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  Negrete Takes Decision At Belasco

By William Trillo & Albert Castillo
Photos: Marlene Marquez


Bantamweights Oscar Negrete (18-1, 7 KOís) and Diuhl Olguin (13-10-3, 9 KOís) put on a nice give and take battle in the main event on The Golden Boy promoted card held at The Belasco theatre in Los Angles California. From the get go this one was a close quarters scrappy affair that gave the fans more than their moneyís worth.

Headbutts early in the bout raised some knots on the fighterís heads but both men worked through the welts to slug it out over the course of the eight round stanza.

Negrete used constant pressure and punches in bunches to keep Olguin on his toes all night. On the flipside Olguin was not to be deterred and was throwing sharp punches that kept Negrete honest. It was nip and tuck over the entire fight.

The battle was close but in the end the judges saw it unanimously in favor of Negrete, 78-74 and 79-73 twice.

With the victory Negrete keeps himself relevant in the Bantamweight mix.

"I feel excellent," said Oscar Negrete. "I give all my respect to Olguin because he's a tough fighter who came to win. He's a warrior and can take a lot of punches. I feel I'm now ready to fight for another world title shot. I'm back at 118 pounds where I belong, and I want the opportunity."

Super Featherweight Rigoberto Hermosillo (12-0-1, 9 KOís) was given a bit of a test early by a tougher than expected Ernesto Guerrero (29-23, 19 KOís). Hermosillo may have been winning rounds but Guerrero was not going to be a pushover. In fact Guerrero may have stolen a round or two with his determination.

Early in round five Hermosillo landed a low blow that sent Guerrero down in agony. After taking few moments to collect himself, Guerrero was ready to fight on. Curiel wasted no time as he jumped on Guerrero and tagged him flush with a good left hook to the body. This time Guerrero would not be getting up. The liver shot was too much, Guerrero took the 10 count. The bout came to a grinding halt at the 2:30 mark of round five.

ďI havenít fought in over a year. So it took some time for me to find my distance. But then I eventually found it and stopped the fight. Iím back and Iím ready to get better. Itís up to what my team but Iím ready for anyone.Ē

Super Welterweight Raul Curiel (4-0, 3 KOís) used fine boxing skills and focused aggression to dismantle Demetrius Wilson (2-8) inside of two rounds. Looking much bigger than his foe, Curiel punched his way through the smaller yet determined Wilson.

A quick left to the body and uppercut to the chin sent Wilson down to his knees in round two. The bout would continue but Curiel jumped all over Wilson. With discretion being the better part of valor Wilsonís corner had the bout stopped at the 2:13 mark.

With the likes of Trainer Freddie Roach and Manager Frank Espinoza in Curielís corner the expectation are high for the young fighter from Mexico. Coming off his dominant performance this may be a young fighter to keep your eyes on.

ďHe was kind of awkward and had an unorthodox style. His shorter height was also a factor thatís why it was kind of hard to find him. Then I got him with the hook to the body and an upper to the head. Then I finished the fight. I felt a big difference training with Freddie Roach. I felt very strong.Ē

Super Welterweight Blair Cobbs (7-0-1, 5 KOís) was less than impressive as he defeated the long in the tooth Juan Rivera (28-21, 18 KOís). One would think the undefeated Cobbs would have little trouble dispatching the last minute replacement senior citizen from Mexico, but the truth is Cobbs didnít ever land anything of significance. For that matter the best blow of the night came in round four and that was a punch thrown by Rivera.

Itís unfortunate that Rivera was years past his prime, otherwise he would have easily handled Cobbs. Instead it was all he could do to land a blow or two and protect himself. To Cobbs credit he does dance around pretty well and is a lock to be a future Dancing With The Stars contestant. For his lack luster effort Cobbs was given the unanimous decision nod with scores of 40-36 and 39-37 twice.

ďI felt strong going into this fight and I got the win,Ē said Blair Cobbs. ďIím going to continue working hard in the gym with the goal to be better each time I enter the ring. I canít wait to get back in the ringĒ


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