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  Cloutier’s Canada Corner
Clear Domination For Zewski

By Daniel Cloutier

TORONTO - Very determined, Mikael Zewski won what he was considering as the most important and significant fight of his pro boxing career. Saturday evening in the ring of the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Zewski captured the WBC super welterweight international championship, with a win by unanimous decision over the Argentinian Diego Gonzalo Luque, a former Latino’s champion.

Zewski was the master of the ring from the beginning to the end of this 10 rounds bout. Zewski controlled the action in the first round with his jabs and hooks. In the second round, Zewski sent Luque on the floor with a solid shot to the head.

In the third round, again, Zewski used brilliantly his jabs and hooks. In the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh rounds, Zewsky used intelligently his jabs to prepare his power punches. He connected several power shots in each of these four rounds.

The fight was stopped for few minutes in the eighth round, because a fight started between spectators sitting close to the Zewsky’s corner. Apparently, one of the spectator tried to enter in the ring, and the other one jumped on him.

In the 10th and last round, Luque attacked desperately, but he gave to Zewski opportunities to connected several solid punches.

The judges scored the bout 100-89, 99-90 and 99-90.

“No doubt, I was deserving the win, because I controlled the action from the first to the 10th round,” said Zewski. “I was the aggressor in each round. And I fought with discipline and concentration. It’s certainly the most important win of my pro boxing career, because this title will open me the door for the Top 10 or the Top 15 of the WBC ratings.”

The heavyweight Kristian Prenga, from Niagara Falls, Ontario, improved his pro record to 8-1-0 in beating the Argentinian Ricardo Humberto Ramirez (14-5-0) by TKO.

Better technically than his opponent, Prenga sent Ramirez on the floor in the second round, and he provoked three others knockdowns in the third round. After the third knockdown, the referee declared the Argentinian TKO.

Christian M’Billi, an excellent middleweight from Cameroon living in Montréal since two years, obtained his 10th win in pro boxing (10-0-0), beating the Argentinian Marcos Jesus Cornejo ( 19-3-0) by TKO.

M’Billi was attacking constantly, he hurt his opponent more than 10 times, and in the third round, the Cornejo’s trainer threw the towel.

The Montrealer middleweight Patrice Volny stayed undefeated in 11 pro bouts (11-0-0), beating Janks Trotter (10-5-2), from Calgary, Alberta, by TKO at the end of the first round.

Volny provoked a knockdown in the last seconds of the first round, and Trotter was seriously hurt. The referee stopped the bout.

The super middleweight Sébastien Bouchard, from Baie Saint-Paul, Québec, increased his record to 16-1-0 with a win by TKO over Sladan Janjanin (24-3-0), from Bosnia.

Janjanin was agressive in the first two minutes of the bout, but Bouchard hurt him twice in the last minute of the round. And Bouchard sent his rival on the floor three times in the second round. After the third knockdown, the referee intervened to stop the bout and declared Janjanin TKO.

The Montrealer welterweight Mazlum Akdenis scored his fifth win in pro boxing (5-0-0), with a victory by KO over Lloyd Reyes (0-2-0), from Toronto.

Akdenis sent Reyes on the canvas in the last seconds of the first round. Akedenis attacked energitically in the second round, and he knock Reyez out with punches to the head.

In the opening bout of the evening, the light heavyweight Nick Fantauzzi, from Toronto, improved his pro record to 5-0-0 in beating Stephen Clement (3-4-1), from Moncton, New Brunswick, by TKO in the fourth round.

Clement surprised Fantauzzi in the third round, in provoking a knockdown with a solid hook to the head. But Fantauzzi took his revenge in the fourth and last round.

Fantauzzi send twice Clement on the floor, and after the second knockdown, the referee stopped the bout. Clement was severally hurt.

And finally, the eight rounds fight between welterweights Kane Heron (11-0-1), from Toronto, and the Mexican Ivan Alvarez (27-10-1), finished by a draw.


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