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Kean Wins By KO Against Esparza

By Daniel Cloutier

MONTRÉAL - The IBO Inter-Continental heavyweight champion, the Canadian Simon Kean, improved his chances to reach eventually to Top 15 of the international ratings Saturday evening in the ring of the Vidéotron Centre in Québec City.

A fighter from Trois-Rivières, Québec, Kean stayed undefeated in pro boxing (14-0-0), beating the Mexican Ignacio Esparza (21-3-0) by KO in the fifth round.

Esparza, a very fat boxer of 273 pounds (versus 246 for Kean), was fighting very defensively in each round, and Kean took advantage of the situation.

Taller than his opponent, better technically, clearly in better shape than Esparza, Kean used his jabs, hooks and uppercuts to dominate round after round.

Kean sent Esparza on the canvas twice in the fifth round, with solid uppercuts and hooks to the head, and the Mexican stayed on his knees after the second knockdown.

After the count of 10, the referee Steve St-Germain declared Esparza KO.

“I did what was necessary to win the fight,” said Kean after the bout. “I fought with discipline, I was patient, and I connected my power shots at the right moment. If I took my time, it’s because my opponent was fighting very defensively. I want more and more important fights, and in June, I will certainly beat the Canadian Adam Braidwood. I know I have my place in the international ratings».
The Montrealer super lightweight Mathieu Germain kept his prefect pro record (14-0-0), beating the Mexican Miguel Zamudio (40-11-1) by TKO.”

Faster than his opponent, more intense, more accurate, better technically and strategically, Germain dominated the bout from the beginning to the end. Germain attacked furiously in the seventh round, and he provoked the first knockdown of the fight. In the eight round, Germain hurt seriously his opponent with an uppercut, and the referee intervened to stop the bout. Zamudio, who was clearly in trouble since the fifth round, has been declared TKO after 56 seconds of action in this eight round.

Germain has the ambition to become North American championship before the end of the year.

The super middleweight Vincent Thibault, from Québec City, obtained his fourth win in pro boxing (4-0-0) with a victory by KO in the third round against the Mexican Arturo De La Cruz (5-9-0).

Thibault hurt his opponent in each round, specially in the third round few seconds before the KO.
In the opening bout of the evening, the Montrealer Russian heavyweight Arlansbek Makhmudov scored his second win in pro boxing (2-0-0), with a win by TKO after only 46 seconds of action, against the Mexican Christian Larrondo (4-4-1). Makhmudov attacked furiously at the beginning of the bout, and it was obvious for the referee that Larrondo was seriously in trouble. The referee intervened to declare the Mexican TKO in the first minute of the bout.


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