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Makhmudov vs. Wach Weigh-In Montréal

By Daniel Cloutier

MONTRÉAL - The Montrealer Russian heavyweight Arslanbek Makhmudov will be back in action at the Montréal Casino Saturday evening. Makhmudov, who has a perfect pro record (13-0-0, 13 wins by KO or TKO), will challenge the Polish Mariusz Wach (36-7-0) in a NABA and NABF North American championship.

“It’s a good challenge for me,” said Makhmudov at the weigh in. “Wach is taller than me and has more experience than me in pro boxing.”

Makhmudov is 6’5’’, and Wach is 6’7’’.

Makhmudov said: “I am ready for 10 rounds of action, but I will try to hurt Wach and stop him before the 10th round.”

The Machmudov’s trainer, the Montrealer Marc Ramsay, said: “Arslanbek got a good preparation. During the training camp, Arslanbek told me that it was a great challenge for him, considering that Wach is tall and experimented.”

Wach said: “I know that Makhmudov is undefeated, but I like this kind of challenge. I am positive I will get out of the ring in the winning shoes. I am ready for this challenge. I fought fighters stronger than Makhmudov in the past. I fought Wladimir Klitschko, Alexander Povetkin and Dillian White.” But Wach lost against these three fighters.

Watch as a a regular weight of 275 pounds, versus about 260 for the Montrealer Russian.

At the weigh in, supervised by the Régie Québécoise des combats de boxe yesterday, Makhmudov posted an official weight of 259.2 pounds, and Wach got a weight of 260.8 pounds.

And the result of the weigh in of the other fighters on the card: the heavyweights Simon Kean (246.4 pounds), from Trois-Rivières, and Shawdell Terrell Winters (241.2 pounds), from USA; the middleweights Alexandre Gaumon (160 pounds), from Buckingham. Québec, and Armando M’orales (157.2 pounds, from Mexico; the super featherweights Thomas Chabot (127.6 pounds), from Thetford Mines, Québec, and Maximo Toala (127.2 pounds), from Mexico; the super featherweights Avery Martin-Duval (127.4 pounds, from Montréal and Juan Esteban Avila (129.2 pounds), from, Mexico; the super lightweights Luis Santana (137.6 pounds), from Montréal and Brandon Garcia Orozco (136.4 pounds, and finally, a female fight, the super featherweights L:eila Beaudoin (130 pounds) and Monica Selenme Alcala (128.6 pounds.

Kean has a pro record of 20-1-0, Winters 13-6-0, Gaumont 2-0-0, Morales (1-2-0), Chabot (5-0-0), Toala (15-10-1), Martin-Duval (5-0-1) Avila (9-3-1) Santana (4-0-0) Orozco (4-1-0), and finaliy, Beaudoin (3-0-0) and Alcala (5-1-0).


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