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  Adrien Broner vs. Adrian Granados Media Workouts

Photos: Stephanie Trapp - SHOWTIME

Four-division world champion Adrien The Problem Broner and hard-hitting contender Adrian Granados kicked-off fight week with a media workout Wednesday ahead of their main event showdown Saturday, February 18 live on SHOWTIME from the Cintas Center at Xavier University in Cincinnati.

Also working out Wednesday and competing in televised coverage beginning at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT were WBA Welterweight Champion David Avanesyan and two-time world champion Lamont Peterson, who meet in a 12-round welterweight fight, and light heavyweight contenders Marcus Browne and Thomas Williams Jr., who meet in a 10-round contest.

Here is what the fighters had to say Wednesday from Oasis Elite Boxing Club:


I feel really good. Im confident as always. Training has been great and Im just ready to put on a show for my hometown.

I love fighting in Cincinnati. I know that I have a lot of people coming to see me win, but even in my home city, there will be people coming to see me lose.

I handle the pressure of a hometown fight here. This one is one a whole different level because I havent fought here in a long time and I cant wait.

I know that Granados is not coming in here to back down. Hes a tough guy but Im ready for anything he has.

I could box every two weeks if they let me. But if I can stay healthy Im looking forward to staying more active this year and fighting as many times in big fights as possible.

Its a surreal moment for me to be in this position as a fighter and as a promoter. I know that these young fighters look up to me. If I go and keep winning world titles, itll remind them that they have more work to do.

I dont want to do anything but bring out the best Adrien Broner. There are some fights you can win, but not with a great performance. With a guy like Granados, I cant slack. Hes only going to bring the best out of me.

My main focus right now is on Adrien Broner and bringing more positivity in my life. It all starts with boxing.


Were all a family in the gym. Were there to push each other. Its my turn to get the job done and Im glad we have each other to push ourselves to be the best.

I wasnt happy about my layoff for much of last year. I lost an opportunity that I wasnt happy about it. Patience ended up being the best in the end because now I have the kind of opportunity that every fighter wants.

Im definitely dedicating this fight to my little brother Ed Brown. I think about him every day. Hes got the best seat in the house up in heaven and Im going to put on a great performance for him.

Adrien is a strong puncher but I try not to focus too much on my opponent. Im focused on myself and what I can do to beat the man in front of me.

My team told me to stay patient and with their guidance we got this deal signed and I got this great opportunity. Im looking to take advantage of it.


Lamont Peterson is a very good fighter. Im happy to be able to face him here in the U.S. and Im looking to keep my belt.

I am going to do my best in the ring. Im going to give it my all and the fans can expect a great fight.

If I can win this fight, Im open to fighting anyone in the welterweight division. I want big fights with the best fighters in the world.

Its important that I win this fight. This can open up doors for me and I know that I have the team that will work hard to get me these matchups.

I think his layoff will hurt him. Im going to come out and see what hes bringing to the ring and then I will adjust and do what I have to do to get the victory.


This is definitely the weight I want to be fighting at. I like the way I feel and the kind of shape Im in. There are a lot of good names in this division and a lot of opportunities out there.

To be back for a title fight is a blessing. Im thankful for that. Everyone needs to know that the whole time Ive been out, Ive been working and getting better.

Im glad to get this string of welterweight title fights started. Im anxious to see how everything plays out and who comes out on top as the number one welterweight.

We get great conditioning in the gym. Its been another amazing training camp and were going to put that effort into the ring.

I look at this as me becoming the mandatory for Keith Thurmans belt. This is a huge fight and its going to lead to even bigger opportunities.


We studied all of his fights. Stevenson and Campillo were important obviously. Were ready to do whatever it takes to win.

The only guy on my hit list is Thomas Williams Jr. Im ready to get in that ring and go to work.

This time between fights has allowed me to reinvigorate my body. People talk about ring rust, but I believe that only exists in the mind. I stayed ready this whole time.

This is the perfect opportunity for me. This is once in a lifetime and I have to take full advantage.

I dont look ahead. I can only look at what is right in front of me. Right now thats this fight on Saturday night.

My last fight taught me that I can go down, get back up and still win. That fight is behind me though. My main focus is on what is in front of me.

My teammates from the 2012 Olympic team are my brothers and Im so happy to see them get their opportunities, but now its my turn. This is my year.


Im going to see what he brings to the ring. I know that hes a boxer by nature, but maybe hell change it up. He didnt look great last fight so he may make adjustments. Either way, well be ready.

I think that I have the better overall resume of opponents. Everyone knows that. But it doesnt even matter. All that matters is Saturday. It gives me an advantage, but it wont change Saturday night.

I could go in there with one strategy, but then he might mix it up. My team prepared me well and Im ready to go.

Marcus and I were cool in the amateurs, but once the fight got made, its all business. Were not cool, but theres no beef. Im here to take care of business.

I asked for this fight. I had the opportunity for an easier fight, but I didnt want it. Im not planning to box forever, so I wanted to get right back to a world title shot. This time Im going to win and ride off into the sunset. I want to leave on top.

Im predicting a knockout victory Saturday night. Dont blink.


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