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  Cloutier’s Canada Corner
Lemieux Not Concerned By The Odds,
But By His Health, Power & Determination

By Daniel Cloutier

QUÉBEC CITY - The Montrealer middleweight David Lemieux is established favorite by 3-1 for this WBC international championship opposing him to the French Karim Achour, but it’s boring for him. Saturday evening in the ring of the Videotron Centre in Québec City, Lemieux and Achour will fight in the main event (12 rounds) of this pro boxing show presented by The Eye Of The Tiger Management Group, leaded by the Montrealer businessman Camille Estephan, in collaboration with Golden Boy Promotions in Los Angeles, an organization controlled by the former world champion Oscar De La Hoya. De La Hoya is Lemieux’s promoter since 2015.

“I don’t care to be established favorite or underdog, the main thing, it’s to perform in the ring,” said Lemieux. “It’s not the odds which will make me win this bout, but my power, my intelligence, my strategy and my intensity. Achour has predicted he will stop me between the eight and the 10th round, but I can tell you he will be out before the eight round. I am determinate to hurt him in each round with my head and body shots, et you will see, he will finish the bout on the floor. I prepared myself for a long bout, in case the fight goes to the limit, but more the moment of the truth is close, more i am convicted I am gonna win by KO or TKO.”

Lemieux said that for the first time in a year, he will fight with a left shoulder in perfect health. “I injured severally my left shoulder in the first moments of my last two bouts, but I am positive I will fight this time with two shoulders strong and healthy,” said Lemieux. “I received several cortisone injections after my defeat against Billy Joe Saunders (unanimous decision in December), and my left shoulder is perfect now. I trained with intensity day after day, and never I feel pain. Yes, for the first time in a year, I can fight with all my weapons. Trust me, it’s not a good news for Achour. You will see what I mean when the fight will started.”

On his side, Achour has the conviction he will be the big winner. “It’s a crucial fight for me, and I am gonna win it,” said Achour. “Lemieux is ranked fourth contender by the WBC in the 160 pounds division, then, I will reach the Top five of the WBC ratings in the world in beating him. I am not a destructive puncher like Lemieux, but no doubt in my mind, I am better technically than him. The first three or four rounds will probably be intense and spectacular, but more the fight will progress, more I will dominate the action with my technique and intelligence. I really believe I am gonna win the fight between the eight and the 10th round.”

Achour won four times by KO or TKO, versus… 33 times for Lemieux.

Marc Ramsay, the Lemieux’s trainer, said: “I never saw David so strong and so healthy since a year. Achour is an excellent fighter, efficient defensively and offensively, but I am sure that David gonna win, by KO, TKO or unanimous decision.”

The referee of the main event will be the Montrealer Mike Griffin. The judges will be the Montrealer Jack Woodburn, the Mexican Omar Mintun and the French Robin Delpierre.

At the weigh in, controlled by the WBC and the Québec Athletic Commission (Régie provinciale des sports de combat), Lemieux posted an official weight of 162 pounds, versus 159 for Achour.

Considering that Lemieux was overweight by two pounds, the WBC and the Quebec Athletic Commission gave him a two hours and a half to reduce his weight at 160.

If Lemieux failed to do 160 at his second weight in, he will be obliged to give 20 p.c. of his purse to his opponent.

A fighter of 29 years old, Lemieux has a record 38-4-0, and Achour, a Parisian fighter of 31 years old, has a pro record of 26-4-3.

Just before the main event, Custio Clayton (14-0-0) will fight the British Stephen Danyo (14-0-3) in a WBC welterweight international championship.

Also undefeated, the Montrealer Russian Batyr Jukembayev (12-0-0) will meet the Argentinian Jonathan Jose Eniz (20-9-1) in a WBO super lightweight Inter Continental championship.

The Montrealer Armenian Erik Bazinyan, a light heavyweight, another fighter with a perfect record (18-0-0), will try to increase his chances to be rank soon in the Top 10 of the international ratings, in fighting the Argentinian Alejandro Gustavo Falliga (30-12-5).

The super middleweight Vincent Thibault (4-0-0), from Québec City, the Montrealer featherweight Andranik Grigoryan (5-0-0), the Montrealer Russian Nurzat Sabirov (5-0-0), the heavyweight Arslanbek Makhmudov (2-0-0), another Russian living in Montréal since few months, the welterweight Sébastien Roy (3-0-0), from Thetford Mines, Québec, the super welterweight Raphael Courchesne (2-0-0), from Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec and the Montrealer Russian middleweight Saddridin Akhmedov (1-0-0) will be involved in the preliminaries bouts of the evening. In the only female fight of the evening, the super lightweight Ariane Goyette, from Montréal, who will make her pro debut in facing Christina Barry (0-4-0), from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Thibault will meet the Argentinian Carlos Jerez (45-21-4), Grigooryan will face the Mexican Jesus Amparan (12-0-0), Sabirov will fight the Mexican Rolando Paredes (13-6-2), Makhmudov will challenge the Mexican Elder Hernandez (5-1-0), Roy will face Patrick Lafleur (1-2-1), from Edmonton, Alberta, Courchesne will meet the Argentinian Ivan Banach (4-2-0), and finally, Akmedov will fight the Argentinian Ariel Alejandro Zampedri (9-3-0).

At the weigh in, Clayton posted an official weight of 147 pounds, Danyo 145, Jukembayev 140, Eniz 140, Bazinyan 173, Falliga 174, Thibault 165, Jerez 168, Grigoryan 127, Amparan 127, Sabirov 172, Paredes 172, Makhmudov 248, Hernandez 248, Roy 146, Lafleur 146, Courchesne 151, Banach 150, Akmedov 156, Zampedri 156, Goyette 139 and Barry 140.

Considering this boxing show is furnished by 12 bouts, the show will started at 6:00 PM, Eastern time.


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