Odlanier Solis back in action this Friday in Hamburg

Nobody wants to fight the heavyweight sensation

Colliander pulls out of fight

Photos: M.A. Sayer

“I don’t care who I am fighting. I want to be World Champion as soon as possible.” Big words of Olympic gold medallist Odlanier Solis at arena’s press conference on Tuesday. At the upcoming fight night on Friday (July 6th) in Hamburg the Cuban wants to follow up his words with action showing another big performance. In his first two pro fights Solis knocked out reigning German Heavyweight Champion Andreas Sidon and Alex Mazikin in only 47 respectively 43 seconds. Is he up to short-time work again?

Solis: “It doesn’t matter if I win in the 1st, 2nd or 4th round – as long as I keep on winning, which I definitely will!”

The heavyweight sensation is very self-confident. And his manager and promoter Ahmet Öner believes in the strength of his “golden boy” as well. “Nobody in the world could beat Solis in a six-round bout”, states Öner. But the promoter knows that the qualities of his Caribbean jewel are a problem as well. Öner: “Nobody wants to fight Solis because they all know that they get a bashing. I had almost signed a deal with Sweden’s Aldo Colliander. I made him a very good offer, he came to Hamburg, but when he saw Solis he wanted more and more money and finally pulled out of the fight. The world is afraid of this guy – and I definitely understand why. He will be World Heavyweight Champion very soon.”

While preparing for his third pro-fight Solis got a new trainer. 69-year-old Werner Kirsch, who led Robert Stieglitz to an IBF World Supermiddlweight Championship bout in March, was introduced as arena’s new head coach on Tuesday in Hamburg. He will be the man in charge for Solis and his fellow countrymen Yuriorkis Gamboa and Yan Barthelemy as well as WBC International Middleweight Champion Mahir “Lion” Oral. Manny Masson, the former coach of the Cubans, has been sacked by arena-CEO Ahmet Öner because of lacking discipline and attitude. Öner: “How can a trainer tell his protégées to be on time when he is often late for training himself? Manny Masson is a very good trainer but he is not as professional as I wanted him to be. He might be a little bit too young to be a real champion coach as well. Werner Kirsch is different. He is very experienced and got a natural authority everybody seems to accept. I totally believe that he is the best man to lead our big talents to World Championships.”

Kirsch knows exactly what is expected of him: “arena is an ambitious stable with probably the greatest potential in the whole world. I know that we need big titles as soon as possible, and winning them is exactly what I came for.”