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  All Star Boxing’s Knockout Show:
Manuelian & Mondragon Get KO Wins

By Albert Castillo
Photos: William Trillo


Battle of the Rising Stars was on full display at the Commerce Casino in Commerce, California this past Saturday night. Ed Holmes All Star Promotions presented eight professional boxing matches which delighted fans for the intensity of every bout, which ended in knockout or stoppage.

In the main event of the evening, hot prospect Armand Manuelian (3-0, 3 KO’s) punished Mario Aguirre (3-16-1, 2 KO’s) to earn his 3rd win in as many fights. The undefeated Manuelian caught Aguirre with a devastating left hook at the end of round one that sent Aguirre reeling to the canvas. The bell saved Aguirre and he recovered on his stool.

The fight continued and Manuelian continued his punishing attack. Tough hombre Aguirre held his ground for the next two rounds and even landed a few punches but he was no match for the beast Manuelian. In the fourth round a fierce combination sent Aguirre crumbling into the ropes at which time the referee called a halt to the fight. Manuelian by knockout at 1:44 of the fourth round.

Local Boy Eric Mondragon (6-0-1, 3 KO’s) out of Maywood, CA put together lightning-fast combinations with a brutal body attack to take out Tyjuan Townsend (1-3-2) at 2:09 of the second round. Townsend towered over Mondragon and it seemed like a David vs Goliath matchup.

However, Mondragon turned into the Tasmanian Devil with a machine gun attack for which Townsend had no answer. Late in the second round as Mondragon pummeled Townsend’s body, Townsend crumpled to the canvas. Referee didn't even count and halted the contest. Mondragon remains undefeated and garners his 3rd knockout.

Raul Lizzaraga (7-0, 7 KO’s) continued his winning ways by stopping Emmanuel Sanchez (7-16-1, 1 KO) when Sanchez quit on his stool and refused to come out for the third round. Lizzaraga displayed quick hands and a solid punch as Sanchez attempted to maul him and turn the fight into a street brawl.

However, Sanchez felt the power of Lizzaraga’s punches and wanted no part of this fight. For that reason Rudy Barragan stopped the fight after the second round. Lizzaraga remains perfect as he earns his 7th knockout in as many fights.

Brian Martinez (1-1-1KO) earned his first win of his young career by knocking out and ruining the debut of Patrick Peterson (0-1). A Martinez right hand to the side of the head in the second round dropped Peterson.

In the third round Peterson again got caught by a right-left combination and was hurt. He tried to hold on and the referee took a point from him. Later in the round Martinez continued to put on the pressure and again dropped Peterson in the corner. Referee called the fight when he saw that Peterson had had enough.

Jamario Mulder (1-1, 1 KO) spoiled the debut of Elijah Osegura (0-1). Mulder dropped Osegura in the first round with a right hook that landed solidly on the chin.

In the second round a flurry of punches from Mulder dropped Osegura again. He made the count but was too disoriented to continue. Mulder by knockout at 1:25 of the second round.

Another debut interrupted when William Flenoy (1-2) knocked out first timer Raymond Lopez (0-1) at 1:41 of the first round. Flenoy’s brutal right hand put Lopez on the canvas early in the round.

Lopez attempted to recover but to no avail as he ran into another vicious right hand. Flenoy earns his first win as a professional against just two losses.

In this lightweight matchup Eloy Secundino Tello (3-0-1, 1 KO) battled Percy Peterson (3-16-4, 1 KO) to a unanimous draw with all judges scoring the contest 38-38.

In every round the fighters threw many punches, connecting on a few but missing many. They both gave it their all, although neither could take control of the fight and judges scored it correctly calling the contest a draw.

In the opening bout of the evening two super lightweights came to brawl in a fight that saw non-stop action. William King (2-0-1) and Michael De La Cruz (0-1-1) landed punch for punch, jab for jab, and hook for hook.

Judges scored this one correctly as it ended in a split draw. One judge had it 40-36 for De La Cruz, another had it 39-37 for King and the last judge had it - 38-38.


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