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Zapata Has Passed At The Sacré Coeur Hospital

By Daniel Cloutier

MONTRÉAL - The Sacré Coeur Hospital authorities in Montréal confirmed that the Mexican female boxer Jeannette Zacarias Zapata died in her bed yesterday. Zapata was transported to the Sacré Coeur Hospital after her loss by TKO against the Montrealer Marie-Pier Houle, last Saturday at Jarry Park in Montréal. She left the stadium on a stretcher.

The Sacré Coeur Hospital authorities confirmed that Zapata was in a coma. Houle said: “I am extremely sad. After the bout, I did not expect that Zapata would die.

Houle a pro record of 4-0-1, and Zapata finished her career with a record of 2-4-0.
Zapata, who died at 18 years old was living in the city of Puertecitos, Mexico.

We can only imagine how her family is feeling today.


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