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2018 Turkey(s) Of The Year

Becoming someone's personal hand puppet may not sound very impressive but you throw fistfuls of dollars into the equation and it's amazing how quickly these guys are willing become Pinocchio for none other than Gepetto himself, Al Haymon. Whether it be to avoid a conflict of interest and the legal hassles that follow or he just needs someone to do his dirty work from city to city, the puppet master has employed the ranks of de-facto promoters who are willing to do whatever it takes to get some of the loot and share in the spotlight.

At the present time Richard Schaefer appears to be the lead puppet but that could change as quickly as the next promotion, depending on the city the next event will take place. From sunny Southern California to the icy tundra in Quebec there are puppets-o-plenty to fill Geppeto's needs.

We tip our hats to this years winners and look forward to a happy holiday season!


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