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  Stevenson & Nakathila Cure Insomnia

By William Trillo @ Ringside
Photos: Mikey Williams - Top Rank via Getty Images


When the referee must step in between the boxers and admonish them to fight its not a good sign. When he is forced to do that a second timeits awful. Such was the case for Super Featherweights Shakur Stevenson (16-0, 8 KOs) Jeremia Nakathila (21-2, 17 KOs) who lulled the crowd to sleep with one of the most boring fights seen in 2021. By the time the final bell rang the fans in the new Virgin Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas were booing in displeasure of a pathetic performance. And lest we forget, this bout was for the WBO Interim World Super Feather Title.

When asked if he thought he could have stepped it up and gotten Nakathalia out of there Stevenson said, I tried to get him out of there a little bit, but I started getting hit with some solid shots. I aint really like it

Really? What do you think is going to happen when you get in the ring with the likes of Jamel Herring or Oscar Valdez?

For the record Stevenson pitched a shutout on all cards getting a unanimous decision with scores of 120-107 across the board.

Switching from Southpaw to Orthodox with the greatest of ease Super Lightweight Jose Pedraza (29-3, 14 KOs) dominated and neutralized the formally undefeated Julian Rodriguez (21-1, 14 KOs). This fight that had all the earmarks of one that was sure to be a war, but instead turned into a huge statement for Pedraza. The Puerto Rican put on a magnificent display against a fighter who did not have a blemish on his record.

By the mid-rounds Pedraza looked comfortable as he was in control of all the action inside the ring. Rodriguez however looked at a loss for answers and when his nose started pouring blood in round eight, he began to look desperate. That was the last we would see Rodriguez as after the round his corner threw in the towel letting the ref know he was not fit to continue. Officially mark this down as a TKO for Pedraza after the conclusion of the eighth round.

On his performance Pedraza said, My experience was too much for him. As the fight went on, I could see him weakening, and I took advantage. I was hungrier than him, and he was just another obstacle in my journey to become a three-division world champion. That is my goal. I want all the big names at 140 pounds. With this performance, I sent a message to those big names. The Sniper is on the hunt. I want to make history for Puerto Rico.

Super Featherweight Manuel Rey Rojas (21-5, 6 KOs) taught Tyler McCreary (16-2-1, 7 KOs) an unbelievably valuable lesson in this eight-round skirmish. That lesson is a good hard-nosed fighter willing to engage will beat a flashy pretty boy who doesnt want to risk getting hit 99% of the time. Coming forward and throwing punches Rojas made easy work of McCreary.

On his side, the hardest work McCreary did when he was shaking his head no after getting caught flush with punches, and that happened a lot. In the end Rojas was won on all cards 80-72 twice and one card read 70-73, (I personally do not see how McCreary won even one round). This fight was living proof that all that glitters is not always goldor furor whatever the heck those ugly trunks were made of.

Super Lightweight Christon Edwards (12-3, 6 KOs) came out to start the fight without his mouthpiece in the first round against John Bauza (15-0, 6 KOs). Edwards had the guard inserted, and its a good thing. From that point on Bauza started busting him in the mouth from pillar to post. After dropping Edwards once in round one Bauza put him down again twice in round two before the ref brought a merciful end to the bout at the 40 second mark of that second round.

Welterweight Larry Fryers (11-4, 4 KOs) ran into the young Top Rank buzz saw Xander Zayas (9-0, 7 KOs) in this scheduled six round battle. The tough Fryers was game and willing to go to war, but the groomed prospect Zayas showed why he is a fighter on the rise. Zayas could not put Fryers down but after a series of unanswered blows the ref saw fit to bring this one to and end at the 1:02 mark of the third round giving Zayas the TKO victory.

Someones 0 had to go in this battle of undefeated Super Featherweights Bryan Lua (8-0, 3 KOs) and Frevian Gonzalez Robles (4-1, 1 KO). Early on it was apparent this fight was going to have some heated exchanges, and it did not disappoint. But early bodywork by Lua set the tone in the fight. Robles was game and did some fine work but was not able to get the edge over the tough Lua. Final scores all in favor of Lua read 58-56 and 60-54 x 2 helping him secure the unanimous decision.

It was a Middleweight slugfest between LaQuan Evans (4-2, 2 KOs) and Troy Isley (2-0, 1 KO) until the ref stepped in and brought an extremely questionable end to the battle at the 2:26 mark of round four. Truthfully, Isley was dropping some bombs on Evans, but Evans was far from being in trouble and was answering back, albeit with some very weak punches. It just seemed like an incredibly early stoppage to most in the house including this writer.

This undercard fight gave us the boxer versus the brawler in a four round Welterweight attraction. Southpaw Kasir Goldston (3-0, 1 KO) used a good stiff jab to keep his foe Maurice Anthony (3-2, 3 KOs) bobbing and weaving the entire fight. Goldston set up some nice straight left hands that found their mark as well. Anthony was game but could not get inside to do any real damage. Final scores read 40-36 x 3 giving Goldston the unanimous decision nod.

Welterweights Jahi Tucker (4-0, 2 KOs) and Ysrael Barboza (3-2-1, 3 KOs) opened the show with a decent little four round scrap. Tucker used superior boxing skills to keep the rugged Barboza at bay. Final scores all in favor of Tucker read 40- 36 across the board.


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