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  Cloutier’s Canada Corner
Rivas Becomes WBC Bridgerweight
Champion Of The World

By Daniel Cloutier

MONTRÉAL - The Montrealer Columbian Oscar Rivas (28-1-0) was extremely confident to win this WBC bridgerweight (224 pounds) championship of the world against the Canadian Ryan Rozicki (
13-1-0), and he was right. Rivas became world champion in pro boxing for the first time iin beating Rozicki by unanimous decision in 12 rounds.

“I said I got the potential necessary to become world champion and I was right,” said Rivas after the fight. “The fight was intense, but I know I was deserving the decision. I am positive that I gave the best and strongest punches in this bout. I am so proud to become world champion, I worked so hard to to reach that.”

The first round was intense, but Rivas hurt seriously his opponent at the end of the round.

But Rozicki was aggressive and productive in the second round.

The third and fourth rounds were close and spectacular.

In the fifth, sixth and seventh rounds, Rivas gave a very hard time to his rival.

Like the third round, the eight round was close and intense.

Rivas attacked energetically in the nine round, but Rozicki has been able to resist.

The 10th round was violent and close.

Rivas hurt several times his opponent in the 11th round.

In the 12th and last round, the two boxers attackers intensively but Rivas got the best punches.
This fight was a spectacular one.


The light heavyweight (175 pounds) Montrealer Terry Osias improved his pro record to 10-0-0, with a victory by unanimous decision in six rounds over the Mexican Joaquin Murriota (9-10-3)
Aggressive, good technically, Osias dominated clearly the action from the first to the sixth round.
The three judges scored the fight 60-54 for the Montrealer.

The heavyweight Alexis Barrioère, from Québec City, kept his perfect record (4-0-0), with a win by unanimous decision in four rounds over the Mexican Rafael Abdula Sanchez Rojas (5-2-0)
A southpaw, Barrière provoked a knock-down in the first round with a solid left hand on the chin, but one minute later,.Rojas, at his turn, took his revenge in sending Barrtière on the floor.

However, Iin the second round,. Barrière provoked his second knockdown of the fight and he dominated the action in each round.

Rojas is 41 years old.

The three judges scored the bout 39-36 for Barrière.

In the opening bout of the evening, the Montrealer super welterweight (154 pounds), Kevin Menoche scored his fifth win in pro boxing (5-0-0), beating the Ontarian Tachd Bunsma ()2-3-0) by unanimous decision in four rounds.

The judges scored the fight 39-36, 38-37 and 38-37 for the Montrealer.

A lot of people believed that the Ontarian was deserving the win.

Menoche hurt seriously the Ontarian in the first round, but Bunsma was more aggressive that his opponent in the second, third and fourth round.

The cruiserweight (200 pounds) Francis Charbonneau (4-1-0), from Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec, won by unanimous decision in four rounds over the Montrealer Alexandre Roberge (1-2-0).

Charbonneau provoked a knockdown in the first round with a solid uppercut on the chin.

The judges scored the bout 40-35, 39-36 and 39-36 for Charbonneau.

The fight between Sébastien Bouchard (19-2-0) and the Mexican Sylvio Ortega (24-2-0) has ben cancelled few hours after the weigh in, because the Mexican got an injury.

No fight on this boxing show finished by a KO or TKO.


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