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Stevenson: "I Have The Energy To Fight For 12 Rounds, But The Fight Won’t Reach The 12th Round"

By Daniel Cloutier

QUÉBEC CITY, Canada - It’s a Adonis relaxed Stevenson , confident, with a big smile in his face who showed up at the final press conference of this boxing show organized Saturday evening by the GYM Group at the Videotron Centre in Québec City. A Montrealer southpaw, Stevenson (29-1-1) will proceed to the 10th defence of his WBC light heavyweight (175 pounds) championship of the world in fighting the interim champion and mandatory challenger, the Russian Olekandr Gvozdyk (15-0-0).

“Yes, I am relaxed, because I have the conviction that I will leave Québec City with the WBC belt in my luggage,” said Stevenson Thursday afternoon at the Château Bonne Entente hotel. “I got a fantastic training camp, then, I could not be more ready for this challenge. Mentally, physically, technically and strategically, I could not be more prepared. I have certainly the energies to fight for 12 rounds, but the fight won’t reach the 12th round. My power punches can finish a bout at any moment. I have a great respect for Gvozdyk, he is a good fighter, he is clearly hungry actually, but I am determine to stay WBC world champion and I will do it. I will make him pay the big price for each technical’s mistakes. t’s a very significant defense of my title, and I am ready to face this situation. Trust me, my fans won’t be disappointed Saturday evening.”

Stevenson’s trainer, Sugar Hill (the Emmanuel Steward nephew), is more than confident to see his fighter stay world champion. “Adonis worked like hell to be perfectly prepared for this challenge, and I am positive he will offer us a great performance in few hours,” said Hill. “Adonis is taking this challenge very seriously, and I am sure you will see a fighter at his best Saturday evening. I really believe that Adonis gonna win this bout by KO or TKO.”

Stevenson’s manager, Lamont Jones, said: “Adonis is taking this fight very seriously, and when his motivation and concentration are at the top, he is usually win by KO or TKO. It’s exactly what I am expecting for Saturday evening. Adonis is a destructive puncher.”

Stevenson scored 24 KO or TKO in 31 pro fights, and seven in world championships bouts.

Gvozdyk also looks relaxed and confident at few hours of the moments of the truth. “Last March at Madison Square Garden in New York, I became WBC interim champion and mandatory challenger, and I am ready now to go to the top: the WBC world title,” said Gvozdyk. “I know that Stevenson is strong physically, I know he is a destructive puncher, but no doubt in my mind, I have the technique to dominate him offensively and defensively, and I will beat him. If Stevenson thinks seriously he can knock me out at any moment of the fight, I think he is not realistic at all.”

Last March in New York, Gvozdyk beat the French Mehdi Amar (35-6-2) by unanimous decision in 12 rounds.

Gvozdyk’s trainer, the American Ted Atlas, has no doubt in his mind: his fighter will become in few hours the new WBC light heavyweight champion of the world. “My fighter is extremely talented and he has now the maturity necessary to become the new WBC champion of the world,” said Atlas. “Oleksandr got a marvelous training camp for two months in California, and I am positive we will see him at his best in few hours. It’s a difficult challenge, Stevenson is a destructive puncher, I know it, but no doubt in my mind, Oleksandr will control the action and become the new WBC champion of the world Saturday evening.”

The promoter of the GYM Group, Yvon Michel, is clearly happy at few hours of this boxing show. “In a few hours, we will present an historic event, one of the greatest boxing show in the history of the Canadian pro boxing,” said Yvon Michel. “We will have two world championships bouts and several very promising preliminaries bouts. And I am extremely confident to see Adonis win this fight by KO or TKO. He became WBC champion of the world in 2013 in Montréal when he knock Chad Dawson out in only 76 seconds, and since that moment, he is certainly the super star… and the Superman of the light heavyweight division on the international boxing scene.”

The other world championship bout of the evening will oppose the Montrealer female Marie-Eve Dicaire (13-0-0) to Chris Namus (24-4-0), from Uruguay. Namus will proceed to the defense of her female IBF super welterweight (154 pounds) championship of the world.


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