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Zewski Beats Macias By Unanimous Decision

By: Daniel Cloutier

MONTRÉAL - The Canadian super welterweight Mikael Zewski, who hopes the be ranked in the top 5 of the international boxing ratings before the end of the year, made another step in that direction Saturday evening in the ring of the Montréal Casino.

A fighter from Trois-Rivières, Québec, who left Top Rank Inc. to join the GYM Group in Montréal last summer, Zewski, a former NABF North American champion, scored his 30th win of his pro boxing career (30-1-0). He beat the Mexican Jose De Jesus Macias by unanimous decision in eight rounds. After this violent and spectacular fight, the three judges scored the bout 77-74, 78-74 and 78-74 for the Canadian.

Macias connected few good power shots in the first round, but Zewski, more aggressive, touched the target more often than his opponent.

Zewski dominated the second round with several intense attacks. The third round was spectacular and close.

Macias was more aggressive in the fourth round, but he paid the price for that. Zewski floored him in the last minute with a superb left hook on the chin.

The fifth and sixth rounds provided a lot of action for the crowd, the two fighters trying to scored a KO with power shots to the head.

Intense, Zewski dominated the seventh round. He connected several power shots the the head and the body.

The eight round was extremely violent, like a street fight. Clearly, the two fighters tried the KO on each punch.

“I knew that this fight would be very intense and spectacular,” said Zewski when he got out of the ring. “Macias proved in the past that he was able to win on the international boxing scene. In 2014, he was not ranked 10th contender in the world for nothing. However, no doubt I’m my mind; I deserved the win tonight. I dominated six of the eight rounds in being more aggressive, more consistent than Macias. I liked to give spectacular performances, and I am sure that the crowd appreciated the action we provided tonight. My promoter, Yvon Michel, knows I want to fight the best super welterweights in the world, and I am sure he will involve me in very significant bouts in the months to come. As I said, I want so much to see my name in the Top 5 of the international ratings before the end of the year. I did well in the welterweight (147 pounds) division, and I want to do more in the super welterweight division (154 pounds).”

Bernard Barré, the scout of the GYM Group, believes in the Zewski’s future. “We have great plans for Mikael for this year and next year, and trust me, he will face big names in 2018,” said Barré. “He is talented, and he has now the experience necessary to fight back on the international scene. I really believe that his name will appear in the Top 10 and the Top 5 of the international boxing ratings in the months to come.”

The Montrealer Romanian Bruno Bredicean obtained his 10th win in pro boxing (10-0-0), in beating the super middleweight Mexican Cesar Chavez (32-13-0) by TKO in the second round.

Bredicean provoked a two knockdowns, the first one in the first round and the second one in the second round. The referee stopped the bout after the second knockdown. Chavez looked seriously hurt when the referee declared him TKO.

Bredicean has the former world champion Lucian Bute as advisor, and Howard and Otis Grant as trainers.

Yan Pellerin, a cruiserweight from Granby, Québec, made successful pro debut with a victory by majority decision of the judges over the Mexican Fernando Castillo (2-3-0).

Pellerin, like Bossé, is a former UFC fighter. One judge scored a draw, the two others scored the bout 39-37 in favour of Pellerin.

A former star in UFC (ultimate fighting), the Montrealer Steve Bossé made also successful pro boxing debut, beating the heavyweight Bolivian Julio Cuellar Cabrera (12-7-0) by KO in the first minute of the second round.

Bossé provoked a knockdown in the last seconds of the first round, and he finished the job in the second round. Cabrera went on the floor for the second time in the second round, and this time, he has been unable to get back on his legs before the count of 10.

The Montrealer female Marie-Eve Dicaire won the NABF welterweight North American championship, with a win against the Mexican Marisa Gabriela Nunez (7-9-2) by majority decision of the judges in 10 rounds.

A judge scored a draw, the two others scored the fight 98-96 for Dicaire.

Dicaire is undefeated in 11 pro bouts (11-0-0). She hopes to be involve in a world championship bout this year or next year.

In the first female bout of the evening, the Montrealer super lightweight Jessica Camara improved her pro record to 4-0-0 in beating the Mexican Guadelupe Lincer Ortiz (2-6-0) by majority decision of the judges.

In the opening bout of the evening, the Montrealer super lightweight southpaw Mazlum Akdenis stayed undefeated in three bouts (3-0-0) with a win by unanimous decision in four rounds over the Mexican Luis Acuna Rojas (2-2-0).

Akdenis, a Canadian Turk, dominated clearly the four rounds of the fight.


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