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  Brook Stops Khan In 6th Round

By William Trillo

Welterweights Amir Khan (34-6, 22 KO’s) and Kell Brook (40-3, 28 KO’s) finally set foot in the squared circle to settle a turf war that was over a decade in the making. British bragging rights were on the line in Manchester, England. As it turned out this was the Kell Brook show.

It seemed no sooner than the opening bell rag that Brook had Khan on rubbery legs. Twice in the opening stanza Brook’s attack had this one looking like it would end early.

For what it’s worth, Khan did appear to recuperate slightly in round two and was able to withstand the attack from Brook who appeared to be fighting patiently.

In round three Khan looked as though he may be finding his legs and getting himself back into the fight only to taste some huge leather served up by Brook, and just like that it was back to Queer Street for a wobbly Khan.

Over rounds four and five it was obvious Khan was out of answers and with no Plan B to fall back on Brook began to put a good beating on his fellow countryman. How Khan weathered the storm in these rounds is anyone’s guess, but the end was right around the corner.

Brooks opened round six with a sharp jab that put Khan his heels. Khan was more than stunned by that pole and would not recover. Seeing that the end was near Brook pounced on Khan and did not relent until the ref brought the fight to a merciful halt at the 51 second mark.


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