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Pascal vs. Bossé No Longer In Danger

By Daniel Cloutier

MONTRÉAL - Yvon Michel, the promoter of the GYM Group in Montréal, said Sunday that he was extremely confident to see the Québec Athletic Commission (Régie provincial des sports de combat) renew the boxing licence of the former UFC champion, Steve Bossé.

Two days ago, rumors were circulating in Montréal, concerning the fact that Bossé and his entourage got a link with a criminal organization in Montréal.

The Québec Athletic Commission investigated the case Monday, and nothing was proving that Bossé got a link with criminals. Then, the Québec Athletic Commission has been obliged to renew the Bossé pro boxing license few hours ago.

“Everything is in order now, than, the main event of our next boxing show still a fight between Jean Pascal and Steve Bossé,” said Yvon Michel. “This fight is creating a pretty big interest in our community.”

Bossé, a cruiserweight (190 pounds), has only one pro boxing fight (1-0-0), but he is very strong physically. Pascal (32-5-1) is a former WBC light heavyweight (175 pounds) world champion.

Pascal announced his retirement last December, few hours after his win by TKO against the Egyptian Ahmed Elbiali in Miami, but two days after, Bossé challenged publicly Pascal.

Few hours after, Pascal called Yvon Michel to tell him: “Yvon, I am ready to postponed my retirement if you are ready to organize a fight between Bossé and me.”

The fight Pascal-Bossé will be presented July 20th at Bell Place in Laval, a Montréal northern suburb.


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