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  Q & A With Ronald Ellis

By William Trillo


Tonight undefeated super middleweight Ronald Ellis will take on fellow undefeated Junior Younan in a fight that headlines a ShoBox: The New Generation quadruple-header live on SHOWTIME at 10 p.m. ET/PT from WinnaVegas Casino in Sloan, Iowa. Ellis (14-0-1, 10 KOs), of Lynn, Mass., and Brooklyn's Younan (13-0, 9 KOs) will clash in the 10-round main event that has the vacant USBA Super Middleweight Title on the line.

Pound4Pound spoke to Ellis recently about the main event fight that should vault the victor into the spotlight and put him in the thick of the 168 pound picture.

Pound4Pound: Ronald I am hearing you are hot and ready to get into the ring. Tell us about that.

Ronald Ellis: Itís been so long since I fought, but itís down to the finish line now. Iíve been grinding hard. I have been off for thirteen months but you know itís time and I canít wait to get in there and show my talent.

P4P: Looks like your foe Younan has been doing some real trash talking on Social Media. What is your take on that?

RE: This guy talks more than he fights. But I hope he comes into the ring with that same attitude. Iím young and undefeated. He is young and undefeated. So you know this is going to be a real fight. We are both going to go at it and itís going to be fireworks from the jump. If he is ready itís going to be a great fight and if not I am going to cut his night off short. I always trying to please the fans and they know I always go out there and give it my best. For me itís always 100% or donít do it at all.

P4P: There is nothing wrong with being the main event on Shobox with a vacant title up for grabs. What do you think about this opportunity?

RE: This is my first step to the big time. Itís one step at a time. This title shot and this night on Shobox is a big thing for me. The card is stacked and they gave me this Main Event spot so I feel I gotta put everything I got on the table. Everything I have been through, even the setbacks have set me up for this. Everything happens for a reason. Iíve been hurt and out for 13 months because I had surgery. But now I am 100% and itís Go Time. There is no looking back now, itís just Bite The Bullet Time now, and I am going to go for it.

P4P: I know fighters never want to look past their next opponent. But itís a new year and I am sure you have a blueprint for 2018. With the victory what direction do you plan on taking?

RE: The sky is the limit now and every champion is on my list. With a victory I am right there in the mix with any of these guys. We all need to step up and wake up this 168 pound division. Since Andre Ward left itís went down a little, so now itís time for guys like me to pick the Super Middleweight division back up. I want to fight at least 4 times this year. Nowadays that sounds outrageous these days but itís early in February and we got 10 months after this, so I need to get on the ball now. I like that old school style when guys had Sixty or Seventy fights, thatís how I wanna be. I want all my fans to watch because I donít like to talk about what I am going to do, I want them to see for themselves what I am going to bring to the table. I can tell them thisÖget ready for a great show.

Pound4Pound would like to send out Get Well wishes to Ellis' publicist Rachel Charles as she recovers from a recent surgery. Get well girl, we need to see you back in the ring.


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