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Kean & Butler Established Lightly Favorites

By Daniel Cloutier

QUÉBEC CITY —— According the boxing bookies from «Mise-O-Jeu», the Québec lotteries, the heavyweight Simon Kean and the super welterweight Steven Butler are both lightly favourites to win their bouts Saturday evening in the ring of the Videotron Centre in Québec City. Both are established favourites by 2-1.

Involve in the main event of this boxing show organized by The Eye Of The Tiger Management Group, Kean (15-0-0), a fighter from Trois-Rivières (a city located between Montréal and Québec City) will face the former Canadian heavyweight champion, Dillon Carman (13-3-0), from Toronto, and just before the main event, the Montrealer super welterweight Steven Butler (24-1-1) will meet the undefeated Montrealer Jordan Balmir (10-0-0).

“I am really impatient to be in the ring,” said Kean at the weigh in held at Place Laurier in Québec City. “I got a perfect preparation, mentally, physically, technically and strategically, and I am sure i will offer to my fans a solid performance. I really like my chances to win this bout by KO or TKO. Carman is aggressive like me, he is physically strong like me, he is a powerful puncher like me, but I know I am fighter more intelligent than him, and I will prove it if few hours. Like I said, I hope to be involved in a world championship bout next year or in 2020, then, I got to stay undefeated and I will achieve it. It’s crucial for me to get my place in the Top 10 of the international boxing ratings. Like I said, I hope to fight eventually the WBC champion of the world, Deontay Wilder.”

Carman replied: “No doubt in my mind, I have the weapons necessaries to win this fight. Kean is undefeated, but nobody is unbeatable in boxing. Everybody knows that. I am determinate to fight like hell to become the first boxer to beat Kean, and a victory over this guy will certainly help me to improve my ratings on the international boxing scene.”

Steve St-Germain, from Sorel, Québec, will be the referee of the main event. The judges will be: Richard Flaherty, from Boston, Jean Gauthier, from Sherbrooke, Québec, and Marie-Josée Guérin, from Montréal. Butler and Balmir are also extremely motivated at 24 hours of the moments of the truth.

“Since a year, I never been so good, and my intention is to maintain my progression,” said Butler. “I am positive I will become the first fighter to inflict a defeat to Balmir. This fight will certainly help me to reach my goal: get my name in the Top 10 of the international ratings, and when I will be ranked, I will challenge the best super welterweights in the world.”

IBO International champion, Butler is actually ranked 12th contender by the IBF in the 154 pounds division.

Even if Butler has more experience than him, Balmir is not worry at all.

“Since the beginning of my pro boxing career, I proved my talent and my strong desire to progress,” said Balmir. “It’s the most significant fight on my career, and I am determinate to win it. A victory over Butler will certainly help me to reach the international ratings.”

At the weigh in, Kean posted an official weight of 245 pounds, Carman 233 pounds, Butler 160 and Balmir 158.

Before the fights Kean-Carman and Butler-Balmir, the undefeated Montrealer Russian Batyr Jukembayev (13-0-0), a super lightweight, will face the Mexican Patrico Moreno (20-2-0).

Jukembayev, who is a very talented fighter, as also the ambition to reach the Top 10 of the international ratings next year.

“My promoter, Camille Estephan, trust me at 100%, and I am determinate to prove him that I have the potential necessary to fight on the international boxing scene,” said Jukembayev. “No matter the opposition that Moreno will give me, I will stay undefeated Saturday evening.”

The preliminaries bouts will involve: the super middleweight (168 pounds) Vincent Thibault (6-0-0), from Québec City; the Montrealer Russian featherweight (126 pounds) Andranik Grigoryan (7-0-0), the Montrealer middleweight (160 pounds) Clovis Drolet (6-0-0), the Montrealer Russian super welterweight Artem Ogannesyan (6-0-0), the featherweight Keamy Savoie-Cloutier, from Trois-Rivières, who will make his pro debut, the welterweight (147 pounds) Sébastien Roy (4-0-0), from Thetford Mines, Québec, and the super middleweight Yannick Parent, from Québec City, who will make also his pro debut.

Thibault will fight the Mexican Sergio De Leon (8-3-0), Grigoryan will face the Argentinian Kevin Leonel Acevedo (15-1-2), Drolet will challenge the Bulgarian Evgeni Borisov (3-1-1), Oganesyan will be opposed to the Argentinian Sergio Samuel Castellano (11-7-0), Savoie-Cloutier will fight the Mexican Miguel Angel Covarrubias (3-6-3), Roy will meet the Mexican Mario Bedolla Orosco (2-1-1) and Parent will challenge the Mexican Rodolfo Lopez (6-5-0).

The fights Thibault-DeLeon and Drolet-Borisov are six rounders, the bouts Grigoryan-Acevedo and Oganesyan-Castellano are eight rounders, and all the others fights are four rounders.

At the weigh in, Jukembayev posted an official weights of 143 pounds, Moreno 142, Thibault 163, De Leon 161, Grigoryan 126, Acevedo 125, Drolet 160, Borisov 159, Oganesyan 153, Castellano 153, Cloutier 128, Covarrubias 130, Roy 147, Orozco 149, Parent 149 and Lopez 149 pounds.

«I am positive that the boxing fans who will assist to this boxing show will be more than satisfy of their decision to buy tickets, said the promoter Camille Estephan. I am expecting a lot of spectacular bouts, and the two main fights of the evening will certainly be a big thriller».


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