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  Erickson Lubin vs. Nathaniel Gallimore & Robert Easter Jr. vs. Adrian Granados Final Press Conference

Top super welterweight Erickson Hammer Lubin and all-action Nathaniel Gallimore went face to face two days before they square off in the main event this Saturday night live on SHOWTIME from Santander Arena in Reading, Pa., in an event presented by Premier Boxing Champions.

Thursdays press conference also featured former world champion Robert Easter Jr. and veteran contender Adrian El Tigre Granados, who meet in the co-main event, and heavyweights Frank Sanchez and Jack Mulowayi, who battle in the SHOWTIME BOXING: SPECIAL EDITION opener at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT. Top women mma fighters will likely be in attendance.

Here is what the fighters had to say Thursday from the Crowne Plaza Reading:


Its been a tremendous training camp with Kevin Cunningham. We worked on everything. It doesnt matter who comes to the ring Saturday night. Were definitely ready for anything.

My plan is not to just take over the division. My plan is to take over boxing and it starts Saturday. I cant wait to put on a great performance for everyone to watch. Im hungry, dedicated and Im going to be at my best Saturday night.

Gallimore comes to fight. Hes a bigger puncher than Terrell Gausha and he takes risks. Were prepared for everything. Its my time for sure on Saturday.

Gallimore is a power puncher and he relies on that throughout a fight. Hes going to try to land the big shots. Were going to capitalize on the risks he takes.

Were prepared for it all. Were the total package. Working with coach Cunningham has taken my game to a whole new level. Youre going to see something special on Saturday night.

Saturday night Im going to walk out with another W. Gallimore is a stepping stone and hes in my way. Im going to crush him.

I believe I can stop Gallimore. They say hes a power puncher but so am I. Im skilled, smart and Im ready to go. Its going to be Hammer Time on SHOWTIME.


Its been an amazing training camp. This is not a late replacement, because Ive been training hard way before this fight. I knew this opportunity would present itself to me. Saturday night, youre not going to want to miss this legendary performance.

Lubin should be expecting everything. Im not a one-dimensional fighter. They can see my fights on tape, but when it comes to Saturday, Im going to give everyone a memorable night.

I have more dimensions to my game than what he thinks. Hes only seen one side of me. I will show them the whole package on Saturday night.

Im feeling great right now. Saturday night is going to be something special for my career. Its going to take my career to a whole new level.

This is going to be a heated atmosphere. The action is going to be electric. Weve accomplished everything we need to in training camp. Im going to show the world on Saturday all the work we put in.

On Saturday I will be victorious. It doesnt matter what he brings to the table, I will have an answer for it.

I can absolutely see myself stopping Lubin. Stay in your seat and dont miss a second. You dont want to miss what I do on Saturday.


It feels great to be back in the squared circle training hard for this fight. Im looking to put on a great performance. Granados is a hell of a fighter and we know hes coming to fight.

We trained hard for this fight just like every other fight we have. Its going to be action packed. Im coming to bring the fireworks and Ill see you all on Saturday.

I felt that it was time to move up in weight. Getting to 135 was cutting a lot of muscle. My body was getting tired so we made that move and this fight presented itself.

The power is going to be there. My strength coach has worked me really hard and were getting the feel for this weight class.

Fighters fight different each time theyre in the ring. Im not only basing it off how he fought Adrien Broner. We have a game plan and were going to execute it.

Im so hungry to get a great victory. Im back where I belong amongst the top fighters. Ive put in the hard work and on Saturday night youll see that.

Its going to be a lot of excitement. Ive been working and working and Im definitely ready to show off these skills.


I want to thank everyone who helped me get this opportunity. This is a really good fight and Im happy that Robert Easter took this fight. Our styles are going to mesh well and theres definitely going to be some fireworks.

I have a statement to make. Im going to re-establish myself and Im more than ready to do just that. Its going to be a great night on Saturday.

Its no secret that I made my name making a statement at 140. After that statement I never got an opportunity in that division. I was fortunate to share the ring with some of the best in the sport at welterweight, but Ive always wanted to make a strong charge at becoming a champion at super lightweight.

I know that Robert has a lot of talent and is a former champion for a reason. Im coming in with a new slate, a new plan and Im going to be ready for anything.

Some people may see me as a stepping-stone and thats okay. I want people to write me off. I know that people say my back is against the wall. But if it is against the wall, Im going to come out swinging and give it all Ive got.

You can definitely expect fireworks and the Adrian Granados that the boxing world knows. Its going to be a great fight and may the best man win. Im more than ready to take home victory.


I want to thank my whole team for getting this opportunity. Im very happy to have this fight on Saturday night. Im looking forward to getting the win on Saturday and moving forward.

Im always in shape. I was getting ready for a fight coming up when I got the call to step in to face Mulowayi. We kicked it into overdrive once the fight was set and were ready for this fight.

Im ready to put on a spectacular performance. I know how my opponent moves and how he fights.

I want to prove that Im the future of this division. I want all the heavyweights who watch this fight to know that Frank Sanchez is here.


It feels good to be back in the states. I was last here playing basketball but I had to quit because of an injury. It feels great to be here for boxing.

Training camp went very well. I was prepared to fight Efe Ajagba and I wish him all the best with his recovery. I hope I still get a chance to fight him too. I also want to thank Sanchez for taking this fight on short notice so that we can give the fans a great show.

I know hes a Cuban fighter and they have a lot of skills. Im ready for him and Im here to make a statement.


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