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Fight Week Media Workout Quotes

Fighters competing in SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING action headlined by the Deontay Wilder vs. Dominic Breazeale heavyweight world title showdown this Saturday night showed off their skills at a media workout Wednesday prior to stepping into the ring at Barclays Center, the home of BROOKLYN BOXINGô, in an event presented by Premier Boxing Champions.

Top rated heavyweight contender Dominic ďTroubleĒ Breazeale and WBC Featherweight Champion Gary Russell Jr. were among the fighters taking part in the workout at Gleasonís Gym in Brooklyn. Also at Wednesdayís event and competing in action live on SHOWTIME beginning at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT were former world champion Kiko Martinez, who challenges Russell for his title, and super lightweight contender Juan Heraldez, who faces Argenis Mendez in a 10-round attraction.

Rounding out the participants Wednesday was unbeaten prospect and Brooklyn-native Richardson Hitchins, who meets Colombiaís Alejandro Munero in SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING COUNTDOWN action beginning at 6:30 p.m. ET/3:30 p.m. PT, in a presentation that will stream live on the SHOWTIME Sports YouTube channel and SHOWTIME Boxing Facebook page

Here is what the fighters had to say Wednesday:


ďYouíre going to see a different Dominic Breazeale for this fight. Iím something that the heavyweight division needs and you all are going to be surprised on Saturday night.

ďCome Saturday night, itís man versus man. You have to do what youíve been saying youíre going to do. His talking wonít help him then.

ďThereís no way this fight goes the distance. I know for sure itís going to be fireworks from the opening bell and thereís going to be a fantastic finish.

ďLosing to Anthony Joshua in 2016 was a huge stepping stone for my career. I learned so much about what I had been doing wrong. I didnít do enough to get the win that night. I analyzed punch after punch and learned more from that loss than any win I had.

ďI donít give Deontay much credit for his title defenses. People talk about his big right hand, but this is heavyweight boxing. I have a big right hand too. Iíve put many individuals down on the canvas. All Wilder does is talk. Weíll see who lands that right hand first on Saturday.

ďIíve been training like a caged-dog during camp and itís nice to be here now and see peopleís reactions to the work I put in. Iím confident in what I can do and what I bring to the table on Saturday night. Itís going to be fun.Ē


ďMy opponent knows who heís getting in the ring with. Anybody who has an extended amount of time to prepare for no one else but you, is a dangerous opponent. We donít underestimate anybody, but I donít think his best is going to be good enough.

ďMartinez has no other way to fight than to come forward. Weíll control him with our jab and he wonít be able to get past it. I donít see this fight going the distance.

ďWhen it comes to game plans, you have to have the ability to be versatile. You have to be able to make adjustments. Having one game plan doesnít necessarily work.

ďItís always about getting your hand raised, regardless of the situation. My dad said a long time ago, Ďif youíre better than somebody, be better than them.í Iím not going to fight down to my competition. If heís good enough to stay in there for the whole fight, then heíll get beat up for 12 rounds.

ďI know heís a strong puncher, but I never watch too much footage of my opponents. Maybe a round or so. I prepare myself to the best of my abilities, regardless of the opponent.

ďThe ultimate goal is to focus on getting the win. I donít worry about how big the stage is because thatís only going to take away from your performance.Ē


ďIím very happy to have this fight here in New York. Iím very thankful to everyone who got me in this position. Iím going to make the most of it.

ďIíve been training for the last few months for this fight and Iíve prepared well for Gary Russell Jr. There are no excuses for this fight.

ďI feel like Iím better than Gary Russell Jr. I think that I have everything in me to beat him and become world champion again.

ďI think that Russell is the best featherweight in the world. After Saturday, thatís going to be my spot in the division.

ďMy experience will be very important in this fight. All of my fights have prepared me for this one and have given me what I need to accomplish my goals on Saturday.Ē


ďWeíre going to show a lot of smart boxing, power and defense. Iím going to be too much for Mendez. I donít think itís going the distance.

ďI know Iím facing a former world champion whoís moved up to 140. Iíve been at this weight my whole career though. Iím the new dog on the block and I have to make my presence known.

ďIíve been making this weight for 15 years and still growing stronger and stronger. Floyd Mayweather and Mayweather Promotions have given me the opportunity to get to this point to eventually realize my dream and become a world champion. I have to seize the opportunity.

ďIíve gotten a lot of great work this training camp at the Mayweather Boxing Club. My coach Otis Pimpleton has elevated my training and every part of my game.

ďI just want to win on Saturday and the sky is the limit for where I can go. I know my career is in good hands and I just need to do my part.Ē


ďIím ready to go in there and do what I do. Itís another day in the gym and another chance to show off my skills. Iím more than just a prospect. I feel like I can compete with anyone and itís up to me to prove it.

ďIím going to keep taking these guys out until the competition steps up. Iím going to take care of everyone they put in front of me. I know my opponent Saturday is going to come to fight. Iím going to have the smarts to win the fight.

ďI had camp in Las Vegas and got a lot of rounds in with great fighters like Heraldez and Devin Haney. Iím just ready to keep showing everyone more in each fight.

ďI never look for the knockout. If it comes, it comes. I donít think heís going to be able to take the heat I bring. My goal is to show that Iím ready to step it up to a much higher level of competition.Ē


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