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  "Zurdo" Gives Boxing Lesson To Boesel;
Zepeda vs. Alvarado Fight Delivers

By Barbara Pinnella
Photos: Marlene Marquez


Saturday night fights at the Toyota Arena, and the main event was Gilberto Zurdo Ramirez (44-0, 30 KOs) against Dominic Boesel (32-3, 12 KOs). This bout was for the WBA Light Heavyweight Title Eliminator, and was scheduled for 12 rounds. In the first round, Boesel was told twice not to push Ramirez head down and hold. Zurdo had already gotten in some nice shots in the round.

Zurdo continued to pound Boesel in the second round. Body shots, uppercuts, whatever he wanted to land, he did. Right at the end of the third, after taking more punishment from Ramirez, Dominic threw a flurry of punches. Because of where they were in the ring, it was hard to see just how many landed.

Ramirez came out like a bull once again, landing hard punches. And then just like that, it was over, thanks to a giant right hand body shot by Zurdo. The fight came to an end at 1:33 of the fourth round.

Boesel said, I thought I would hit him more with my jab. I came confident to this fight. He got me in the liver with the first punch. I couldnt do much when I got hit with the body shot.

And Zurdo shared his thoughts. I feel great about my performance. Like I said, I was going to put a spectacular show here in LA. I got the victory via knockout. I was expecting his best, we were expecting heavy shots. I trained way too hard for this position and no one is going to take it from me.

I used my distance more and I attacked the body more, continued Zurdo. I know my last fight was tough but I really prepared for this one. I ate more tacos for this fight. I feel this is my natural weight. Everyone knows I want Bivol. He needs to stop running and sign the contract. Im coming for you and that belt. I deserve that fight. I think I can beat him since Im bigger, stronger and smarter.

The co-main event saw William Zepeda (26-0, 23 KOs) facing off against Rene Alvarado (32-12, 21 KOs). This fight was for a scheduled 10 rounds, and was for the WBA Continental Americas lightweight title. A great back and forth battle in the early rounds. Zepeda was landing solid punches, but Alvarado was more than holding his own in there. In the third, they spent most of the three minutes exchanging punches.

This action continued as the fight progressed. The man from Nicaragua was doing a great job, and making Zepeda work for everything he got. It didnt appear that he hits quite as hard as Zepeda, but he still was managing to connect with his target frequently. In the eighth round, Zepeda really took control and punished Alvarado. But he stayed on his feet, even though he took a lot of hits.

It was obvious why Zepeda was undefeated, but Alvarado gave him a good fight. Up to this point, this was the best fight of the night. We went to the scorecards. Those scores were 98-92, 97-93, and 96-94, all for Zepeda.

After the fight, Zepeda said, It was a great fight with a great fighter. I have a lot to learn and we need to work on some things. I want to thank Alvarado for the opportunity. He gave me some of his experience which I am grateful for. Were going to keep giving it our all. Now to enjoy this victory. Thank you to all my fans.

John Ramirez (10-0, 8 KOs) went up against Jan Salvatierra (8-2, 4 KOs). This fight was for the vacant NABA Super flyweight title, and was scheduled for eight rounds. This fight did not even go one round, as a huge right hand sent Salvatierra completely out of the ring! The end came at 2:25. Ramirez now has the NABA flyweight belt.

When asked about the knockout, John said, I was waiting for him to make a mistake. He made it. I knew I was going to end the fight via knock-out. I am excited the fight ended in a dramatic way, but there is more to come from me. I am going to keep working, keep rising until I can claim that world title.

The DAZN fights opened up with Katsuma Akitsugi (10-0, 1 KO) facing Jose Gonzalez (23-10-1, 13 KOs). These were featherweights, and the fight was scheduled for 10 rounds. Good first round for Akitsugi, as he was able to connect and stay patient at the same time. Both men had good moments in the second round.

In the third round Gonzalez suffered a bad cut from an accidental head butt. The bell rang to start the fourth, but he stayed by the ropes, the doctor looked at him, and the fight was waved off.

I dont even feel like I fought, said Akitsugi. I was trying to fight the full 10 rounds. The head butt was an accident. I wanted to continue but it is what it is. I cant wait to fight on more Golden Boy cards.

Jorge Chavez (3-0, 3 KOs) faced off against Eduardo Melendez (6-32, 2 KOs). This was a super featherweight fight that was scheduled to go four rounds. Melendez was nothing if not enthusiastic, but his record and the big age difference was hard to ignore. At 1:57 of the third round, after feeling that Eduardo had taken enough punishment, referee Thomas Taylor waved off the fight. Just as he did that, the corner of Melendez was also waving the towel.

Chavez had this to say after the fight. I had a lot of success tonight. We had little fall outs in my camp but we pushed through. We came out victorious and my people were here. He was a big fighter so I had to pick him apart. He started getting tired and I went in for the kill. I started throwing sharp shots.

Super featherweights were next in a fight that was scheduled for six rounds. Japhethlee Llamido (7-0, 3 KOs) battled Edgar Figueroa (4-3-1, 2 KOs). From an activity level this fight seemed much more evenly matched, but Llamido showed how his fast hands carried power in both, and were able to make a statement. So much so that a well-placed body shot put Figueroa down. He got up, but the referee saw his corner wave the towel, so the fight ended at 1:57.

I felt good. I stuck to the game plan my team had for this fight, Llamido said. My opponent was tough; he had some fights at 130-135lbs so we knew he was going to be strong. Well just get ready for the next one.

In a lightweight bout scheduled for six, Carlos Nava (8-0, 5 KOs) faced off against Yampier Hernandez (1-1). Yampier was the Cuban Olympic bronze medalist. Action from these lightweights in the opening rounds. The more experienced Nava was applying pressure, but Hernandez was not afraid to jump on in, either.

Hernandez hit the floor a lot, but no knockdowns. He slipped a couple of times, and was thrown own several times by Nava. The scrappy Yampier kept on coming, until referee Robert Hoyle waved the fight off at 1:57 of the last round. To say that nobody in the Hernandez corner was pleased with that decision is an understatement.

Later, Nava said, Its my first time fighting in a bigger venue than usual. I felt amazing. Its like a dream come true. I thought my opponent was very experienced since hes a bronze medalist. I was the one hunting him down. Hopefully I get back in camp in a couple days and on to the next fight.

To open the afternoon and I say that because we started up at 2:00 we saw Kareem Hackett (10-0, 5 KOs) going up against Josue Obando (20-34-2, 15 KOs). On paper this fight appeared to be very one-sided, and the ring actin proved that to be the case. While Obando got in a solid punch or two during the six rounds, the fight was all Hackett, and the all judges had the fight the same, 60-54, for Kareem.

I felt excellent, Hackett said after the fight. My whole team is here to support and I opened up the night. My opponent was tough. I hit him with everything I got and he was still standing. Props to him for being a veteran in the sport. Hopefully I keep fighting on these cards and eventually get a regional title or maybe go back to Canada and get the Canadian title.


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