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  Cloutier’s Canada Corner
Kean & Braidwood Both Believe They Can Win By KO

By Daniel Cloutier

SHAWINIGAN - The former Canadian Football League player, Adam Braidwood, has the conviction he will score the most significant win of his pro boxing career Saturday evening in Shawinigan, a city located at 15 miles to Trois-Rivières (the city located between Montréal and Québec City).

A heavyweight from Edmonton, Alberta, Braidwood (13-1-0), a former defensive tight end with the Edmonton Eskimos, will face Simon Kean (14-0-0), from Trois-Rivières, in the main event of this boxing show presented by The Eye Of The Tiger Management Group at the Shawinigan Gervais Auto Centre. These two heavyweights will fight for the IBO InterContinental championship (10 rounds).

“Kean is big and strong physically, but I am sure that he is extremely nervous at few hours of our fight,” said Braidwood Friday afternoon at the weigh inn held on the fight’s site. “I am sure that this bout will be intense and spectacular, but I am promising to my fans to win it by KO. I am positive I gonna win before the end of the sixth round. I suffered a lot in training, I got a very tough training camp, but you will see, Kean will be the one who will suffer when the fight will start. My intention is to hurt him in each round with my power shots to the head and the body. Kean said I have a big mouth? Yes, and I am proud of it. It’s because my big mouth that the promoter Camille Estephan got the idea to organize a fight between Kean and me. And when the fight will start, I’m gonna talk loud… with my fists.”

Kean was laughing in listening the Braidwood’s comments. “Braidwood has the attitude of a stupid clown,” said Kean. “He said I am nervous? I am sure he is scare to face me. He is pretending he will beat me by KO? Wrong! I will beat him by KO. I know I have the technique, the intensity and the determination to win clearly this bout.”

Kean knows that several box ins fans in Canada believe he gonna loose against Braidwood. “Some boxing fans believe that Braidwood is tougher than me, because he got a tough life, but trust me, I got also a tough life and I will be the master of the ring Saturday evening. I don’t care of what some boxing fans believe, the main thing, it is what I gonna achieve in the ring.”

Kean’s trainer, Jimmy Boisvert, is very optimistic at few hours of this match up. “Simon is extremely determinate and motivated by this challenge,” said Boisvert. “I am expecting to see a Simon Kean intense and perfectly concentrate on his work Saturday evening. I am sure he has the weapons necessaries to win this fight, a win which help him to reach the international ratings.”

The former boxer Anthonin Décarie, The Eye Of The Tiger Management Group vice-president, is expecting a great fight. “I am positive the action will be great,” said Décarie. “These two heavyweights hate each other, and both are determinate to win it by KO. I am very impatient to assist to this explosive fight. Braidwood is a big man, strong physically, but I have the conviction that Kean is a more complete fighter.”

At the weigh in supervised by the Québec Athletic Commission (Régie provinciale des sports de combats) Kean posted an official weight of 237.5 pounds, versus 245.9 for Braidwood. Kean is 29 years old, Braidwood 34.

TV analyst, Bernard Barré, the GYM Group scout, is predicting a Kean’s win. “It’s true that Braidwood is big and strong physically, but no doubt in my mind, Kean will be the big winner,” said Barré. “I am positive that Braidwood has not the technique necessary to win against Simon. I like the Kean’s chance to win this fight by KO or TKO.”

Kean won 13 times by KO or TKO, Braidwood 12 times.

Just before the main event, the Montrealer Yves Ulysse Jr. (15-1-0) will face the Venezuelan Ernesto Espana (25-0-1) in a WBC super lightweight FercaBox championship (10 rounds).

The Montrealers Russians Andranik Grigorryan (6-0-0), Nurzat Sabirov (6-0-0) and Saddridin Akhmedov (2-0-0), and François Pratte (6-0-0), from Trois-Rivières, will be involved in the preliminaries bouts of the evening.

Grigoryan will fight the Mexican featherweight Daniel Olea (13-4-2), Sabirov will meet the Mexican super middleweight Guillermo Romero (12-6-0), Akhmedov will challenge the Mexican super welterweight Gustavo Garibay (13-10-2), and finally, Pratte will fight the super lightweight Eric Taylor (8-1-2), from Edmonton, Alberta.

At the weigh in, Ulysse Jr. posted an official weight of 139.4, Espana 139.6, Grigoryan 125.3, Olea 125, Sabirov 169.5, Romero 168, Akhmedov 156.3, Garibay 155.5, Pratte 129.8, and finally, Taylor 131 pounds.


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