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  Cloutier’s Canada Corner
Stevenson Keeps His Title With Majority Draw

By Daniel Cloutier

TORONTO — The Montrealer southpaw Adonis Stevenson (29-1-1) had the most difficult fight since he his world champion, Saturday evening in the ring of the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, but he kept his WBC light heavyweight championship of the world, because the judges scored the bout….a majority draw. The fight was close and intense. Each fighter had great moments.

Two judges scored the fight 114-114, the third one got a card of 115-113 in favour of Badou Jack (21-2-3). However, because it's was a majority draw, Stevenson still WBC 175 pounds champion of the world.

The first round was close, each boxer was fighting carefully.

Stevenson became more aggressive in the second round. He connected few solid shots to the head. Badou Jack fought defensively in this round.

Like in the second round, Stevenson was the aggressor in the third round. However, Badou Jack got two good counter-attacks.

Jack was efficient in the fourth round. His hands were extremely fast. He connected more punches than Stevenson.

Stevenson attacked furiously in the fifth and sixth rounds, and he hurt his opponent a couple of times in the fifth. But Badou Jack was productive in counter-attacks.

In the seventh round, Badou Jack got his best moments of the fight. He dominated Stevenson clearly. He connected the Montrealer with a lot of power shots.

Badou Jack maintained his intense attacks in the eighth round. Stevenson got few good counter-attacks, but Jack was dominating the action.

Jack put Stevenson in serious trouble in the ninth round. He hurt Stevenson with five intense attacks.

At his turn, Stevenson attacked furiously in the 10th round, and Jack looked in trouble in the last seconds of the round.

In the 11th round, Stevenson maintained his intense attacks, connected a lot a power shots to the head and the body, but Jack got two good counter-attacks in the last seconds of the round.

The 12th and last round was intense, the two boxers were attacking desperately but obviously, both were extremely tired.

“The fight was close and violent, but I think I was deserving the win,” said Badou Jack after the bout. “Stevenson did well in the first rounds, but I was certainly better than him in the second half of the fight. But if Stevenson wants a rematch, I will say yes with no hesitation.”

Sugar Hill, Stevenson’s trainer, said: “The fight was extremely close, and I cannot blame the judges to score a majority draw. I agree on the fact that a rematch is logical in the circumstances. Adonis was tired in the 12th round, it’s true, but he fought energetically during this fight.”

Stevenson, who is 40 years old (Badou Jack 34), looked disappointed after the fight. “Yes, I thought I would be declared the winner by unanimous decision, not by a majority draw,” said the Montrealer. “But I got to admit that the fight was close. Each of us got his great moments. However, I believe that I was the aggressor in more rounds than my opponent, then, few close rounds should be on my side. Badou Jack is talking about a rematch? I will let my team decide it, but I cannot be against this idea.”

A Clear Domination For Rivas

Just before the main event, the Montrealer Colombian Oscar Rivas won the NABF North American heavyweight championship, in beating Hervé Hubeaux, from Belgium, by unanimous decision in 10 rounds. Ranked 12th contender by the WBC, Rivas is undefeated in 24 pro bouts (24-0-0). The judges scored the fight 100–90, 100-90 and 99-91.

In each round, Rivas was attacking energetically, but Hubeaux was working well in conter-attacks.
But it was obvious that Rojas was connecting more shots than his rival in most of the rounds. The judges scores are showing it.

“It’s a major win for me, no doubt about it,” said Rojas. “This NABF title should push me in Top 10 of the WBC ratings in the weeks to come. You know how much I want to move up in the ratings to increase my chances to fight eventually for a world title. Hubeaux? He is solid, he gave me a pretty good opposition, but I was the aggressor in each round, and it was obvious that I was connecting more power shots than him to the head and the body. It was clear that I dominate the action in each round. I am ready for more significant bouts.”


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