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  Cloutier’s Canada Corner
Stéphane Larouche: "Pascal Is
Certainly Better Than Bossé Technically"

By Daniel Cloutier

MONTRÉAL - The veteran Montrealer trainer Stéphane Larouche believes that his fighter Jean Pascal is perfectly prepared for his fight with Steve Bossé, Friday evening in the ring of the Bell Place in Laval, a Montréal northern suburb.

“Jean is not taking this fight lightly,” said Larouche, the former Lucian Bute’s trainer. “He knows that Bossé is strong physically and he is a dangerous puncher. However, Jean is an excellent fighter offensively and defensively. And he is like a tiger in the ring; He can surprise the opponent anytime with a fast attack.”

Former WBC light heavyweight champion of the world, Pascal (32-5-1) will fight for the first time of his life in the cruiserweight division (190 pounds). Former UFC champion, Bossé (1-0-0) is a natural cruiserweight. Plus his experience in UFC, he was a goon in the hockey senior.

“Jean fought in the super middleweight (168 pounds) and in the light heavyweight (175 pounds), but it will be his first fight in the cruiserweight division, said Larouche. But he is prepared for this challenge. He trained with several heavyweights in the last two months. I am sure he will be comfortable to face a natural cruiserweight.”

Last December, Pascal announced his retirement after his win by TKO against the Egyptian Ahmed Elbiali (17-1-0) in Miami. However, two weeks after, Bossé challenged Pascal publicly. Pascal called Yvon Michel, and he told to organize this fight with Bossé.

“I was a bit surprise when Jean got out of his retirement to fight Steve Bossé,” said Larouche. “However, I know that Jean is a very proud athlete. When Bossé challenged him publicly, Jean called me and he said I am back in training to face this guy.”

When we asked his prediction for the fight, Larouche smiled. “My prediction? Jean gonna win by TKO, KO or unanimous decision”, said Larouche. “Jean has a lot of more experience than Bossé in boxing, his offensive and defensive technique is certainly superior than the opponent technique, and I am sure that the precision of his punches will make the difference in the result of the bout.”


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