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  Pacquiao Easily Defeats Broner To Retain Title

By William Trillo
Photos: Marlene Marquez


Welterweight Manny Pacquiao (61-7-2, 39 KOís) had little or no trouble at all with safety first Adrien Broner (33-4-1, 24 KOís) taking an easy to score unanimous decision to retain his World Boxing Association World Welterweight Title. The 40 year old fighter from The Philippines won his thefight in an impressive performance that saw him let his hands go all night long. Bronerís output was anemic at best. ďThe ProblemĒ with Broner was he spent 99% of the night backpedaling. If he had any intentions on winning the fight he certainly didnít show it in the ring.

Manny was on his game all night. He worked a good stiff jab that was setting up power shots that stunned Broner twice in the mid-rounds. Anytime Broner was hurt he found a way to grab, clinch or wrestle his way out of trouble but the last thing on his mind was going toe to toe. He appeared to be content doing little if anything at all.

In round 11 the crowd began to boo Broner for his lack of effort. All the while Manny came forward aggressively but remained alert not to get caught with any counters or walking into something recklessly.

In the end the only one of the 13,000+ in attendance that thought Broner won was ďThe ProblemĒ himself. After that I am sure every scorecard in the house had Pacquiao easily winning. But,only three of those in attendance scores counted and those were the judges who gave Manny the nod on all cards 117-111 and 116-112 twice.

After the fight an apparently confused to the reality of the situation Broner pontificated, ďI beat him. Everybody out there knows I beat him. I controlled the fight, he was missing. I hit him clean more times. I beat him. Let me let all you know, I want to thank the whole hood who came out here. You know I beat that boy. They are trying to get that money with Pacquiao and Floyd. I beat him. Smart boxing.Ē

Meanwhile a humble reigning Champ Pacquiao said, ďI feel so happy because I did my best in the fight and in training. Thank God for this victory. Iím so happy because God gave me this good health. At the age of 40 I can still give my best. Although I wanted to be aggressive more, my camp told me donít be careless and to counter him and wait for opportunities. I proved in my last fight against Matthysse and now I proved it again. The Manny Pacquiao journey will still continue. I wanted to push more but my trainer said donít be careless. Wait for him, counter, and thatís what I did. Tell him (Floyd Mayweather) to come back to the ring and we will fight. Iím willing to fight again Floyd Mayweather if heís willing to come back to boxing. Iím happy serving people as a senator. Iím so happy that my fans and the Filipino people who came here live and watched my fight.Ē

Light heavyweight Badou Jack (22-3, 13 KOís) displayed the heart and courage of a lion but it was Marcus Browne (23-0, 16 KOís) who left the ring in possession of the vacant World Boxing Council Silver Light Heavyweight Title. Browne began to rack up points early and often as Jack seemed tenataive. If there was any chance for Jack to get back inj the fight those hopes were dashed when a clash of heads put a wound on Jackís forehead that looked like he got hit in the head with a meat cleaver. From that point on Jack was looking through a crimson veil and blood and Browne peppered the injured fighter for the remainder of the 12 round fight. Browne came out victorious with a unanimous decision. Scores in favor of the new champ Browne read 117-110, 116-111 and 119- 108.

In defeat a contrite Jack quipped, "I was flat. I don't know what it was, but no excuses. Credit to Marcus Browne he boxed well. I would love the rematch. Now I have to rest, get the head fixed and hopefully get that chance in the future."

After the fight the new Champion said, ďHe was a really tough competitor. I had to stick to the game plan. He thought he was going to take me to deep water and drown me, but I was in shape. Teddy Atlas, you think you have the best light heavyweight? (Oleksandr) Gvozdyk, letís go. I just used my athletic ability and did what I do best, and thatís box the hell out of people. He couldnít find me before that (head butt). He couldnít find me. I was just too sharp, too slick, too anything. He was coming with his head all night. He kept coming with his head. Like I said, Iím from Staten Island. Teddy (Atlas) is from Staten Island. He thinks he has the best light heavyweight? Gary Stark has the best light heavyweight. Letís go.Ē

Bantamweight Rau'shee Warren (16-3, 4 KOís) and Nordine Oubaali (15-0, 11 KOís)were no strangers to each other as they had faced each other in Olympic competition numerous times. On this night Oubaali took what he learned from the past to score a unanimous decision victory over Warren. For his American debuting efforts the Frenchman too home the vacant World Boxing Council World Bantamweight Title. Final scores read 115-113, 116-112, 117-111 all in favor of Oubaali.

On his loss Warren stated, ďI felt like I was doing pretty good in the beginning of the fight but after the fifth or sixth I let off the gas. I was using my jab and wanted to finish it with my left hand. The judges saw it the way it was. He wanted it more. You could tell. He had his foot on the gas. Iím not done. Iím still going to come back for it. Every fight that I lost has always been a world title fight. Iím still up in the main brackets.Ē

An elated Oubaali said of his victory, ďThis was my dream. I made my dream come true, my American dream. I want to thank all the people of America and France who supported me. I put on the pressure. I had the speed. He is a very good boxer Ė heís slick, and heís smart. This is a very big night to win my first world championship."

Featherweight Hugo Ruiz (39-4, 33 KOís) had no trouble disposing of Alberto Guevara (27-4, 12 KOís) in a somewhat lack luster one sided bought. Final scores read 100-89 and 99-90 twice.

"I trained for the southpaw and then I had to fight a right hander at the last minute. The other guy was a puncher and this guy is a boxer. It made it difficult for me to fight him because it wasn't what I trained for. It was very difficult when there is one fighter that you are prepared to fight in the ring and it doesn't turn out that way. It was supposed to be a title fight. I was so disappointed and my mind wasn't totally in it."


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