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  Canelo Gets Decision On
Surprisingly Close Scorecards

By William Trillo @ Ringside
Photos by German Villasenor


In front of a packed house in Las Vegas, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (58-2-2, 39 KO’s) and Gennady Golovkin (42-2-1, 37 KO’s) went to war for the third, decisive and hopefully very last time. To say the luster has diminished on this rivalry would be an understatement. Still though, it’s a Las Vegas fight night. The atmosphere was electric inside the T-Mobile Arena as the Matchroom promoted show gave us all the bells and whistles a unified championship deserves.

The fighters started the fight within striking distance immediately. After twetyfour rounds in the ring together there was no need for a feeling out process. Golovkin was calm, throwing a stiff jab while moving effortlessly around the ring. Canelo seemed a bit more anxious as he missed and threw wildly.

As round two began the pace picked up for Canelo but GGG seemed content to keep a slower and less productive pace. It was evident Canelo was already searching to land that one big shot.

In round three Canelo really began to open up with his offense. These were now punches with bad intentions coming from the Champ. But as for GGG, he was almost beginning to seem reluctant and unable to let his hands go. It was almost as if he was already hurt.

If there was a round that reminded us that GGG is in fact 40 years old now, it was the fourth. This certainly wasn’t anything that resembled the Golovkin of old and Canelo knew it.

In round five GGG did literally nothing. His face was getting lumpy and discolored. Again, Canelo was looking for a way to send him down and bring this show to a close.

Rounds six, seven and eight were no different. At this point it was hard to tell if GGG had a gameplan, and if this was it…it wasn’t working.

Round nine was quite possibly the best round of the fight. Golovkin was finally throwing combination punches that were landing. Canelo was retaliating in like fashion and the crowd was loving it. For the first time during the fight the crowd was on their feet and the house was on fire because the action in the ring was hot…finally.

The excitement would go no further. Round 10 was like all the other earlier rounds, which wasn’t good. Did GGG really think he could take Canelo out to the deep waters and drown him? At best that was a haphazard plan, but at this point it was the only thing that made any sense at all.

Round 11 only solidified the fact that Canelo was in no danger at all. GGG had nothing left.

Basically round 12 was an exercise in futility. As if it couldn’t get any worse GGG was now throwing meaningless punches and then clutching on to Canelo for dear life. By the halfway mark of the round the fans in attendance let it be known they did not appreciate what they were watching. And rightly so.

Maybe because the first two fights were so competitive and close, we expected this third fight to live up to a higher standard. I am here to tell you it did not.

Judges scorecards would lead you to believe that the fight was indeed close. It wasn’t. To say that scores of 116-112, 115-113 and 115-113 all in favor of Canelo were absurd is putting it mildly.

If you don’t believe me, consider this; had Golovkin been given one more round on the scorecards this fight would have been declared a Draw.

Now that’s absurd!

That being said, Canelo keeps his unified titles that include the IBF World Super Middle, WBA Super World Super Middle, WBC World Super Middle and the WBO World Super Middle belts.

For the record I had the fight scored 119-109 for Canelo. I gave GGG one round and no more.

After the fight Canelo remarked on GGG lasting all twelve rounds, “It didn’t surprise me. I know him;. He’s a strong fighter. For me I’m just glad to share the ring with him. He’s a really good fighter. I’m glad to be involved in that kind of fight.”

For his part GGG stated, “You know for this - everybody knows - this is high level, the best fight for boxing. Look at his face. Look at my face. It’s high level. Because we trained well, and this is shows that we did a very good fight, very good quality.”


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