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  Cloutier’s Canada Corner
Mikael Zewski: "The Most Significant
Bout Of My Pro Boxing Career"

By Daniel Cloutier


TORONTO, Ontario - The Canadian super welterweight Mikael Zewski is very excited. Saturday evening in the ring of the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, he will be involved in a fight that he is considering that most significant one of his pro boxing career.

Before the WBC light heavyweight championship of the world opposing the Montrealer southpaw Adonis Stevenson (29-1-0) to the Swedish African Badou Jack (22-1-2), Zewski (30-1-0) will face the Argentinian Diego Gonzalo Luque (21-5-1) in a WBC 154 pounds international championship.

“Yes, I am considering this bout like the most important and significant one of my pro boxing career,” said Zewski, a fighter from Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada. “In winning this fight, in conquering this important title, my name will certainly appear in the Top 10 or Top 15 of the WBC ratings in the weeks to come. And see my name back in the international ratings is crucial for me, because I really want to fight the best super welterweights in the world this year and next year. I believe I have now the maturity to go far on the international boxing scene.”

Zewski saw Luque in action in watching videos. “Luque is a complete fighter, he is efficient technically, but he is not a very dangerous puncher,” said Zewski. “I know I will need to fight with concentration and intensity from the beginning to the end. I am sure I am faster than him and I am a more dangerous puncher. I am extremely optimistic, but I will need to deliver another solid performance to finish the bout in the winning corner.”

When we asked him if he is enthusiast to fight in the ring of the Air Canada Centre, Zewski smiled. “It will be special to fight in a place where I never fought, but between you and me, I always prefer to fight in Montréal, Québec City or Trois-Rivières.”

Zewski is hoping to get meetings with the promoter of the GYM Group, Yvon Michel, to talk about his future. Few months ago, Zewski left the Top Rank Inc. organization in Las Vegas to join the GYM Group in Montréal.

“I signed an agreement with the GYM Group for three bouts, and my third fight with this organization will be in Toronto Saturday evening,” said Zewski. “My manager, Cameron Dunkin, will meet Yvon Michel in the weeks to come, to talk about a new contract. I want to stay with the GYM Group and dispute big fights on the international boxing scene this year and next year. I am positive that Yvon Michel has the contact necessaries to help me to obtain significant fights on the international boxing scene.”

Otherwise, Yvon Michel confirmed that the heavyweight Montrealer Colombian Oscar Rivas and the Montrealer African middleweight Christian M’Billi will also fight on this boxing show in Toronto. Ranked 12th contender by the WBC, Rivas (23-0-0) will fight Hervé Hubeaux (29-2-0), from Belgium, and M’Billi (9-0-0) will be opposed to the Argentinian Marcos Jesus Cornejo (19-2-0).

“I am closer than ever of the Top 10 of the WBC, then, I can afford a lost at this moment of my boxing career,” said Rivas. “Trust me, I will fight with concentration and intensity to score my 24th win in a row. As you know, I want to be involved in a world championship bout next year.”

Yvon Michel is very confident to see Zewski, Rivas and M’Billi in major fights in the months to come. “I am very happy to have Mikael Zewski, Oscar Rivas and Christian M’Billi on this boxing show, because all three have a promising career on the international boxing scene,” said Yvon Michel. “All three will play a major role on the international boxing scene this year and next year.”


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