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  Linares Crushes Cotto

By William Trillo
Photos: Marlene Marquez


Super lightweight Jorge Linares (45-4, 28 KOs) was just way too much for Abner Cotto (23-4, 12 KOs). It was pretty clear from the moment that the fight started that Cotto was not in the same league as a warrior like Linares. By round 2 Linares put Cotto down with a crisp left hand and its a wonder the fight wasnt over then. Somehow Cotto got up and made it through the round but it may have been in his best interest to have taken the count early.

In round three Linares was all over Cotto dropping him twice with solid combinations. With nowhere to run or hide Cottos corner waved the white flag at the 1:31 mark of the third round. The talented Linares made easy work of a fighter who had a great last name and nothing more.

After the fight Cotto stated, Thank you to Golden Boy for the opportunity. I came well prepared but he had a hard right hand we werent expecting. Im young and I didnt fight with just anyone. Hes a 3-division champion. I will sit with my team and see whats next.

A jubilant Linares said, I feel good and ready to fight the best at 140 pounds. Ive been hearing Mikey Garcias name and hes been hearing my name. Maybe we can have that fight next year. I came in very well prepared to fight the best in the division.

Lightweights Oscar Duarte (15-0-1, 10 KOs) vs. Roger Gutierrez (19-3-1, 6 KOs) looked as though it was going to be a pretty competitive scrap in the early goings of the fight. But when the fight started to get heated Gutierrez blatantly head butted Duarte and was promptly reprimanded and docked two points by the referee.

No sooner than the fight resumed than Duarte went wild on Gutierez and did not relent until the bell sounded. Seemingly overwhelmed by the onslaught Gutierez slumped into his corner and refused to return to the fight. Officially it was Duarte by KO after 4.

I had a great preparation with the Diaz Brothers and with four-time world champion Jorge Linares. Gutierrez hit me with a headbutt and something turned on in me so I looked for the knockout. Im not sure what happened, but well still enjoy the victory!

Welterweight Travell Mazion (14-0, 11 KOs) and Alan Zavala(15-3, 13 KOs) wasted little time giving the fans their moneys worth as it was peddle to the metal as soon as the opening bell rang. Both fighters were landing big shots early and often. But it was Zavala who decided to showboat a little bit only to get met with a picture left hook that ended his fun. Mazion put Zavala down for the count at the 2:39 mark of the first round.

I feel amazing. I want to thank God, said Travell Mazion I want to send a blessing to Zavala. Hes an amazing opponent. I worked hard and came out with the victory. I went through a lot of bad things, but now Im back thank God. Munguia, I respect you. But I got to get to the top somehow!

Lightweight Romero Duno (18-1, 14 KOs) put Ezequiel Aviles (16-3-3, 6 KOs) down once in round two and for good measure dropped him 2 more times in round 6. Duno remained in control over the course of the fight but was met with some crisp punches along the way.

Dunos aggression was just too much for Aviles all night. Scores of 78-71 across the board gave Duno the well deserved unanimous decision.

Lightweight Elnur Abduraimov made an impressive pro debut by manhandling Aaron Jamel Hollis (4-7, 2 KOs) and stopping him at the 144 mark of round 1.

Hollis was a good. Thank you to my coaches. I think it was a very good performance. I want to thank World of Boxing Promotions and Golden Boy Promotions. Ill be back in October!


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