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Lafrenière Stops Barbosa In The First Round

By Daniel Cloutier
Photo: Patrick Lacombe


MONTRÉAL - In the main event of this boxing show presented by the GYM Group Saturday afternoon at the Montréal Casino, Francis Lafrenière scored a spectacular win.He won by TKO in the first round against the Brazilian Samir Barbosa.

Former NABO champion, Lafrenière attacked intensively in the first round, and his opponent looked seriously in trouble. Lafrenière maintained his furious attack in a corner, and the referee intervened to declare Barbosa TKO.

”It’s was my plan to attack intensively, and the result is marvelous,” said Lafrenière. “Barbosa is a tough fighter, but it’s clear that my power shots were affecting him. I did not expect to win in the first round, but I cannot be more happy.”

Lafrenière’s trainer, Howard Grant, said: “Yes, Francis attacked energetically in the first round, and Barbosa was clearly in trouble, I am extremely proud of my fighter. Like I said at the weight in, if my fighter wins by KO or TKO, I will happy and proud… and I am!”

The super middleweight Canadian champion, the Montrealer Shakeel Phinn obtained his 19th win in pro boxing (19-2-0), winning by TKO in the first round against the Argentinian Crispulo Javier Andino (20-12-1).

Phinn provoked a knockdown in this first round with a solid hook on the chin, As soon that Andino got back on his legs, Phinn attacked furiously and he sent again his opponent on the canvas. At that moment, the referee intervened to declare Andino TKO.

“I saw him on video, then, I knew exactly what to do to beat him,” said Phinn after the fight. “I prepared very well my KO. I was active offensively, and I connected my decisive punches at the good moment. I want to stay active to increase my chances to be ranked soon.”

Phinn will have his next bout December 1st at the Videotron Centre in Québec Centre, against the Montrealer Romanian Dario Bredicean (17-0-0). It will be the biggest test of his pro boxing career.

Just before the two main fights of this boxing show, the super middleweight Sébastien Bouchard, from Baie Saint-Paul, Québec, improved his pro record to 17-1-0 with a victory by KO in the second round over the Mexican Carlos Gorham. The first round was pretty close, but Bouchard surprised his opponent with a superb left hook on the jaw in the second minute of the second round. Gorham was clearly hurt, he got a lot of problems to get back on his legs, than, the referee declared him KO.

“I worked well with my jabs, and I connected my power punch at the perfect moment,” said Bouchard after the bout. I am very satisfy of my progression in my boxing career.”

Jean-Michel Bolivar (5-1-0), a super middleweight from Pointe-Calumet, Québec, scored a win by KO in the first round against the Mexican Adriel Zuzaino (26-18-3).

Bolivar provoked a knockdown in the second minute of the fight with a power shot to the body. Zuzaino has been unable to get back on his legs before the count of 10.

The welterweight Kane Heron, from Etobicoke, Ontario, stayed undefeated in 13 pro bouts (12-0-1) in beating the Mexican Carlos Lopez Marmolejo (9-6-1) by KO in the first round.

Heron floored his opponent with two solids punches to the head in the second minute of the fight, and the Mexican has been unable to get back on his legs before the count of 10.

The cruiserweight Yan Pellerin, from Granby, Québec, increased his pro record to 3-1 with a victory by unanimous decision in four rounds over the Mexican Fidel Toscano (0-4-0).

The super middleweight Tommy Houle (4-0-0), from Sainte-Beatrix, Québec, won by unanimous decision over the Mexican Rafael Ortiz (3-2-1).

In the opening bout of the day, the lightweight Alex Dilmaghani, from Toronto, improved his pro record to 18-1-0 in winning by KO in the first round against the Mexican Cristian Arrazola (24-16-3).

Dilmaghani provoked three knockdowns in the first round, the first one with a solid hook to the body, the second one with a hook to the head and the third one with a right hand to the chin.

On the Québec territory, a fighter victim of three knockdowns loses automatically by KO.


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