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  Cloutier’s Canada Corner
Kean Looking For KO; Butler Believes He
Will Become The First Fighter To Defeat Balmir

By Daniel Cloutier

QUÉBEC CITY —— The more the moment of the truth is close, more the heavyweight Simon Kean is confident to win by KO Saturday evening in the ring of the Videotron Centre in Québec City. In the main event of this boxing show presented by The Eye Of The Tiger Management Group, Kean (15-0-0), a fighter from Trois-Rivières (a city located at midway between Montréal and Québec City) will try to stay undefeated in facing the former heavyweight Canadian champion Dillon Carman (13-3-0), from Toronto.

“Yes, more the decisive moment is close, more I believe I gonna score a KO Saturday evening,” said Kean at the final press conference of the event Thursday afternoon at the Chateau Bonne Entente in Québec City. “I got a great preparation and I am ready for a war in the ring. I know I will need to fight with intensity and concentration from the beginning to the end, because Carman is tall and big like me (6’5’’ and 240 pounds). But like I said, I am sure I am a more intelligent fighter than him, and I am sure that my strategy will dominate and beat his strategy.”

Carman looked extremely calm at two days of event. “I respect Kean, I know he is strong physically like I am, but it’s me and not him who gonna win the strategies’ battle,” said Carman. “I know exactly what to do in the ring to win this fight. Kean has huge ambitions, he is already dreaming to fight for a world title, but I have a bad news for him… I will kill his dream.”

Jimmy Boisvert, the Kean’s trainer, said: “Simon is taking this fight very seriously. He is at at two or three wins to reach the Top 10 of the international ratings. And when he will reach the Top 10, he will be in position to dispute his first world championship bout.”

On his side, the Montrealer Steven Butler is persuaded that the best years of his boxing career are to come. For sure, he showed a real progression since his only defeat in pro boxing. He won his last six bouts. “Since my only defeat in pro boxing, against the Canadian Brendon Cook (20-2-0), I am better fighter, a more complete boxer,” said Buter. “I respect more my opponents and my general preparation is better, more intense. I am positive that my best years in boxing are to come. I am stronger mentally, stronger physically and technically than I was two years ago, and more you will see me in action, more you will understand what I mean. Check me Saturday evening, you will be proud of me.”

In January 2017 in the ring of the Bell Centre in Montréal, Butler lost by TKO in the seventh round against Cook, the fighter that the WBO super welterweight champion of the world, the Mexican Jaime Munguia (31-0-0), beat by KO in the third round September 15th at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Butler hopes to face eventually the best super welterweights (154 pounds) in the world. “I am ranked in the Top 15 of the IBF ratings, and I want to get my place in the Top 10,” said Butler. “My ambition is to fight the best super welterweights in the world, and I will certainly work like hell to reach my goal. My ambition is to become eventually world champion. I am sure I will maintain my progression in the months and years to come.”

Before the fight Kean-Carman, Saturday evening in the ring of the Videotron Centre in Québec City, Butler (24-1-1), the IBF 12th contender in the 154 pounds division, will face the undefeated Montrealer Jordan Balmir (10-0-0) in a 10 rounds fight.

“I am positive it will be an intense and spectacular bout,” said Butler. “Balmir is a warrior like I am. The best one gonna win the bout, and I am sure I will be one. I am determinate to become the first fighter to inflict a defeat to Balmir. I am taking him seriously, and you will see me at my best when the fight will start.”

His trainer, the former heavyweight Jean-François Bergeron, is more than satisfy of his fighter’s preparation. “Steven trained with a great intensity,” said Bergeron. “He knows how much it’s important for him to maintain his winning sequence. He wants so much to fight on the international boxing scene in the months to come. I am sure he will offer us a great performance Saturday evening.”

The promoter of The Eye Of The Tiger Management Group, the Montrealer businessman Camille Estephan, is clearly enthusiastic to present this event. “We will have 10 bouts Saturday evening, and most of them will be tough and spectacular,” said Estephan. “And I am extremely impatient to see the two main bouts of the evening, the fights Kean-Carman and Butler-Baldir. The result of these two bouts is uncertain, but I am sure the action will be fantastic. The four fighters involved in the two main events are good punchers and very talented fighters. For sure, the boxing fans who will attend this event should arrive in time.


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