Gvozdyk (15-0-0) will try to dethrone the Montrealer southpaw Adonis Stevenson (29-1-1) as WBC light heavyweight champion of the world Saturday evening in the ring of the Videotro n Centre in Québec City.

“No doubt in my mind, I have the talent and the maturity necessary to become world champion, and I will achieve it at my 16th pro bout,” said Gvozdyk Friday afternoon at the weigh in held at the Videotron Centre. “Stevenson is very strong physically, he is a dangerous puncher, I can't deny it, but I know I have the defensive and offensive technique necessaries to dominate the action in this fight. I have the conviction that I will return in Russia with the WBC belt in my hands. It’s the greatest moment of my pro boxing career, and trust me, I won’t waist a so marvelous opportunity.”

Gvozdyk's trainer, the veteran Ted Atlas, said: “Oleksandr is a very talented fighter perfectly prepared for this challenge. He got a fantastic training camp in California. My prediction? We will have a new WBC light heavyweight champion of the world in few hours.”

Stevenson does not look worry or nervous in listening the Gvoznyk’s comments. In few hours, the Montrealer Haitian will proceed to the 10th defense of his world title.

“I don’t care about the boxing odds, I don’t care if several European boxing writers are believing seriously that Gvozdyk will dethrone me, I know in my mind I will stay champion of the world in few hours,” said Stevenson, a fighter of 40 years old. “I got a perfect preparation since two months, mentally, physically, technically and strategically, and I am persuaded I gonna win this fight. I know that Gvozdyk is a talented fighter with a good reputation and a solid background, but I know in my heart I still the king, the master of the 175 pounds division. I watched Gvozdyk in action on videos, and it’s clear in my mind, I will beat this guy by KO or TKO. I know I can punish him each time he will commit a technical mistake or have a lack of concentration. You know as me I have a tremendous power, a power to hurt him several times. I really believe that my intense attacks will affect his confidence and performance soon or later in the bout. But trust me, I don’t take this fight lightly. I know it’s a big challenge, but I am so ready for it.”

At the weigh in supervised by the WBC and the Québec Athletic Commission (Régie des sports de combat), Stevenson posted an official weight of 174.2 pounds, versus 174.6 for Gvozdyk.

The referee of this WBC world championship fight will be the Montrealer Mike Giffin. The judges selected are: the Montrealer Jack Woodburn, the American Mike Ross, from Florida State and the Italian Guido Cavalleri. The supervisor of the fight will be Rex Walker, who lives in Cozumel, Mexico.

Several boxing writers in Europe believe sincerely that Gvozdyk is the new super star of the light heavyweight division and he gonna prove it in few hours.

In the other world championship bout of the evening, the Montrealer female Marie-Eve Dicaire (13-0-0) will try to dethrone Chris Namus (24-4-0), from Uruguay, as IBF female super welterweight champion of the world. For Dicaire, it’s a first participation to a world championship bout.

“I made great progress since a year, and I am ready for this challenge,” said Dicaire. “I am so happy to dispute this fight on the Québec territory. I know the crowd will support me and motivate me. I have the conviction that I will become world champion in few hours.”

At the weigh in, Dicaire posted an official weight of 154 pounds, versus 154 for Namus.

The welterweight Mikael Zewski (31-1-0), from Trois-Rivières, Québec, the Montrealer Colombian heavyweight Oscar Rivas (24-0-0), the welterweight Sébastien Bouchard (13-0-0), from Baie Saint-Paul, Québec, the Montrealer super middleweight Shakeel Phinn (19-2-0), the heavyweight Oleksandr Teslenko (14-0-0), from Toronto. the Montrealer light heavyweight Wilfried Seyi (1-0-0) and the super middleweight Aaron Pryor Jr. (20-11-2), from Cincinnati, will be involved in the preliminaries bouts of the evening.

Zewski will fight the Mexican Aaron Herrera (35-8-1), Rivas will face the Brazilian Fabio Maldonado (26-0-0), Bouchard will meet the Brazilian Victor Jones Freitas (15-2-0), Phinn will dispute an IBF 168 pounds InterContinental championship in facing the Montrealer Romanian Dario Bredicean (17-0-0), Teslenko will fight the Brazilian Edson Cesar Antonio (40-7-1), Seyi will meet the Mexican Fernando Galvan (4-1-0), and Pryor Jr. will challenge the Brazilian Gilberto Pereira (14-8-0).

“Like I said few days ago, we are presenting a fantastic boxing show,” said the promoter of the event, Yvon Michel, from the GYM Group in Montréal. “We will have two world championships bouts and several very promising preliminaries fights. No doubt, we organized one of the best boxing show in the history of the Canadian pro boxing.”

At the weigh in, Zewski posted an official weight of 147 pounds, Herrera 144.4, Rivas 241.4, Maldonado 237, Bouchard 147, Freitas 143.2, Phinn 167.2, Bredicean 167.4, Teslenko 222.2, Antonio 245, Seyi 172.2, Galvan 172.6, Pryor 169.6 and finally, Pereira 168,4.


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