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  Lomachenko Gets Dropped, But Then Stops Linares

By Luis Cadiz
Photos: "Sugar" Ray Bailey


I had a flashback moment at Madison Square Garden tonight when the arena's sound system blasted the 90's hugely popular song "Jump Around". Many memories came rushing back to mind but this humongous hip - hop hit would hold a couple of parallel story lines with tonight's main event at the Garden. Jorge "El Niño de Oro" Linares was defending his W.B.A. Lightweight title for the fourth time against top pound for pound ranked boxer and challenger Vasyl "Hi-Tech" Lomachenko. The group responsible for the widely recognized tune was "House of Pain", exactly what the Mecca of boxing became tonight, a literal house of pain as both champion and challenger would visit the canvas, Lomachenko for the first time in his career. Then these two short yet precise lyrical lines sum up the gladiator mentality that these two fighters brought to the ring; "I came to win. Battle me that's a sin." Read on to find out who committed the earthly sin and paid the ultimate price.

12 Rounds - W.B.A. Lightweight World Title
Vasyl "Hi-Tech" Lomachenko (10-1, 8 KO's) vs. Jorge "El Niño de Oro" Linares (44-3, 27 KO's)


Round one was probably the round with the least action but the most tension as you notice both fighters intensely sizing each other up. Now if power is destructive and speed kills, throw in angles and it becomes a lethal combination.

Lomachenko mixes all three elements and in rounds two through four he puzzles and pounds Linares with clean shots. Let me make it perfectly clear, the defending champ Jorge Linares was trying to decipher the enigma he had in front of him, to the side of him... Lomachenko was everywhere.

In rounds five and six, the challenger was staying in the pocket and dictating the pace with blows from all angles. Frustration was evident in Linares's face and actions as he took a second warning for low blows in the sixth round.

Then the unexpected, in round seven Linares interrupts the onslaught with a straight right that sent the "Hi-Tech" on to the canvas for the very first time in his career. Vasyl Lomachenko took the knock down in stride but was more defensive for the first half of round eight, getting back into his rhythm for the remaining time of the round to finish strong.

In rounds nine and ten, war was waged as both fighters were connecting viciously, Linares doing so cut, battered and bruised while Lomachenko was unleashing with fury. But round ten would prove to be too much for the defending champ as he buckled and broke under the pressure, Lomachenko sealing the victory a lethal left to the body. The end came at 2:08 of Round 10.

Vasyl Lomachenko gets the TKO win and improves to 11-1 with 9 KOs and in the process shattered the all-time boxing record for fewest fights needed to win a world title in three weight divisions. Jorge Linares falls to 44-4 with 27 KOs but has nothing to be ashamed of, as he gave the well over 10,000 strong crowd, largely Ukrainian like Lomachenko, a fight to remember.

In the post press conference both fighters expressed their desire to face each other again in a re-match. If the deal for the re-match gets done, the fans will have more than enough reason to "jump around".

10 Rounds - Welterweight
Alejandro Barrera (27-4, 17 KO's) vs. Carlos Adames (13-0, 11 KO's)

There wasn't much of a "feel out" process in the first couple of rounds of this bout. Carlos Adames was clearly the aggressor while Alejandro Barrera would apply pressure in spots, while moving in retreat. The third round was a better round for Barrera as he was able to land some of his combinations and somewhat deter Adames's assault.

Great give and take action in the fourth and fifth rounds, Adames getting the better of the exchanges as he connected more cleanly on Barrera's anatomy. To Barrera's credit, he came to fight and he looked for his spots to land his shots on Adames in the sixth and seventh rounds.

A solid overhand right to the head of Barrera would set the pace for Adames in round eight. Both battled with the will to win in rounds nine and ten, but Carlos Adames would prove the victor with cleaner, more precise combinations. Carlos Adames improves his record to 14-0 with 11 KOs with the unanimous decision win.


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