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No KO, But Total Domination By David Lemieux

By Daniel Cloutier

QUEBEC CITY - The Montrealer David Lemieux and the French Karim Achour predicted both their win by KO Saturday evening in the ring of the Videotron Centre in Québec City… but both missed the target.

Lemieux won this WBC middleweight international championship by unanimous decision of the judges.

The scores of the judges proved the complete Lemieux’s domination: 119-108, 120-107 and 119-107.

However, right after the bout, the WBC declared the title vacant. Why? Because Lemieux did not respect the limit of the middleweight division (160 pounds) at the weigh in. He was two pounds overweight. The WBC and the Quebec Athletic Commission (Régie provinciale des sports de combat) gave him two hours and a half to lose the two pounds, but Lemieux lost only one pound. Then, he became ineligibilitie for the title.

Extremely aggressive, Lemieux attacked furiously in the first four rounds, but Achour has been able to resist to all these charges. The fifth was the first close round. In the sixth, like in the first four rounds, Lemieux attacked intensively, but the seventh round was close, like the fifth round. Lemieux become back very aggressive in the eight round, but the opponent was resisting to all the aggressions. The next three rounds were close and intense (with a light domination by Lemieux), each fighter trying to hurt the opponent. But Lemieux succeeded in the last round, he provoked a knockdown with a left hook on the chin.

“I was deserving plenty this win,” said Lemieux. “I was the aggressor in every rounds, and I connected a lot of more solid punches than Achour in every rounds. And I provoked the only knockdown of the bout. But I got to give credit to Achour, who has been able to finish the fight on his legs. But like you saw it, I attacked furiously in the majority of the rounds, because for the first time in a year, I could fight with two shoulders in good health. As you know, my left shoulder, which caused me a lot of problems since a year, received several cortisone injections in the last months. I did not win this WBC international championship, because my one pound overweight, but I should keep my position in the WBC ratings with this clear victory.”

Lemieux (39-4-0) is ranked fourth contender by the WBC, and seventh by the WBO. “David fought energetically, he was the aggressor in all almost all the rounds, and he dominated the fight from the beginning to the end,” said Lemieux’s trainer, Marc Ramsay. “David, who is always working very hard in training, will work to improve some aspects of his style in the weeks to come, and I am sure the results will be great.”

Achour finished the fight with a record of 26-5-3.


Ranked seventh contender by the WBO in the welterweight division, Custio Clayton, a fighter from Halifax, Nova Scotia, who is living in Montréal since three years, who hopes to dispute a world championship bout in 2019, increased his chances to reach his goal. Just before the fight Lemieux-Achour, he won the WBC 147 pounds International championship with a victory by unanimous decision over the British Stephen Danyo (14-1-3).

Clayton is undefeated in 15 pro bouts (15-0-0) and he is detaining now two belts. He is also IBF international champion. The two fighters were good technically, but Clayton was stronger physically, and showed that he is a more destructive puncher. Clayton controlled the action in the 12 rounds of the bout. The scores of the judges are showing it (120-108 for the three judges).

“This win will certainly help me to move up in the international ratings,” said Clayton after the bout. “I just inflicted to Danyo his first defeat in pro boxing, and I am detaining two titles now. Yes, I am determined to dispute a world championship bout, and I really believe I have the weapons to become world champion.”

The Montrealer Armenian light heavyweight Erik Bazinyan made another step in direction of the Top 10 international ratings. He improved his perfect record to 19-0-0 with a victory by KO over the Argentinian Alejandro Gustavo Falliga (30-13-5).

Bazinyan was faster than his opponent, and clearly better technically. Bazinyan sent Falliga on the canvas three times in the third round, winning automatically by KO.

The Montrealer Russian Batyrk Jukembayev, the IBO international champion in the super lightweight division, obtained his 13th win in pro boxing (13-0-0) in beating the Argentinian Jonathan Jose Eniz (20-10-1) by TKO.

Jukembayev won a second title, the WBC International championship.

The first two rounds were close, each fighter having his good moments offensively. Jukembayev dominated clearly the two following rounds. In the fifth round, Eniz surprised Jukembayev in provoking a knockdown, but he paid the big price for that. In the seventh round, Jukembayev sent twice Eniz on the floor, and he was on the way to provoke a third knockdown when the referee intervened to declare Eniz TKO.

The Montrealer Russian Nurzat Sabirov, a super middleweight, increased his pro record to 6-0-0 with a victory by unanimous decision in six rounds over the Mexican Rolando Paredes (13-7-2).

Sabirov controlled easily the action with his excellent technique. He tortured his rival in most of the rounds with his jabs, uppercuts and power shoots to the head and the body, but Paredes was extremely tough and courageous.

The Montrealer featherweight Andranik Grigoryan improved also his pro record to 6-0-0 in becoming the first fighter to defeat the Mexican Jesus Amparan (12-1-0). Faster, more intense and more accurate than his opponent, Grigoryan dominated five of the six rounds, and he won by unanimous decision.

The super middleweight southpaw Vincent Thibault, from Québec City, scored his fifth win in pro boxing (5-0-0), in beating the Argentinian Carlos Jerez (45-22-4) by unanimous decision in six rounds.

Jerez dominated the first round, but all the other rounds have been controlled by Thibault. In the last five rounds, Thibault connected a lot of more punches than the rival.

The Russian heavyweight Arslanbek Makhmudov, who lived in Montréal since few months, obtained his third win in pro boxing (3-0-0), this one with only 67 seconds of action.

Makhmudov, who destroyed literally his rival, provoked two knockdowns in the first minute of the bout and a third knockdown in the second minute of the fight, winning automatically by KO.

Makhmudov won all his pro bouts by KO or TKO.

The Montrealer Russian Saddarrin Akhmedov scored his second win in pro boxing (2-0-0), a second victory by KO. Akhmedov knock the Argentinian Ariel Alejandro Zampedri (9-4-0) out with a solid left hook to the body. Zampedri put a knee on the floor, and stayed in that position until the count of 10.

Very aggressive, solid puncher, the super welterweight Raphael Courchesne, from Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec, won by TKO against the Argentinian Ivan Banach (4-3-0).

Considering that Courchesne was the only one to attack furiously, the referee intervened to declare Banach TKO in the second round.

In the opening bout of the evening, the welterweight Sébastien Roy, from Thetford Mines, Québec, improved his pro record to 4-0-0 with a win by unanimous decision in four rounds over Patrick Lafleur (1-3-1), from Edmonton, Alberta.

Better technically than his opponent, Roy took the control of the action in the second minute of the fight and his domination was clear until the end of the fight.

Finally, the Montrealer female super lightweight Ariane Goyette made deceiving pro debut, losing by a majority decision of the judges in four rounds against Christiana Barry, from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

For Barry, it was a first win in five pro bouts (1-4-0).


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