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Errol Spence Jr. W SD 12 Shawn Porter


Spence: “It feels good to win. This is a lifetime dream. It shows hard work pays off. Thanks Shawn Porter, my whole team and all my Texas people for coming out.

Spence: “Shawn Porter is a rough and awkward fighter. I didn’t get off what I wanted to. He’s a true champion. He made it tough.

Spence: “All my punches have bad intentions. Boxing Mikey Garcia, I wanted to show people I could do it with that style.

Spence: “Porter was throwing a lot. I wanted to show I was the bigger and stronger welterweight.”


Porter: "I’ve said this before, I’ve had a lot of experience in the boxing ring. Did you enjoy that fight?

Porter: “He’s a strong kid. We both came in to do the job. I think I had a little more than what he expected, but he handled it. Congratulations to him and his team. We’re proud of what we did.

Porter: “I think that knockdown was the difference. I couldn’t come back to the corner with my head down after that.”

David Benavidez W KO 9 Anthony Dirrell


Benavidez: “This was one of the hardest fights I've had. It was very tactical. But I worked my jab the whole time. It wasn’t easy. I’m now the youngest two-time world champion, from Phoenix, Arizona. I’ve got a lot of respect for Anthony Dirrell, especially the way he fought tonight.

Benavidez: "There are so many emotions coming at me at once. We put so much hard work into this training camp. We left home and were away from everything. But I had the dream to become the youngest two-time super middleweight world champion and I made my dreams come true.

Benavidez: "Everything just fell in place perfectly. From the suspension to all the big fights I've been in. All of that helped me out in this fight. I did not make a mistake or open myself up more than I needed to. I worked behind my jab and got the stoppage. Things are going to get better and get tougher and I'm ready for the challenge."


Dirrell: “I felt it when the punch opened up the cut. Much respect to the champion. He fought his ass off.

Dirrell: “I could have kept going. I was still ready to fight. I didn’t go down and I didn’t quit. I could have kept going. He’s the true champion. In the whole lead up to the fight and with all the press, he was a champion.”

Dirrell: "He hit me with a clean shot. That's my first time ever being cut by a punch. It opened up. There was nothing I could do about it. I couldn't see the whole fight after that. My corner did a good job on it, but I really couldn't see.

Dirrell: "I would have kept going in there. I'm not quitting against anybody. Everyone saw I didn't go down. My legs were still strong, but I couldn't do anything about it.

Dirrell: "We're going back to the drawing board. I'm still fighting. We won't end on a loss. You can put anybody in there with me."

Josesito Lopez W KO 8 John Molina Jr.


Lopez: “John Molina is a warrior for sure. It was pleasure to be in the ring with Molina.

Lopez: “I want to thank Robert Garcia and my whole team for turning my career around. I’m the 'Riverside Rocky' and I’m here to challenge all champions.

Lopez: “I knew he wasn’t going to quit. He’s a warrior. I had to keep on the pressure. I was thinking that hopefully the ref and the team made the right call to finish it at the right time.

Lopez: “There’s a lot more 'Riverside Rocky. Robert Garcia has turned my career around. I’m a race car and like NASCAR, I’ve got a whole team behind me.

Lopez: "We both carry power in our hands so it wasn't a surprise someone went down. It easily could have happened to me with the power he has. I was able to catch him early, find openings and get the finish.

Lopez: "I'm a top 10-level fighter. I'm going to give any fighter and any world champion a run for their money. I want memorable fights and I want the best.

Lopez: “It was an honor to fight Keith Thurman last fight and I'd love to fight him again. I want all big challenges and all the titles.”


Molina: "You can never take the fight out of a fighter. I have a never say die attitude and I have my whole career. It was a tough fight, but the better man won tonight.

Molina: "I wanted to keep going at the end. I thought I was still coherent and could still move well. But you can't go against what the referees say."

Mario Barrios W UD 12 Batyr Akhmedov


Barrios: "I promised my city of San Antonio that I would bring this title back home and I did it.

Barrios: "I knew this was going to be a war. He was getting dirty in there but the Mexican warrior in me was not going to let this opportunity pass me by. I dug deep and got the victory."


Akhmedov: "The judges see better than I can from the ring. I did everything I could. I thought I won the fight. They decided that he won the fight. When I watch the fight I'll be able to tell you what it looked like. My job is to do everything to win. The judges are supposed to judge correctly.

Akhmedov: "I knew that I had to win by a wide margin. The plan was to gradually grow the activity, but after the first knockdown I knew that I had to add more than I had planned. So I started being more aggressive. I did everything I could to try to stop him.

Akhmedov: "The knockdowns didn't hurt me but I didn't see the punches coming. I took a little bit of time and I felt okay.

Akhmedov: "I tried to do everything I could. I was told that I wouldn't be able to handle his experience, but he was on the ropes most of the fight. I beat him up and I thought I won the fight."

Robert Guerrero W UD 10 Gerald Thomas


Guerrero: "I got some rounds in tonight, which was valuable. We got what we needed and boxed our way to victory.

Guerrero: "I want to get back into those bigger fights. I moved around and stayed smart in there tonight. The goal was to stick to the game plan and I did until the end of the fight, but then I got right back on it. You just have to keep working out the kinks and that's what I'm going to keep doing."


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