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  Cloutier’s Canada Corner
Pascal: "Bossé Will Pay The
Big Price For His Lack Of Respect"

Bossé: "I Will Punish Pascal Severally"

By: Daniel Cloutier
Photos: Patrick Lacombe


MONTRÉAL - In a few hours, the Montrealers Jean Pascal and Steve Bossé gonna be transformed in… furious warriors! Friday evening in the ring of Bell Place in Laval (a Montréal northern suburb), Pascal (32-5-1), a former WBC light heavyweight champion of the world, will face Bossé (1-0-0), a former UFC champion, in the main event (10 rounds) of this pro boxing show presented by the promoter of the GYM Group in Montréal, Yvon Michel.

Clearly, Pascal and Bossé are hating each other. They didn’t stop to insult each other since two weeks. We can bet that both will try to win by KO or TKO in each round of action.

“Bossé has absolutely no respect for me and he will pay the big price for that,” said Pascal Thursday afternoon at the weigh in held at the Montréal Casino. “He insults me several times since two weeks... I will reply with my fists. Like I said few days ago, I am determinate to stop him or knock him out before the end of the third round. But trust me, I am taking this fight very seriously. Bossé is a big man extremely strong physically, he showed a lot of courage in taking this fight, but I will use my experience, my technique and my speed to put him in serious trouble soon in the fight. I will fight wisely offensively and defensively. I am very excited and motivated at few hours of this challenge. I got a great training camp, I am perfectly prepared mentally, physically, technically and strategically for this bout, and you will see the result in few hours.”

Bossé, who will take only his second pro bout, does not look intimidated at all by the Pascal’s background. “I know i my mind I am stronger physically than Pascal, I am positive I hit harder than him, and I will punish him severally,” said Bossé. “I am sure I will hurt him each time I will connect him with a power shot. He said I have no respect for him? Clearly, he has no respect for me. I will destroy him mentally and physically, and I will be the one to leave the ring in celebrating.”

Yvon Michel is clearly impatient to see Pascal and Bossé nose to nose in the ring. “The animosity between them is extreme, then, we can expect a very intense and spectacular bout in few hours,” said Yvon Michel. “Each one has his qualities. Bossé is extremely strong physically, he has a good chin and he is a very dangerous puncher. On his side, Pascal has a lot of experience in boxing, he has a good offensive and defensive technique, he can punch, he is good mover in the ring, and he has very fast hands. Yes, I am impatient to see them nose to nose in the ring. I think that each second of this bout will be a big thrill. The fans who will assist to this event will certainly appreciate it.”

At the official weigh in supervised by the Québec Athletic Commission (Régie provinciale des sports de combat), Thursday afternoon at the Montréal Casino, Pascal posted an official weight of 193.8 pounds versus 197.4 for Bossé.

For Pascal, it will be a first experience in the cruiserweight division. In the past, he was fighting in the super middleweight division (168 pounds) and the light heavyweight division (175 pounds).

Pascal announced his retirement last December after his win by TKO against the light heavyweight Egyptian Ahmed Elbiali (17-1-0) in Miami, but he changed his mind two weeks after when Bossé challenged him publicly. Pascal called Yvon Michel to tell him: “I am back in action, you can organize this match up with Bossé.”

The officials of the main event will be all Montrealers. The referee is Mike Griffin, the judges Pasquale Procopio, Benoit Roussel and Jack Woodburn.

Just before the main event, the Montrealer Marie-Eve Dicaire (12-0-0), who is ranked second contender by the WBC and the WBA in the super welterweight female ratings, will fight the Mexican Alejandra Avala (9-3-0).

It will be also a fight of 10 rounds, but in the female boxing, the rounds are limited to two minutes of action (three minutes for the men).

Before the fight Dicaire-Ayala, a UFC fight will oppose the Montrealer Russian Yoni Sherbatov to the Mexican flyweight Luis Solorzano.

The middleweight Jordan Balmir (-0-0), from Drummondville, Québec, the cruiserweight Yan Pellerin (2-0-0), from Granby, Québec, the middleweight Michael Cyr (1-0-0), from Saint-David, Québec, and the Montrealers lightweights Roody Pierre-Paul (16-3-2) and Whitney Baillé (6-0-0) will be involved in the preliminaries bouts of the evening.

Balmir will fight the German-Italian Vito Vendetta (12-4-1), Pellerin will face the Mexican Fernando Galvan (2-1-0), Cyr will challenge the Montrealer Jean-Michel Bolivar (3-1-0), Pierre-Paul will be opposed to the Romanian Oszkar Fiko (31-25-1) and finally, Baillé will fight the Mexican Victor Hugo Lorenzo (9-3-0).

At the weigh in, Balmir posted an official weight of 160 pounds, Vendetta 161, Pellerin 188, Galvan 187, Cyr 161, Bolivar 162.4, Pierre-Paul 136.2, Fiko 137, Baillé 134.2, Lorenzo 135.2, Dicaire 151.6, Ayala 149, Sherbatov 125.6 and finally Solorzano 125.6 pounds.

This boxing show will begin at 7.00 PM, Montréal time.


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