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  Munguia Overpowers Kelly In 5th Round,
Plus Complete Undercard Results

By William Trillo
Photos: Marlene Marquez


Put a fighter from the streets of Manchester, England in the same ring as a brawler from Tijuana, Mexico and chances are things are going to get a little dirty before everything is settled. Such was the case as Super Middleweights Jaime Munguia (40-1, 32 KOs) and Jimmy Kelly (26-3, 10 KOs) went to war in Anaheim, California on The Golden Boy Promotions card.

For the first four rounds this was just a good old-fashioned slugfesr. Both men were willing to exchange leather and test each others chins. But truth be told, it was getting a little chippy inside the squared circle. You could sense that either man was willing to do whatever it took, so to speak, to get the upper hand.

In round five things really began to take an ugly turn. That is when the ref stepped in and admonished Kelly for holding and hitting. Moments later Munguia had Kelly in a death grip headlock that even the ref was having trouble breaking. When he finally separated the two fighters the ref took the men aside and scolded them harshly for their behavior.

As the two men began to square off again Munguia landed a shot that crushed Kelly and sent him down into the ropes. Kelly would beat the eight count but found himself once again on the deck soon thereafter. Again, he found a way to continue. Kelly gave it his best and even landed a couple shots before Munguia beat him onto submission against the ring post. Kelly was down on the seat of his pants and gassed. It was then the fight was brought to a merciful halt. A mere three seconds before the fifth round had come to its conclusion, Munguia was awarded the KO victory.

Speaking about the loss Kelly said, My strategy was to move and try to frustrate him. Hes a strong, patient fighter. He just stayed calm and found the opportunity. I want to just chill. It was my daughters birthday and I missed it which broke my heart. I thought I would win but now I have to go back and explain why I lost.

Munguia spoke about his KO performance saying, It was difficult in the beginning since hes a slippery, tough fighter and he could take a punch. He was trying to do his plan of attack but I had to do my thing and work the body. My mentality was that I was losing the first 3 rounds. I had to follow my plan of slowing him down by attacking the body. What I figured out was that I had to work through the middle and throw punches like the uppercut. I think it was the punch that I actually knocked him down with. I thought this fight helped me out a lot. Im ready to go back to 160 to fight for a world title or move up to 168. Im ready for any challenge. There are a lot of people who are supporting me. I want to say what Oscar said, for Charlo to grow some balls and stop hiding behind Haymon. I think it would be great for boxing. We hope for the end of the year we can get a big fight.

Super Lightweight Oscar Duarte (23-1-1, 18 KOs) will never question the intestinal fortitude of Mark Bernaldez (23-6, 17 KOs). Its safe to say Bernaldez chin should not be questioned either. For eight rounds Duarte dropped and assortment of bombs on the granite chin of Bernaldez. Along the way Duarte was also banging out a pretty solid tune on the mid-section of Bernaldez.

Yet, for all the wear and tear, Duarte could not make his resilient foe fall, there was no quit in him. But in round eight as the shellacking was becoming difficult to watch, the referee stepped in to bring an end to the relentless onslaught. Officially this one was over at the 2:05 mark of round eight.

"It was a tougher fight than I expected," said Oscar Duarte. "I followed my team's plan and got the results I was looking for. My opponent was very resilient, he took a lot of my shots but I stopped him in the end. I look forward to fighting more this year. Thank you to everyone who supported me."

Welterweight Evan Anthony Sanchez (11-1, 6 KOs) and Carlos Ortiz (13-5, 13 KOs) put on a real-life Rock Em Sock Em Robots for five rounds in a hard hitting and crowd pleasing war. The highly touted prospect Sanchez may have had a slight edge on the scorecards, but a rugged Ortiz was not impressed with the punching of Sanchez.

As the two locked horns again midway through round six Ortiz landed a left hand that buckled Sanchez. Seconds later another left would crush and crumble Sanchez who fell under the ropes. The ref could have counted to fifty, Sanchez was not getting up. In a somewhat minor upset Ortiz was victorious via KO at the 2:59 mark of five.

On his upset KO Ortiz exclaimed, I feel extremely happy and proud of my team. I never imagined winning that way. I have no words to explain how happy I am. Im not going to retire, I'm going to continue. My plan was to be smart, get in the inside and make sure I take him to the ropes. He gets a little distracted where I can get him. He would throw a hook, I would throw mine and thats how we got him. I knew he was courageous and I knew he was going to go toe to toe with me but I was stronger tonight. Thank you! I will be here for a while. Long live Mexico!

Minimumweight Yokasta Valle (25-2, 9 KOs) took a unanimous decision over Lorraine Villalobos (5-4, 2 KOs) to retain her IBF Female Minimumweight Title. Final scores all in favor of Valle read 100-90 x 3.

On her victory Valle told the media, I feel very excited to be defending my title in my US debut on the great platform DAZN. Thank you to everyone that supported me, Im representing all Latinos. It was last minute for me as well but like a true champion you have to be ready. What Ive always said is that I want to fight against all the other champions. I want to unify even if its against Seniesa, I want to fight all the champions.

Super Welterweight Jorge Estrada (3-0, 3 KOs) put The Marques Queensbury aside and slugged it out with Hassan Coleman (0-1) from the opening bell. A digging left hand shot to the Solar Plexus from Estrada put Coleman down for the count at the 1:51 mark of round one. This one was short and sweet.

After the fight Estrada noted, I felt very strong. I had a great preparation and Im very proud of my team. My opponent had a heavy hand but he needed more to get to me. Im going to keep working hard and give you guys some more fights this year.

Middleweight Carlos Ocampo (34-1, 22 KOs) dropped one hook to the liver of Vincent Rodriguez (40-11-1, 21 KOs) and that was all he needed. Grimacing in pain, Rodriguez was unable to beat the count. Ocampo was victorious via first round KO at the 2:06 mark.

In his post fight remarks Ocampo said, I felt very good and strong. I thought my opponent was good, but I expected him to show more resistance. I see myself fighting big names the future.

Welterweight Pin-Pon Reyes (8-0, 5 KOs) made easy work of Schlub of the Month Moises Flores (25-7-1, 17 KOs) in this laugher. Ramirez kissed the canvas in round two and was pummeled when he arose. The ref saw enough midway through the round and awarded Reyes the TKO victory.

On the fight Pin-Pon stated, My team told me to calm down the first round and let him come to me. Yes, I had to adjust because he was an awkward fighter. If you listen to your corner, youll get the job done. Its a great experience to fight in the Golden Boy card, its the whole package. The opportunity shows its self and we have to take advantage of it.

Lightweight Japhethlee Llamido (8-0, 3 KOs) took on a slightly over-seasoned Saul Hernandez (17-16-1, 12 KOs) in this six-round scrap. Outside of a flash knockdown by Llamido in round six this one was low on highlights. Final scores read 60-54 across the board for Llamido.

It was a good fight, said Llamido, He gave me the rounds I needed. I want that. I dont want any first round knockouts. I want to go the distant. In training camp we work hard for anybody. A lot of people try to study me and think pressure can stop me but Im ready for that. Im a fighter we like the pressure. We just have to adjust to every opponent like we did today.


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