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  Cloutier’s Canada Corner
Manriquez Stops Zewski In 9

By Daniel Cloutier

TROIS-RIVIERES, Québec, Canada - In the main event of this boxing show organized by the GYM Group at the Colisée of Trois-Rivières, the Mexican super welterweight (154 pounds) Carlos Ocampo Manriquez won the WBC Americas Continental championship, beating the Canadian Mikael Zewski by TKO in the ninth round.

The first round was close, each fighter got his good moments offensively.

Manriquez was more aggressive in the second round and he dominated the round.

In the third round, Manriquez provoked a knockdown with a left hook to the head.

The two next rounds were intense, but Manriquez dominated the action.

In the sixth round, Manriquez gave a hard time to the Canadian.

Manriquez provoked another knockdown in the nine round, and the referee stopped the bout and declared Manriquez winner by TKO.

“I am very disappointed, but what can I do?”, mentioned Zewski after the bout.

Zewski lives in Trois-Rivières, then, he was fighting in front of his fans.
Manriquez has now a pro record of 33-1-0, versus 35-3-0 for Zewski.

Manriquez is ranked eight contender by the WBO in the super welterweight division and he has a good chance to dispute a world championship bout next year.


Just before the main event, the welterweight (147 pounds) Sébastien Bouchard, from Baie Saint-Paul, Québec, and the Mexiican Ricardo Lara, fought intensively during 10 rounds, and this bout finished by a draw.

Bouchard has now a pro record of 19-2-1, and Lara 22-9-1.

A judge scored the bout 97-93 for Lara, another judge scored the bout 96-94 for Bouchard, and the third judge got a score of 95-95.

Lara was agressive and better technically than his opponent in the first four rounds, but Bouchard did better than Lara in the secound half of the bout.

“I hope to dispute eventually a title bout,” said Bouchard. “No doubt I was better than Lara in the second half of the bout.”

The Canadian Russian super lightweight (140 pounds) Artur Byardslanov stayed undefeated in 10 pro bouts (10-0-0), with a win by TKO over the Mexican Roberto Verdugo (10-4-0).

In the third round, Biyarslanov sent Verdugo on the floor with a solid left hook on the he head.

In the fourth round, Byyarslanov provoked two others knockdowns, and the referee intervened to declare Verdugo TKO after one minute of action.

The Canadian light hveweight (175 pounds) Peter Gavbilovic, from Sherbrooke, Québec. kept his perfect pro record (2-0-0), with a win by unanimous decision in four rounds over the Canadian Greg Weeks (3-2-0), from Charlettownm. Prince Edward Island.

Gavrilovic was more intense and aggressive than his rival. He wa the aggressor in every round.

In the opening bout of the evening, the Canadian Spencer Wilcox, a lightweight (135 pounds), opened his pro boxing career on a good note. He won by KO in the second round against the Mexican Armanda Osuna (1-3-0).

In this second round, Wilcox sent his opponent three times on the floor, and the referee intervened to declare Wilxox winner by KO.

In the only female bout of the evening, the welterweight (147 pounds) Marie-Pier Houle, from Trois-Rivières, Québec, improved her pro record to 6-0-1, beating Valentina Keri (5-6-0), from Serbia, by unanimous decision in six rounds.

Keri was good in the two last rounds, but Houle dominated clearly the first four rounds.

The judges scored the bout 59-55, 60-54 and 60-54 for Houle.


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