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  Andre Berto vs. Shawn Porter Final Press Conference

Photos: Amanda Westcott - SHOWTIME


Former world champions Andre Berto and Shawn Porter went face-to-face Thursday two days before they enter the ring for a world title eliminator showdown that headlines SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING, presented by Premier Boxing Champions, this Saturday, April 22 from Barclays Center, the home of BROOKLYN BOXINGô.

Super welterweight world champion Jermell Charlo and top rated contender Charley Hatley and their camps exchanged heated words during Thursdayís press conference prior to their co-main event matchup live on SHOWTIME at 9:30 p.m. ET/6:30 p.m. PT.

Also in attendance Thursday and headlining SHOWTIME EXTREME action were four-time world champion Amanda Serrano looks to become the first female fighter and first Puerto Rican to win titles in five weight classes when she fights Dahiana Santana for a vacant 118-pound title. Coverage begins at 7:30 p.m. ET/PT with unbeaten prospect Jose Miguel Borrego battling Californiaís John Delperdang.

Here is what the participants had to say Thursday:


ďI started my career in New York and it feels great to be back here in New York. This is going to be a fantastic night of fights. I go a long way back with a lot these fighters up here. Itís tremendous to see these fighters still dialed-in and at this level. Iím the old vet in the group now.

ďIím still on top of my game. Thatís something thatís hard to do. We had a tremendous camp. One of the best Iíve had in years. I was focused the whole time.

ďIím looking forward to putting those straps on just like they never left. I respect Shawn and his dad, but right now, theyíre in the way.

ďIím going to show you what it is to go through adversity in life and make it to the top again. Saturday night, weíre going to make it happen.Ē


ďWhen itís time for the fight, Andre Berto and I are going to put on a show. Iíve seen this man get hit, Iíve seen him get put down and he got up. I know he can be hurt and I know he can be stopped, Heís a man just like me. Heís ready, but not as ready as me. You donít want to miss it on Saturday night.

ďThe number one thing for me is to win this fight and show Keith Thurman that Iím ready for the rematch. There is nothing allowed but positive energy. Weíre almost there. Iím definitely excited.

ďAndre Berto is dangerous if you allow him to be. We do everything we can to make sure that doesnít happen. I have no doubt in my mind that we wonít be in any danger on Saturday night.

ďWe saw during the Floyd fight that footwork can work against Andre Berto. Against Josesito Lopez we saw that you can box Berto, but you need to get out of the pocket. Against Victor Ortiz we saw that he got put down by Victor. The difference between Victor Ortiz and myself is that Iím a fighter who never stops. Iím coming after you.

ďThe jab will be a key to this fight. I can throw my jab a lot of different ways. Youíll see me using my jab a lot in this fight.

ďSome people thought Garcia-Thurman lacked action, but Iím not worried about that for this one. I donít condone boos. Thatís just how I fight.Ē


ďIím glad to finally have this opportunity. Itís been a long time coming. My coach has already scripted the way he wants this fight to go. I have to make it happen.

ďIím excited to announce that my brother Jermall will be working my corner. Iím really pumped to have him in there with me as my chief second for the first time.

ďI donít know whatís been happening with Charles Hatleyís team. But weíre here and weíre not going anywhere. Iíll never run from anybody.

ďThis is one of the best camps Iíve had in my life. I had some training in Los Angeles and then in Dallas with Derrick James. Weíve stepped it up in training working every day with Errol Spence.

ďMy brother and I arenít getting the respect we deserve in this game. Weíre still trying to prove a point and itíll start on Saturday with this fight.

ďThis is the strongest and the fastest Iíve ever been. Hatleyís going to do what heís got to do. Weíve got our team and Iím happy that my team is in this position.Ē


ďThereís a new sheriff in town. Iím thankful to everyone who got me this opportunity and made this happen. Now itís party time. Iíve been working for this fight my whole life, not just for months.

ďIíve wanted Jermell for three years. Thereís no other fight in boxing that I want more than this. We had a long camp and we never stopped working. Iím going to bring the best out of him and become the new champion.

ďThereís nothing he can do to stop me from leaving the ring with that belt. I know I have all the skills. Weíve worked hard and I believe I have what it takes to beat Charlo and take his belt home.

ďIím going to give the fans a great show and give them something to remember. Once I clean Charlo off of the ground, Iíll get that respect.Ē


ďIím extremely blessed to be in this position. Iím thankful to my whole team for getting me prepared and where I am right now. I trained really hard for this fight. Being a five-division world champion is a great accomplishment. Iím so ready for it.

ďWe struggled a little bit for this fight because it was for history. I left it in the ring every day. I want to be known as one of the best female fighters and one of the best Puerto Rican fighters in the history of the sport.

ďI think our styles are going to match up well for the fans. I always want to leave the fans with something to talk about. Being in my hometown, itís even more motivation to go put on a performance that everyone remembers.

ďIím glad that Santana took the challenge. Itís going to be a great war as long as it lasts. I had a war with Yazmin Rivas in January but Iím planning on making this an easier and quicker this time around.Ē


ďI know that Iím going against a really good fighter who is a four-division champion. Iíve been training very hard to win this bantamweight title.

ďIíve trained very hard physically and mentally for this fight and I feel ready for a victory. I know that with the work we did in training, that Iíll be ready for anything Serrano brings into the ring.

ďIím thankful to SHOWTIME for airing a womenís fight and on Saturday we will give you a war at Barclays Center.Ē


ďIím very glad to have this opportunity. Weíve prepared very well and I know that me and my team are ready.

ďI originally prepared for one opponent and now Iím facing someone Iím very familiar with so I think I will still be able to put on an explosive performance.Ē


ďIím really happy to be a part of this fight. Iím coming to win and Iím coming for the knockout. I know that a win puts me on a different level.

ďTraining camp has been incredible. We stayed ready this whole time and when the call came, we were ready to jump on it.Ē


ďTo be able to come back to the Barclays Center for a second time is an honor. Training camp was great and Iíve stayed in the gym. Iím ready to get back in there.

ďThere was no bigger stage than the Olympics in my eyes. Without Andre Berto, I would not be standing here as a 2016 Olympian and in the position Iím in as a pro.

ďI hope everyone comes out for a great night. Iím going to put on a show and I know that all these other fighters are going to do the same.Ē

LOU DIBELLA, President of DiBella Entertainment

ďThis is going to be another sensational show at Barclays Center. SHOWTIME is really on a roll and they just came out with another slate of great shows. Iím proud to work with them on this fight.

ďThis main event doesnít need a lot of hype. Two of the best guys in the division fighting to get in there with Keith Thurman and prove who the man is. Shawn almost succeeded against Keith in a fight he thought he won. Berto is a champion and there is no quit in him. This is going to be a war in the ring on Saturday night.

ďBarclays Center has become the capital of New York boxing and one of the best boxing venues in the country. That is not by accident, but by design. Brett Yormark is not only doing good fights, but a series of good fights. Heís making sure there is a constant flow of good boxing coming into the building. Brooklyn Boxing is something with a great deal of momentum and Saturday night is another great example of what Brooklyn Boxing is.Ē

STEPHEN ESPINOZA, Executive VP & General Manager, SHOWTIME Sports

ďThis is another great Barclays Center event and another night of championship level boxing on SHOWTIME. Thatís what we have been doing all year, thatís what Barclays Center does and thatís what Lou DiBella does.

ďBorrego and Delperdang are making their television debuts, which is a big milestone in their career. Amanda Serrano is fighting to make history. No one has done what sheís trying to do. Charles Hatley is fighting for a world title, which is something heís spent his whole career trying to do. But Jermell Charlo is driven just as much. Heís spent his career getting here and he is driven to hold onto his title.

ďBerto and Porter have never been in a boring fight. Theyíre fighting to get back to the top of the mountain. There is plenty at stake. You may be tempted to overlook this card, but this will be one of the strongest cards of the year, and you shouldnít miss it.Ē


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