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Pascal: "Bossé Won’t Finish The Third Round"
Bossé: "I Will Destroy Pascal"

By Daniel Cloutier
Photos: Patrick Lacombe


MONTRÉAL — The Montrealers Jean Pascal and Steve Bossé are ready for the war. It’s very clear.

Friday evening in the ring of the Bell Place Arena in Laval (a Montréal northern suburb), Pascal (32-5-1), the former WBC light heavyweight (175 pounds) champion of the world, will face the former UFC champion, Steve Bossé (1-0-0), in the main event of this pro boxing show organized by the GYM Group. Pascal and Bossé will fight in the cruiserweight division (190 pounds).

For Pascal, it will be his first experience in the cruiserweight division. “I got a perfect preparation since three months, mentally, physically, technically and strategically, and I am positive I will destroy Pascal Friday evening,” said Bossé Tuesday afternoon in a press conference held at the Montréal Casino. “I will destroy him mentally and physically. I got great success in UFC, I got great success as goon in senior hockey, and now, I am ready to become a big name in pro boxing. Pascal is established favourite to win this fight, but I don’t care. I am sure I will cause a major surprise Friday evening. Pascal has more experience than me in boxing, but I know I am stronger physically than him, I am a more powerful puncher than him, then, you will see the result when I will connect him with my power shots. We will see how many rounds he will be able to resist to my destructions attacks.”

Pascal was smiling in hearing Bossé makes his prediction. “Bossé is pretending he will destroy me? I have an advice for him: do it in the first two rounds, because you won’t be able to finish the third round on your legs,” said Pascal. “I have a lot of more experience than him in boxing, I have a lot of more technique than him, then, I will be able to control his power shots in the first two rounds, and I will finish him the next round. The fight will become reality in few days, and I am extremely excited and motivated to live this event. Bossé has the reputation to be strong physically, and I guess he is very courageous to face a veteran fighter like me, but I know he won’t appreciate his experience. I will get out of the ring in the winner’s conner, not him. I think he has no respect for me, but he will learn to respect me.”

Pascal announced his retirement last December, immediately after his win by TKO against the Egyptian Ahmed Elbiali (17-1-0) in Miami. But a couple of weeks later, Bossé challenged him publicly. The following day, Pascal called the promoter of the GYM Group, Yvon Michel, to tell him to organize this fight with Bossé.

“When we finalized the deal, Steve Bossé was extremely enthusiast to fight Pascal, and Pascal was extremely motivated to take this challenge,” said Yvon Michel. “We are very excited to present this event. We are expecting a very intense and spectacular bout. it’s a match up between a destroyer puncher (Bossé) and a veteran (Pascal) who has a good technique, experience, speed and mobility.”

Just before the main event (10 rounds), the Montrealer Marie-Eve Dicaire (12-0-0), who is ranked second contender by the WBC and the WBA in the female super welterweight division, will face the Californian Ajelandra Ayala (9-3-0) in a 10 rounds bout.

The middleweight Jordan Balmir (9-0-0), from Drummondville, Québec, the cruiserweight Yan Pellerin (2-0-0), from Granby, Québec, the middleweight Michael Cyr (1-0-0), from Saint-David, Québec and the Montrealers lightweights Roody Pierre-Paul (16-3-2) and Whitney Baillé (6-0-0) will be involved in the preliminaries bouts of the evening.

Balmir will fight the German-Italian Vito Vandetta (12-4-1), Pellerin will meet the Mexican Fernando Galvan (2-1-0), Cyr will face the Montrealer Jean-Michel Bolivar (3-1-0), Pierre-Paul will challenge the Romanian Oszkar Fiko (31-25-1) and finally, Baillé will be opposed to the Mexican Victor Hugo Lorenzo (9-3-0).

The weigh in will be held at the Montréal Casino Thursday afternoon, and will be supervised by the Québec Athletic Commission (Régie provinciale des sports de combat).


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