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Bazinyan & Falcao Determined To Stay Undefeated

By Daniel Cloutier

LAS VEGAS - The Montrealers Erik Bazinyan and Steven Butler are obviously prepared for a war! The two boxers will be in action Thursday evening in the ring of the Hard Rock Hotel Casino in Las Vegas. Bazinyan (22-0-0), a super middleweight ranked fourth contender by the WBO in the 168 pounds division, will fight the Mexican Alan Campa (17-4-0) in a NABO and NABA North American championship, and Butler (26-1-1), a middleweight ranked fifth contender by the WBO, will face the Ukrainian Vitali Kopylenko (28-1-0) in a WBC 160 pounds International championship.

The bout Butler-Kopylenko will be presented just before the main event of this boxing show organized by Golden Boy Promotions. “I got several problems with my car in the last weeks, but I am sure I won’t have problems with my fists in the ring,” said Butler in smiling. “I am determined to keep my winning sequence, because you know that I really want to be involved in a world championship bout this year or next year. Kopylenko? I saw him in action on video. He is a very good opponent, but I am not worried at all. I know I will maintain my progression in the WBO ratings. I believe in my chances to win this fight by KO or TKO. I am ready for a war…”

Kopylenko looked very relaxed just a few hours before this bout with Butler. “Butler is a good rival, no doubt about it, but I have certainly the talent necessary to win this bout,” said the Ukrainian. “It’s a crucial bout for my future in boxing. Butler is ranked WBO fifth contender, then, a win over him will logically push me in the Top 10 of the WBO ratings.”

Butler’s trainer, the former heavyweight southpaw Jean-François Bergeron, saw Kopylenko in action on videos. “Steven knows it’s a big challenge for him,” said Bergeron. “Kopylenko is efficient technically, he has a good jab and he is strong physically. But Steven also is good technically, he is intense and he is punching solidly. I am very confident to see my fighter scored the most important win of his pro boxing career.”

The main event will be a WBC middleweight Latinos championship opposing the Brazilian Yamaguchi Falcao (16-0-0) and the American Christopher Pearson (28-1-0), from Ohio.

“I am undefeated and I am determined to stay undefeated,” said Falcao. “I know I have the technique, the power and the speed to win this bout.”

Pearson replied: “Watch me when the fight will start. I will fight with intensity from the beginning to the end of the bout. I came to Las Vegas with the serious intention to be in the winning’s corner.”

Bazinyan, who wants absolutely to become the WBO first contender in the super middleweight division, knows he got to keep his perfect pro record. “Yes, it’s crucial for me to maintain my perfect record, then, I need to get efficient performances each time I am going in the ring,” said the Montrealer. “I got a good preparation for this challenge, and I am persuaded that everything will go fine for me. I will do the necessary to get out of the ring in the winning’s shoes. I am ready for a war…”

Campa, obviously, does not agree with Bazinyan. “It’s the most significant bout of my pro boxing career, and I am determined to win it,” said Campa. “I will fight wisely to dominate all the rounds, and if an opportunity to win by KO or TKO is showing up, trust me, I won’t waist this opportunity.”

The Bazinyan’s trainer, the Montrealer Samuel Décarie, is very satisfy by the Bazinyan’s preparation. “Erik got a great preparation,” said Décarie. “He got several sparring sessions with Steven Butler, who has a similar style than Campa. We know that Campa is a dangerous opponent, but Erik is ranked fourth contender in the world, then, he knows that all his opponents now will be dangerous. Erik has a great jab, a very good technique, and I am positive he will do the necessary to win this important bout.”

At the weigh in supervised by Nevada Athletic Commission, Falcao posted an official weight of 159.8 pounds, Pearson 159.4, Bazinyan 166.8, Campa 168, Butler 159.8, and Kopylenko 159.4, pounds.

The first two fights of this boxing show will involved the Mexican middleweight Alexis Salazar (20-3-0) and the super welterweight Richard Acevedo (4-0-0), from Kansas.

Salazar will fight the Mexican Abraham Cordero (13-3-2) and Acevedo will face the Mexican Mario Sosa (3-1-0).

At the weigh in, Salazar posted an official weight of 160 pounds, Cordero 167.8, Acevedo 153.2 and finally, Sosa 156.8 pounds.


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