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  Lamont Peterson Media Workout

Photo: Wallace Barron


Former two-time world champion Lamont Peterson hosted a media workout in his hometown of Washington, D.C. as he prepares to take on WBA Welterweight Champion David Avanesyan in a 12-round matchup that serves as the co-main event of SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING Saturday, February 18 from the Cintas Center at Xavier University in Cincinnati.

Televised coverage on SHOWTIME begins at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT with unbeaten light heavyweight contender Marcus Browne meeting hard-hitting former title challenger Thomas Williams Jr. in a 10-round showdown. The event is headlined by former four-division world champion Adrien Broner taking on hard-hitting contender Adrian Granados.

Here is what Peterson and his longtime trainer Barry Hunter had to say Tuesday from the Bald Eagle Recreation Center:


ďIím going through a full-blown training camp and Iíve had a lot of energy. I think the strength will be there too but Iím an energy fighter. I like to put pressure and use my energy. Look for an improved Lamont Peterson.

ďPeople are going to talk a lot about my layoff but honestly that only affects people who arenít always in the gym. I have been in the gym working hard this entire time. Iíve been working on my craft. I got better and youíll see on February 18.

ďAvanesyan is a pretty good fighter. He keeps his hands up high, so even though heís there to be hit, it doesnít mean Iím going to get good clean shots. It should be a good entertaining fight and a good first step at welterweight for me.

ďBig fights are what matters to me. When youíre coming up itís all about winning a title. Having fought for 12 years, it doesnít matter to me as much. The way Iím looking at is, if I get this win then Iím the No. 1 contender for the belt.

ďI have no concern about ring rust. Itís not even a thought in my head. I would be shocked if that was a problem for me.

ďYou never know what the right time is to move up in weight, but the time is now for me to move up to welterweight and Iím happy about it. Making 140 pounds was getting tough. I think it hampered my performances a bit and that let us know it was time.

ďIíve been wanting to move up but it seemed like my opportunities were down in weight. Now Iím ready to mix it up with the best guys here.

ďFor me, itís all about the joy of getting in the ring and competing. I want to do it at the highest level and Iím looking forward to getting big fights.Ē

BARRY HUNTER, Petersonís Trainer

ďSometimes having time off like Lamont had is not a bad thing. It gives you space and time to work on your mental game, shore up some things you could be weak at and of course it lets you heal up. Itís served us well and Iím happy with what I see from Lamont so far.

ďWe always approach an opponent, no matter the record, like they are a world champion. We prepare for war. If anything less than that takes place, so be it. Weíre going to be ready. To me Avanesyan is a guy who is an obstacle in our way. If we canít go around him, weíll go right through him.

ďWe want all of the top 147-pounders. I always thought Lamont and Danny Garcia was a fight that warranted a rematch. Because it was a great fight that had a little bit of controversy around it. I still would like to see the rematch.Ē


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