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Stevenson Established Favorite By 2-1

By Daniel Cloutier

TORONTO - If the Las Vegas bookies hit the target, the Montrealer southpaw Adonis Stevenson will realize a ninth successful defense of his WBC light heavyweight championship of the world Saturday evening in the ring of the Air Canada Centre in Toronto.

Stevenson (29-1-0) is established favourite by 2-1 against the Swedish African Badou Jack (22-1-2).

“I never paid attention to the boxing odds, but I know in the bottom of my heart that I will keep my world title in few hours,” said Stevenson Friday afternoon at the weight in held at the Toronto Roundhouse. “I got a perfect preparation, mentally, physically and strategically, and I know I have the speed and the power necessaries to win this bout by KO or TKO. If Badou Jack has been unable to pass the first round against the American Derek Edwards in 2014, do you think seriously he has a chance to stay on his feet against a destructive puncher like me? The answer is…no. I will hurt him in each round with my power shots, and I know he will go on the canvas soon or later. I will take care of Badou Jack, and after, I will challenge the winner of this WBO light heavyweight championship of the world opposing Sergey Kovalev to Eleider Alvarez (August 4th in Atlantic City), for the unification of the WBC and WBO world titles. But in the next hours, I have one name inn mind: Badou Jack.”

Stevenson is 40 years old, Badou Jack 34. Badou Jack is smilling each time Stevenson is predicting he gonna win this fight by KO or TKO. “Stevenson loves to say: If Derek Edwards has been able to stop Badou Jack in 2014, I will certainly do it myself”, said Badou Jack at the weigh in. “That’s make me laugh. In 2014, Edwards took advantage of the fact I was not enough concentrate at the beginning of the bout. He surprised me in the first round (two knockdowns and a win by TKO after two minutes of action). But I can guaranty you that Stevenson won’t surprise me Saturday evening. I will be perfectly concentrate on my work from the beginning to the end of the bout. I am positive I gonna win this fight, and I really believe I gonna win it by KO. Stevenson is a very dangerous puncher, I know it, but I have a better technique than him, and I have a bigger experience than him on the international boxing scene. Don’t forget it, I fought five world champions in my boxing career. I am sure that Stevenson will be more nervous than me Saturday evening, and he will commit more mistakes than me. My objective is to dominate the action round after round, and finish the bout in the winning’s corner. And it will happen before the 12th round. I am younger than Stevenson, I am faster than him and I am a more complete fighter than him. No doubt in my mind, I will live glorious hours this week-end.”

Badou Jack seems happy to fight in Toronto. “In Montréal, Stevenson has a lot of fans, but it’s certainly not the case in Toronto,” said Jack. “I am sure that a lot a boxing fans in Toronto will support me. Theree a lot of people who do not respect Stevenson in Toronto because his criminal past his four years in prison for his implication in minor prostitution in Montréal.”

At the weigh in, Stevenson posted an official weight of 173.4 pounds, versus 175 for Jack.
Badou Jack is a former super middleweight (168 pounds) who moved up in the light heavyweight division (175 pounds) in 2017. “Badou Jack was a great super middleweight, no doubt about it, but trust me, he will be unable to resist to the Adonis power shots Saturday evening,” said the Stevenson’s trainer, Sugar Hill, a boxing trainer from Detroit. “Adonis is the stronger puncher pound for pound in the world. And he has enough discipline to follow the strategy of each fight. I know that his jabs will be efficient, and his power shots will be connected at the perfect moments. I am positive that Adonis gonna win this bout by KO or TKO. He will hurt Badou Jack in each round, and Jack will finish the bout on the floor.”

The former world champion, Lou Del Valle, the Badou Jack’s trainer, replied: “My fighter is ready for this challenge, he is perfectly prepared, and I am sure that his technique and his experience on the international boxing scene will make the difference in the result of this world championship.”

The British Ian John-Lewis will be the referee of the main event. The judges will be: the Italian Guido Cavalleri, Eric Marlinsky, from Buffalo, New York, and Jesse Reyes, from Dallas.

Just before the main event, the Montrealer Colombian Oscar Rivas (23-0-0), ranked 12th contender by the WBC, will dispute a NABF heavyweight championship in facing Hervé Hubeaux (29-2-0), from Belgian.
At the weight in, Rivas got an official weight of 238 pounds, versus 233 for his opponent.

“It’s a crucial bout for me, not only because it’s a North American championship, but because I got to stay undefeated to increase my chances to dispute soon a world championship bout,” said Rivas. “I really hope to get this chance to fight for a world title next year.”

The welterweight Mikael Zewski, from Trois-Rivières, Québec, the super welterweight Sébastien Bouchard, from Baie Saint-Paul, Québec, the Montrealer African middleweight Christan M’billi, the welterweight Kane Heron, from Etibicoke, Ontario, the Montrealer middleweight Patrice Volny, the heavyweight Kristian Prenca, from Niagara Falls, Ontario, the Montrealer welterweight Mazlum Akdeniz and the light heavyweight Nick Fantauzzi, from Toronto, will fight in the preliminaries bouts of the evening.

Zewski (30-1-0) will face the Argentinian Diego Gonzalo Luque (21-5-1) in a WBC 147 pounds International championship, Bouchard (15-1-0) will fight Sladan Janjanin (24-2-0), from Bosnia, M’Billi (9-0-0) will be opposed to Argentinian Marcos Jesus Cornejo (19-2-0), Heron (11-0-0) will face the Mexican Ivan Alvarez (27-9-0), Volny (10-0-0) will fight Janks Trotter (10-4-2) from Calgary, Alberta, Prenca (7-1-0) will meet the Argentinian Ricardo Ramirez (14-4-0), Akdeniz (4-0-0) will challenge Lloyd Reyes (0-1-0), from Toronto, and Fantauzzi (4-0-0) will fight Stephen Clement (3-3-1), from Elsipotog, New Brunswick.

At the weight in, Zewsky posted an official weight of 147 pounds, Luque 146.2 pounds, Heron 146.9, Alvarez 145.4, M’Billi 159.6, Cornejo 158.1, Volny 159.5 and Trotter 161.6 pounds.

All the other fighters involved in the preliminaries bouts will be on the scale Saturday afternoon. It’s common in Ontario to hold a weigh in the day of the event


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