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  Arreola Rightfully Questions Judges Scorecards

By William Trillo
Photo: Sean Michael Ham - TGB Promotions


The fight between Heavyweights Andy Ruiz (34-2, 22 KOs) and Chris Arreola (38-7-1, 33 KOs) had not gone two rounds before a clubbing right hand from Arreola put Ruiz down for an eight count. In the next round Ruiz was staggered by another Arreola attack. Ruiz survived the early trouble and went on to earn a unanimous decision victory after twelve hard fought rounds.

The fight went back and forth for over the remainder of the fight as both men landed heavy leather in this battle of the big men. It appeared to be close through the midway point of the fight.

In the second half of the fight Ruiz landed a shot off Arreola’s shoulder that made him visibly wince in pain. The tough Arreola shook off the injury and kept the pressure on Ruiz. The injury slowed Arreols’a attack and Ruiz began to get a slight edge.

Never the quitter Arreola kept on the attack. Anytime he could get Ruiz moving in retreat it seemed as though he had the edge. But when Ruiz was moving forward he was giving Arreola his share of problems.

Ruiz was landing but never did he have Arreola in any serious trouble. It was hard not to give Andy most of the latter rounds. Arreola made a good go of it but when the fight was over it looked as though Ruiz may have pulled out a close victory.

The judges did not see it so close and handed down scores of 117-110, 118-109 & 118-109, all in favor of Ruiz.

In essence, two of the judges only gave Arreola one round, that being round two when he dropped Ruiz, and the other judge didn’t see it much better than that. Honestly, I gave Ruiz a slight edge but there is no way he dominated Arreola as the scorecards suggest.

At the post-fight press conference a disgruntled Arreola stated, “A lot of his punches I caught on my gloves, and yeah, I moved my head and I was countering pretty good too. I didn’t get no credit for none of that sh*t! I am very dejected and it pisses me off!”

After the fight both men said they would like to do this one again. Officially the fight was a WBA title eliminator so it remains to be seen the direction Ruiz decides and to go.


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