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Rivas Stops Ramirez After Six Minutes Of Action

By Daniel Cloutier

MONTRÉAL - The Montrealer Colombian Oscar Rivas is in perfect position to reach soon the Top 10 of the WBC ratings, in the heavyweight division. Saturday evening in the ring of the Montréal Casino, Rivas, involved in the main event of this boxing show organized by the GYM Group, improved his pro boxing record to 23-0-0 with a victory by TKO over the Californian Mexican Sergio Ramirez (16-6-0).

Ranked 12th contender by the WBC, Rivas gave a very hard time to his opponent from the beginning to the end with his solids hooks to the head and the body. At the end of the second round, Ramirez surrounded, loosing automatically by TKO. It was obvious that Ramirez was suffering too much in the second round.

Rivas did the job with… only six minutes of action. “I predicted my win by KO or TKO, and I did it, said Rivas after the bout. I got a great preparation and I am very satisfied of my performance. I know I was hurting him with my power shots, specially my body punches. I am expecting to reach the Top 10 of the WBC ratings in the weeks to come, and I really hope to get a chance to dispute a world championship before the end of the year or next year.”

Rivas trainer, the Montrealer Marc Ramsay, said: “Oscar got a great performance. He gave his power shots to the body at the right time, and clearly, Ramirez got enough after the second round. Oscar is ready now to face heavyweights ranked in the world. Oscar has certainly his place on the international boxing scene.”

Just before the main event, the Montrealer super middleweight Shakeel Phinn (17-2-0) improved his chances to dispute eventually a North American championship with a win by unanimous decision in eight rounds over the Polish Bartlomiej Grafka (20-30-3). Phinn was the aggressor in every rounds, but the Polish was productive in counter-attacks. The bout was intense from the beginning to the end.

The judges scored the fight 79-73, 80-72 and 80-72, all in favour of the Montrealer.

Christian M’Billi, a middleweight from Cameroun who is living in Montréal since last year, stayed undefeated in nine pro bouts (9-0-0), beating the Argentinian Luis Eduardo Paz (12-5-1) by KO in the first round. M’Billi provoked two knockdowns in the first two minutes of the fight, and after his second visit on the canvas, Paz has been unable to get back on his legs before the count of 10.

The Montrealer super middleweight Louisbert Altidor scored his eight win in pro boxing (8-2-0) with a victory by TKO over the former Mexican champion, Guillermo Romero (12-6-0). Altidor attacked furiously in each round against a persistant opponent. In the fifth round, Altidor hurt seriously Romero with four solid body shots, and the referee intervened to stop the bout and declared Romero TKO. Romero was suffering of a severe cut over the left eye after the second round, and the cut seemed to affect him in the third, fourth and fifth rounds.

The cruiserweight Yan Pellerin, from Granby, Québec, obtained his second win in pro boxing (2-0-0) with a win by unanimous decision in four rounds over the Mexican Jesus Beltran (1-2-0). Former UFC fighter, Pellerin has not a very good technique, but he is aggressive and tenacious.

In the opening bout of the evening, the Montrealer light heavyweight Terry Osias improved his pro record to 4-0-0 in beating the Mexican Josele Napoles (6-8-0) by unanimous decision in four rounds. More aggressive than his opponent, Osias dominated easily the rounds with his long reach and his fast hands.


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