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O’Sullivan: "I Will Take Care Of Lemieux & Challenge The Winner Of Golovkin vs. Alvarez"

By Daniel Cloutier

LAS VEGAS — The Irish middleweight Gary O’Sullivan has a message for the Montrealer David Lemieux: “Don’t try to intimidate me, you are losing your time.”

Ranked third contender by the WBA and the WBO in the 160 pounds division, and sixth by the WBC, O’Sullivan (28-2-0) will face Lemieux (39-4-0), the WBO fifth contender, September 15th in the ring of the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, before the presentation of the main event, the WBA and WBC middleweight championship of the world opposing Gennady Golovkin (38-0-1), from Kazakstan, to Saul Canelo Alvarez (49-1-2), from Mexico.

“If Lemieux believes he can scare me, he is not realistic at all,” said O’Sullivan. “If he believes seriously he can intimidate me, he is losing his time. No doubt in my mind, I will finish the bout in the winning’s corner September 15th. I am positive I have the technique and the speed to control and dominate the action in this bout. And I am sure that Lemieux still affected mentally by his lost against Billy Joe Saunders, the night of my victory over Antoine Douglas in Laval last December. Lemieux said he will destroy me, but he is wrong, I will destroy him. I will take care of Lemieux, and challenge the winner of this world championship bout between Golovkin and Alvarez. I want so much to become world champion, not only for the prestige, but to give a great life to my family. As you know, a world champion is making a lot of money if he keeps his title.”

Lemieux’s trainer, Marc Ramsay, studied seriously the O’Sullivan style in watching videos. “I watched several bouts involving O’Sullivan,” said Ramsay. “He is strong physically, he is solid on his legs, he can punch solidly and he is fighting well technically. However, David got a great preparation and I am sure he is ready for this challenge. David is extremely motivate, then, I am expecting from him a great performance in Las Vegas. The one who will fight with the most discipline and concentration will be the winner, and obviously, my choice is David. I know he has the weapons to win significant bouts on the international boxing scene.”

Ramsay believes that the end of 2018 and 2019 will be important moments in the Lemieux’s boxing career. “David is well ranked by the WBO, then, a world championship bout can happen anytime for him this year or next year,” said Ramsay. “I really think that David can become back world champion. He is more mature now, and his motivation is at the top. But David knows like me that a win is a must Saturday evening.”

Apparently, Lemieux got great sparring partners, fighters aggressive like O’Sullivan.

Lemieux won the IBF middleweight championship of the world in 2015 in Montréal, in beating the French African Hassan N’dam N’Jikam (36-3-0) by unanimous decision. However, in October the same year, he lost his title against Golovkin in an unification titles bouts (WBC and IBF) presented in the ring of the Madison Square Garden in New York. Golovkin beat him by TKO in the eighth round.

“Like I said, David wants absolutely to get another shot for a world title, and he knows he has now the maturity and the experience to reach his goal,” said Ramsay. “No doubt that David is better technically than he was in 2015. And David is not afraid to face the best middleweights on the planet. After his fight with O’Sullivan, don’t be surprise if he challenges publicly the winner of this rematch Golovkin-Alvarez.”

Paschal Collins, the O’Sullivan’s trainer, is more than satisfy of his fighter’s preparation. “Gary took this fight very seriously, and he got a marvellous preparation,” said Collins. “Lemieux is a tough opponent, I can't deny it, but I am positive that Gary has the technique, the speed and the discipline to win this fight. I know that he is really impatient to be involved in a world championship fight, then, he knows he got to be the big winner this week-end in Las Vegas.”

O’Sullivan, like Lemieux, wants to challenge the winner of this rematch Golovkin-Alvarez.


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