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  Deontay Wilder vs. Dominic Breazeale Teleconference Transcript

Kelly Swanson

Thanks everybody for joining us. We have an exciting fight to talk about, certainly one of the biggest fights of the year.

Wilder vs. Breazeale is Saturday, May 18 live on SHOWTIME. Itís the heavyweight championship of the world. It is at Barclays Center, the home of BROOKLYN BOXING and itís presented by Premier Boxing Championships. Tickets for the BombZquad event are available through Ticketmaster, barclayscenter.com and at the American Express Box Office at Barclays Center.

Now Iím going to introduce Stephen Espinoza, President of Sports and Event Programming for Showtime Networks to make introductory comments. Stephen.

Stephen Espinoza

Thanks very much, Kelly. We are thrilled to be presenting Wilder vs. Breazeale on SHOWTIME a week from Saturday. Before we get there we are committed to this fight as if it were a pay-per-view because we believe that thatís where Deontay is in his career and this is the level of promotion that a fight of this caliber deserves.

So we will be premiering ALL ACCESS: WILDER vs. BREAZEALE on Friday, May 10th at 10 p.m. Following that will be a three-fight ShoBox telecast featuring Ruben Villa in the main event.

And those of you who know me know that Iím also a hip-hop music fan so I would be remiss if I didnít mention the Wu-Tang documentary, ďOf Mics and Men,Ē thatís premiering tomorrow. So itís a big lineup tomorrow night on SHOWTIME - 9 p.m. is the Wu-Tang documentary followed by ALL ACCESS: WILDER vs. BREAZEALE at 10 p.m. and then ShoBox at 10:30.

Next week ALL ACCESS will be active a daily basis debuting new short form episodes every day during fight week. Then we get to the fight itself. Look, Iím not going to give you too much about this.

You have two s6-foot-s7 heavyweights with a combined 90% knockout ratio so you really donít have to sell too much on this one. Since 2015, SHOWTIME has featured 14 heavyweight world title fights.. We are happy to see the resurgence of the heavyweight division. Weíre proud for our role in it. No other network has been as committed to the heavyweight division and no other network has done more to bring about this resurgence.

So we are thrilled to be seeing the heavyweights back on this massive stage once again. As I mentioned combined record of these two fighters, 60 wins, 1 loss, 1 draw, 57 KOs. That is a knockout rate over 90%.

Deontay Wilder, obviously heís coming off two of his most exciting and certainly career-defining performances Ė a Fight of the Year caliber fight against Luis Ortiz in March of 2018 and then his pay-per-view debut against Tyson Fury.

Those were two of the most exciting heavyweight fights that weíve seen in quite some time. In Dominic Breazeale, Wilder will be facing a tall, strong, experienced and very motivated opponent.

At 6-foot-7, Dominic is one of the few heavyweights in the division who looks eye to eye with Deontay so that will be a different experience. With 18 KO victories in 21 professional fights, he has been on the world stage before taking on Anthony Joshua in the U.K.

And itís no secret that thereís a personal rivalry from these two guys so there is no shortage of motivation. All in all weíre looking forward to this three fight card. Again, ALL ACCESS: WILDER vs. BREAZEALE will kick it off Friday at 10 p.m. followed by ShoBox and we will see all of you a week from Saturday in Brooklyn.

K. Swanson

Thanks Stephen. And yes, now we are going to turn to ďTroubleĒ himself, Dominic ďTrouble BreazealeĒ. Heís 20 and 1, with 18 knockouts. Heís a WBC mandatory challenger. Heís a 2012 U.S. Olympian from Glendale, California.

For this fight itís his first fight training with Virgil Hunter in the Bay area. He previously challenged Anthony Joshua for the heavyweight title in 2016 and he won his last three fights by knockout.

So without further ado, weíd love to hear from you Dominic and if youíd like to make opening comments before we open it up the press and just let us know how things are going and your thoughts on the fight a week from Saturday:

Dominic Breazeale

Thank you Kelly. Camp is going great up here in the Bay Area. Virgil Hunterís done a great job of putting things in and implementing my game plan going into this fight May 18.

Iím definitely excited to be fighting on the world stage again for the WBC title. May 18 is going to be an explosive night. Youíve got two knockout artists, two big six-foot-seven guys.

Iím super excited to be involved with the event. Iím super excited to get a big KO win May 18. Like I said, the body feels great. Camp has gone up and beyond what I expected it to be.

Iím super ready. I canít wait to get on this plane and get to New York and get this started.


Deontay Wilder has turned out to be a pretty good heavyweight champion. What makes you think you can beat him?

D. Breazeale

Your opinion on him being a pretty good heavyweight champion, thatís your opinion alone. I donít think anyone else agrees with you on that one. But I donít see any fundamental skills. I donít see any successes on his part.

Heís been champion for about four years. He hasnít grown. He hasnít changed. Yes, heís got a big right-hand but donít we all in the heavyweight division? We all have knockout power.

So I think Iím walking into a fight where Iím the more skilled, more athletic and bigger, stronger guy.


Youíre training with Virgil Hunter now. What has he brought to the table for you?

D. Breazeale

A little bit of everything. donít see how Iíve come this far in my career, ten years of boxing now and havenít learned some of the fundamental basics that heís used to restructure me.

Yes, theyíve always been there but with this new approach training he was able to bring a lot more out in my fundamentals as far as when I use my jab and how I use it and other things that we plan on using in our game plan on May 18.


How badly would you like a knockout in this specific fight given all the animosity thatís been going on between yourself and Wilder that stems back to your issues a couple of years ago in Birmingham?

D. Breazeale

Going into every fight is probably the biggest fight of your life. And Iím always looking for a huge knockout, something to impress the fans and impress the boxing community.

At the same time, Iím never looking for it. Iím never trying to surge and try too hard to get the knockout. I always let it come. But this one, itís going to be a lot better success. Itís going to be a lot better sleeping May 18 the night after I win the title, if I get a knockout.

Donít get me wrong. A winís a win but at the same time I want to impress the world. I want to impress the boxing community with a big knockout. When I say big knockout one where my right hand, my left hand is going to make contact and he goes out. Doesnít get back up.


So what would be the personal satisfaction on that besides just the great accomplishment to win the heavyweight belt?

D. Breazeale

The personal thing from the outside of the ring makes the revenge factor. You approach myself and my wife and kids in a situation that was not boxing related.

The gratification and the fact that my personal revenge, knocking out Deontay Wilder is a lot bigger than just an actual win or KO on any other given night.


How do you think that you can stand-up to his right hand, if Anthony Joshua was able to get you?

D. Breazeale

Iíve grown a lot in the last few years. The Joshua fight was an eye opener. It was good experience. I learned then that I was standing there a lot more and taking some damage that I didnít need to take because of the big guy that I am.

As I said earlier, Wilderís got a big right hand but so do I and Iíve got a big left hook. In the heavyweight division if you donít have knockout power, youíve got no reason to be in the division.

So yes, Wilderís going to throw some leather and make some contact by all means. Boxing, itís all about hitting and not getting hit. I donít plan on getting hit a lot May 18 and if I do, Iíve been there. Iíve done that before.

At the same time I plan on putting on all the punishment. And if the right hand comes, so be it. Iíll deal with it. Itís part of boxing.


We want to see the heavyweight champions fight each other. What is your statement on that as far as the way that people look at the heavyweight division right now?

D. Breazeale

I donít disagree with you or the boxing fans just because Iím a boxing fan myself. Of course you always want to see the title holders fight each other.

But right now I think those five names you mentioned, myself, Andy Ruiz, Tyson Fury, Wilder and Joshua, we are the top of the division and the fans are getting exposed to what they want to see. Theyíre getting exposed to a heavyweight fight.

When I fight Wilder May 18 itís not going to be boring. Itís going to be action packed. Itís going to be big punch after big punch. And the thing with Joshua and Andy Ruiz, Iím excited to be part of the division. Iím excited to be where I am now standing. Iím also super excited to be the spoiler.

Wilderís had a great deal on the table, whenever he was working with Joshua and I think he should have taken it because come May 18, Iím going to ruin everything.

Iím going to put my name in that hat with Joshua and I definitely want my revenge against Joshua so weíre going to make some things up in the near future. My way to do that is to get my WBC title and thatís what I plan on doing.


You think that fight against Carlos Negron might have knocked off some ring rust and maybe helped you prepare for the fight against Deontay Wilder?

D. Breazeale

Yes, anytime you have a little bit of layoff, a little bit of ring rust you donít want that of course but I was glad I was able to do it December 22 against Carlos Negron.

Iím happy to be getting in the ring as soon as I am now for the WBC title shot. There wasnít a long layoff between me in the ring December 22, taking a couple of days off for Christmas and New Years and getting right back in the gym in January.

So I think like I said earlier, Iíve had a great camp. Iíve had a lot less layoff than in the past and all cylinders are firing.


Was it tough having to wait before you knew you would get that opportunity to face Deontay?

D. Breazeale

Yes, definitely tough. I won the WBC title eliminator against Eric Molina and then to be told that itís going to be sometime, six months, seven months which turned into I think almost about a year.

That was very tough because Iím one of the guys who stayed in the gym. Iím sparing every other day or sparing once a week. Iím always in the gym and Iím always working. Sometimes that can take a toll on you.

But fortunately in my favor it worked out great. I got another fight against Carlos Negron and attended the WBC mandatory and here a year and a half later getting ready to fight for a world title. In a sense, it kept me motivated. It kept me working.


What did you think of Deontayís performance against Tyson Fury? Did watching that fight kind of give you a better idea of what you need to do to beat Deontay Wilder?

D. Breazeale

Yes, definitely. It gave me some better things to be focusing on and to hone in on at the same time. I was there in person.

I thought Fury won that fight. I know he got knocked down a couple of times but as far as the boxing, the world looks at him how he scored in a boxing match. Tyson outscored Wilder that night and won that fight.

Fury did some good things. He had some great defensive movements. He did some good attacks as well as counter punching. On the other hand, Wilder did the same thing over and over like heís done in his last four, five fights - over the last four or five years is throw the one, two and hopefully hope and pray that the right hand lands eventually.

There were some things that I learned from the fight as well as some things Iíve continuously seen over and over, time and time again.


What were your thoughts when you got found by Michael King?

D. Breazeale

The idea first came across in a phone call. Joe Onowar, he called me, he was the recruiter at the time. I completely thought he was crazy.

`There was no way in hell that I was going to pick up boxing at 23 years old after Iíd done football, basketball, track, baseball, hockey, wrestling Ė all that as a kid. Never stepped foot into a boxing ring, then to pick it up as a sport at 23 years old when I was at the end of my career.

Honestly at the time I thought it was a real dumb idea but three months into it after I had my first amateur fight and 18 months later when I became a 2012 Olympian and now 10 years later now Iím fighting for the WBC World Title, I think Michael King was the smartest man on the planet.

For me to be the one that came out the man on top is special, there were hundreds of athletes that came to the door. I feel like the idea of turning a Division One athlete into a professional boxer. It was crazy then ten years ago but now, I think itís a great phenomenal idea.


Even Jim Brown thought that with a couple months of training he could fight Muhammad Ali. Why is it that football players have this idea that hey, if Iím good at football I can be just as good at boxing?

D. Breazeale

I think the idea of the contact was that thinking that Iím a big man. Iím aggressive. Iím powerful, that type of thing. In the football world youíd think of the defensive ends, the linebackers, the running backs, the left tackle, the guys that have the most contact on the football field would be the biggest, baddest guy in the boxing ring. Not true.

Here you are, youíre talking to a quarterback who usually takes all the damage and they always want to put a yellow jersey or a pink jersey on during practice and donít touch the quarterback type of deal. The tables are turned and Iím actually the aggressor and Iím the knockout puncher now.

The guys in the football world believe that because they can hit somebody with their shoulder or they can make the big tackle that they can throw some gloves on and throw their lives in the ring. Itís a different story man.

And like Mike Tyson said it best. Everybody has a game plan so they get punched in the mouth.


When you were quarterbacking at Northern Colorado, if you had gotten some feedback from

NFL people that you might have been a draftee in the top three rounds, would you have even entertained Mr. Kingís offer to go into boxing?

D. Breazeale

No, not at all. Actually that was be the scenario. I was actually pursuing the NFL. Things didnít pan out the way I wanted them to. And it turned out that Michael King was still there when the NFL door closed so thatís why I began to venture into the boxing world.

To tell you the truth, I actually started boxing to stay in shape for football camps but soon those doors closed and boxing was the only thing I had. And Iím grateful for it now. Godís put boxing into my life and itís been a blessing in disguise.


Did you ever doubt you would get back into the title picture and what does it mean now to get another chance at the heavyweight title?

D. Breazeale

Yes, going into depression sometimes and things like that. Iím a pretty positive, optimistic type of guy. My way of bouncing back from that title shot against Joshua was to study the film day in and day out.

I watched it round after round, minute after minute. I watched it in silence. I watched it with people. I watched it without people. And I guess I can say that the quarterback background in me kind of studying. And I wanted to see everything that I did wrong.

I didnít want to see anything I did right because I understood there were things that were done right but there were a lot more things that were done wrong. I wanted to capitalize on my mistakes.

Thatís what I did at the time. Me and my trainer Manny Robles went back to California and kind of restructured my boxing skills and they grew. And lucky enough that we were fortunate enough to have three big KO wins and here we are back again fighting for the world title.

Iím looking forward. I learned a lot more from that one loss than I learned from all my wins in my whole boxing career and amateur career. So that one lifetime experience in the summer of 2016 against Joshua was a lot bigger for my boxing career than anything could have been.


Do you see the incident that happened with Wilder as motivation right now or do you want to get beyond that so youíll be able to fight as clearly as possible when you face Wilder on the 18th?

D. Breazeale

Itís been the biggest motivational tool in this last camp. Itís the one thing that gets me up early in the morning to run. Itís the thing that gets me through the 10th and 11th and 12th round of sparring. Itís the idea of I want to achieve and stay focused.

Itís definitely been a huge motivator for camp. I think Iím going to close here pretty soon, the week of the fight. Itís more or less going to be the mental idea that Iím going into a heavyweight title fight to perform my best, to fulfill my best.

Iím not going to take any of that emotion or craziness into the fight because if you do that youíve already lost the battle.

K. Swanson

Okay, great. Thatís our last question for you Dominic. We really appreciate you taking the time as you finish up your training today to be on this call. Dominic, any last words?

D. Breazeale

Thank you Kelly. Thank you ladies and gentlemen. I appreciate you all having me. Iím looking forward to having an explosive firework night on May 18. The fight week is going to be great.

Iím feeling great. Looking forward to travelling and canít wait to get started Saturday night.

K. Swanson

At this time, I want to introduce everybody to the WBC Heavyweight Champion of the World, none other than Deontay Wilder.

He is 40 and 0 with one draw and he has 39 knockouts. Representing his hometown of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, heíll be looking to make the ninth defense of his heavyweight title that he won back in January 2015.

In 2018 he had two of the most exciting and memorable fights of the year. He defeated then unbeaten Luis Ortiz in March knocking him out in the tenth round of a back and forth war.

Then in December he dropped Tyson Fury twice, including in the 12th round of their clash that eventually ended in a split draw. This Saturday, May 18 he will be defending his title for the fourth time at Barclays Center in Brooklyn and he has had knockouts in all three of his previous defenses there.

Also joining him on the line is Shelly Finkel, for any questions you might have for him. Iíd like to introduce none other than the Heavyweight Champ of the World, Deontay Wilder to make his opening comments before we open it up to the press.

D. Wilder

Hello guys. How you guys doing? Thank you guys for coming along. What can I say that I havenít already said? Iím excited about May 18. Itís been a long camp. Itís been a hard camp. Itís also been a fun camp. Very interesting as well too.

I broke myself back down to the basics and Iíve invested in myself more than Iíve ever done in my career thus far. Itís crazy this opponent has allowed me to break myself down and get back to the basics because Iíve already stated what I want to do.

Iím going to do what I said I was going to do just like I do all the time. With this particular fight Iím going to make sure I do it in the worst way possible.

Thatís why I decided to break myself down and I decided to invest in myself so I make sure I do exactly what I said that I would do in intense fashion, in a painful way and on an elite level. So Iíd like to welcome Breazeale to the elite level.

Heís never been in this level before. He thought he did with Joshua but Deontay Wilder is a whole different beast. I come with a whole different mindset. And we already know that I come with the right hand from hell.


Can you maybe tell us some of the things that you did in camp that were different from before?

D. Wilder

Well like I said, Iíll start with a simple thing. I started back jump-roping. I started back doing a lot of speed bags, a lot of different things on the heavy bags.

Most of the time my camps, thereís sparring with the mitts and thatís through all of them. If you go into other camps youíll see them hitting everything in the gym but not hard. I get away with so much because I know my true ability and my training. A lot of these guys, they only look for one particular thing and thatís the right hand. Thatís where they go wrong because I have so many different attributes about myself.

Iím athletic. Iím agile. Iím mobile. Iím hostile. Iíve got the heart of a lion. I am a king. Iíve purchased a lot of different equipment to enhance my body and to perform, like a Jacuzzi and strength training equipment.

Iíve got the top of the line Jacuzzi for therapy, different things like that. My home, in my basement I attempted to put a full gym, a personal gym, a real nice one. And itís been amazing. 24 hours of training.

I had got to the point where I had to stop training so hard. My doctor advised me not to train so hard because it always kept me up. I went off to the gym and then Iíd come home. And then when you have a gym at the house itís like and youíve got a fight coming up, itís non-stop thinking.

So if youíre thinking about the fight, your body is going to react and so you go downstairs and start working out or start hitting the bag or start doing a lot of things. Iíve got massage table here and Iíve got a lot of different things here that I never thought about doing before.

But now, like I said, I want to bring the pain. I want to do so much damage to this guy that heís allowed me to invest in myself, something I should have done a long time ago. But itís never too late for new things and for me it just relit my career.

It relit the interest in boxing. Iíve been through so much in this sport ups and downs. And it took all this time. It took this motivation right here. Itís paid off outside of the ring

Everything I say I mean. And I do what I say. And thatís what makes me who I am. Iím the realest champion in the business and thatís where I am at this point.


Deontay, what convinced you to make these changes? Is there any one thing that made you do that or is it a combination of things?

D. Wilder

I owe it all to Breazeale. I owe it all to him.

Like I said, Iím coming to bring the pain. If you donít understand that, youíll see. My actions speak louder than my words. Iím not one of these guys that just talks just to hear myself talk or whoís cloud chasing or just to say some stuff, because I am who I am.

I donít waste my time. Iíve always been like that. This hasnít just started because Iíve gotten into boxing. I became a champion.

Anyone thatís grown with me, anyone thatís been around me will tell you when Deontayís speaking and saying something, even my managers and my trainers, they all will tell you when this guy speaks he means it. He donít say nothing just to say it. Like he really means it.

And the thing is that when Iím outside of this ring, a man comes to my city and starts chaos like that and then telling a bogus story, try to sell sympathy and wants people to show sympathy and remorse. I donít like that.

I donít like that at all. Heís like one of these guys that will come into your establishment and waste water on the floor and slip on it just to sue you. What goes around comes around.

This May 18, it will be my time. Itís punishment time. Itís judgement time. And I am the judge.


Youíve long been a critic of the epidemic of PEDís in boxing. It obviously came to the forefront with this Jarrell Miller and Anthony Joshua situation. What went through your mind when you see a guy fail three tests?

D. Wilder

Where do I start with it? Iíve always told people about Jarrell Miller. Iíve always said certain things. I know a lot of things about a lot of fighters, because I know the people that Iíve fought.

Like they tell me, the doctors tell me. Theyíre not my friend. Iím just here for the business. And that sounds about right. I give out subliminal messages. Iím not a rat. I donít go around and call names out and stuff. But Iíve been saying a lot of things.

One particular time I said something about Jarrell Miller. I said, you better stop doing this, this and this. Somebody put out the video before. Finally, when things happened, people were saying, hey Wilderís been saying that.

Yes, Iíve been saying that. Why canít you believe me in the first place? Iím one of these types of people that people donít believe things I say happened, which is okay because itís too late.

Another thing about the situation. Thereís so many things you can say about the situation. Iím just tired of talking about it so Iíll leave it as this. Iím always talking about what can happen in the ring. This sport, you know, killing a man in the ring.

This boxing is so dangerous, so brutal. When you get these guys on these PEDs and stuff like that, this is what theyíre going to do.

Like Iím natural. Iím natural so I feel like I have the right to speak my peace because I am the one thatís entering the ring. I am the one and my opponentís the one thatís risking their life.

But when youíre getting guys that are doing PEDs and asking their bodies to do things theyíre not supposed to do Ė no one really just criticizes. Even with the organizations, when is there going to be a time when somebody puts their foot down and shows somebody?

Thereís so much stuff you can say with that man. Like I said, it is what it is. Itís a brutal sport that weíre in and I love it. I love it. I signed up so Iíve got to suffer the consequences and deal with everything that comes behind it and Iím here.


Dominic said that he doesnít think anybody would agree with me that youíve become a pretty good world champion. What are your thoughts on that?

D. Wilder

I mean that was what every opponent Iíve faced has said. Every one of them. If itís been ten years, then for ten years theyíve been spewing the same thing for ten years Ė what have I been doing?

Iím still here. Iím still a champion. Itís different when you get in the ring with me then. Any guy that has gotten in the ring with me or that gets in the ring with me Ė when I say gets in the ring I mean a sparring partner.

The guys that have gotten in the ring with me, being future opponents, they will tell you, this man is not what you think he is. But itís good that people think that way.

People are simple minded, people like him think that way because when you enter into that ring and you feel that first blow, you know that youíre in for a fight. My mindset is different. My mindset is so big that a spaceship can fit in it.

I am here for the long run. This is not a short run for me. Iím here for a generational one. Iím betting on myself. Iím taking control of my career in my own hands because I am the talent. I know what I possess. A lot of these guys wish they had what I have. Thatís just an easy way to cop out. For ten years this is what heís been doing with his right hand.

Weíre going to find out and itís not going to be long now either. Heís going to find out. So heís going to realize that heís never been in a ring with a guy like myself. Heís fought for the world title before and it seemed like he didnít belong there in the first place.

Now heís in there with a real killer. A real one who speaks that speaks his peace and I mean what I say. Nobodyís going to stop me. I mean what I say and I say what I mean and come the 18th heís going to find out.

This guy is very nervous. I know everything that he wants to do. I know it all. And he should be nervous because I donít mean no good for him. All bad intentions. If youíre a first time viewer of boxing, I donít know, it depends on how you feel about seeing a body on the ground or seeing blood on somebody. Youíre going to be in for a treat.

I hope you stick around for the next one and the next one to come because Iím the most exciting heavyweight in the business, period. Period. Thereís no one thatís more exciting that brings the pain and that brings the drama as I. And I can speak it.

A lot of you guys, you know who want to be kind and soft and want to be politically correct and want to talk tough. No, Iíll tell you what I feel in the moment of time. I feel the energy in the room. I feel the energy in myself and I release that.

I tell you how it is and when the time comes for me to display that I do that as well and I do it in a great fashion.


Is there any kind of competition within you to want to show the boxing public or the fans that you Joshua and Fury are all fighting within a 30 day period roughly and you want to be the one to show as the best performance of those three to sort of let people continue to gauge you against each other?

D. Wilder

I never even thought about that. Nor will I think about it after this conversation because I know what I possess. I know who I am and as you can see, Iím the most exciting out of all of those guys.

These guys donít bring the excitement that I bring. Tyson Furyís the most boring one of all or of us. So I think I just continue to do what I do and do what I do best and thatís knock these guys out silly. Iím not in competition with none of them.

Theyíre great guys. Theyíre great fighters themselves and I expect them to be themselves. Donít add no pressure onto it. Do what you all do. And Deontay Wilderís going to do what he does.


How do you explain to the public why those fights are not happening at the moment?

D. Wilder

Well itís simple. If they took the time and took a deep breath and sat back and reflected on their past and what has happened there. I know weíre in the present right now and the futureís bright as well too.

But if you look back in the past and sit back and see what Deontay has already tried to do to him and his team has tried to do, letís start out with Fury first. With Fury since Fury felt like everyone got that perspective of him beating me from the commentary.

When you get new people come in, they donít know what theyíre looking at. They donítí know whatís going on so theyíre going to look for the so-called experts of the sport and listen to them.

So letís start from there. They carry away with that. So if Iím a fighter and Iím thinking, hey, I beat his ass, my first reaction is, I want an immediate rematch. I feel like they got that wrong.

You want an immediate reaction rematch because you know the second rematch ainít nothing. Thatís going to be simple. Itís going to be easy.

So what we did Ė I said, hey, I know what I did. I whipped your ass. I was more aggressive. I want to understand, what was the main highlight of the fight the whole night? I think we all can answer that. Itís Fury being knocked on his ass and getting back up. That was the whole highlight of the whole fight.

So in essence, Iím saying, hey, I won so I want a rematch. As a champion instead of moving forward I want to give you this rematch because I want to bless you. So what did he do? So if youíre a guy that knows that youíre beating me with a wild margin, you immediately take that rematch.

You donít run or get other fighters. You immediately take that. Fury knows. I gave him a concussion. When you get a man that doesnít understand how he got on the ground nor how he got up, his brain has been shocked. He donít want that fight no more.

He donít want to get in no more. As as a fighter we must promote ourselves. We must carry this type of ego like Iím the man and I did this and that because we donít want people to look on us as punks or somebodyís that scared.

Because youíre a fighter. Youíre not supposed to be scared. Well weíre human beings as well too. So if heís on his side he knows the real reason. Thatís why heís fighting another guy. Thatís why he had the contract in his face for five days to a week.

Then ESPN came along and all of them. He didnít want that fight or I wouldnít have had to fight my mandatory. I would have gone straight to Fury and then with Breazeale.

With Joshua itís easy. Four months we tried. Four different occasions. Maybe five different occasions. 12.5, 15 flat fee. He said, I want 50/50. We gave that to him. Well, no, my country deserves for me to fight here so Iím going to fight here.

So he didnít want to fight on his own so they had to step in and make the fight and then they had to come back and apologize because they werenít prepared for us. Thatís what Ė four or five times we tried to make the fight? Now they cry because they donít have nowhere to do.

Go back and study it. Go back and see, who really is the king of the division? Who really tried to make these fights? Then when you come back youíll find yourself in a better place and youíll come with peace with yourself.


The PR people sent this out and I found it to be very interesting. The fight that youíre going to have against Breazeale is going to be your ninth title defense. Youíre starting to edge into historical names on the list of heavyweights that have made that many defenses, if youíre successful against Breazeale.

Nin is how many defenses Muhammad Ali made the first time he was champion. Itís the number of title defenses that Mike Tyson made in his first famous title reign. And itís the number of title defenses that Lennox Lewis made in his second championship reign which was obviously when he was at his very best.

What would it mean to you to sort of put yourself in that list of guys to get to the ninth title defense in the heavyweight division?

D. Wilder

It means a lot. I means a great deal to me. It means a lot to accomplish that. It means that Iíve proved so many people wrong and still to this day Iím proving people wrong.

Itís going to be a great accomplishment not only in the past Ė so many great fighters that came before me but to continue to go forward to be the number one guy. Iíve still got a long way to go to do what I want to do in this sport.

I will accomplish everything I set forth to do. Iím an amazing fighter. Iím an amazing talent and Iíve got an amazing team behind me. And with that combination man, the skyís the limit.


I feel like this fight is a little more personal to you than maybe some of your past fights, do you agree?

D. Wilder

Oh, most definitely. Oh man and thatís not a laugh of joy. Thatís an evil laugh. In an evil scene, the evil manís got to laugh. Thatís my evil laugh.

I think this is the most excited Iíve been and the most I wanted to hurt a man since 2015 with Bermane Stiverne. And we all know what happened to him. And the second time was just playing around with him.

With this one right here, the story that comes behind it, people have got to understand when youíre dealing with Deontay Wilder, Iím passionate about what I say. Iím passionate about what I do.

Dominic Breazeale better display himself on that night, because I put him on my card. He didnít have to be on my card. But you come to my hometown and cause this mess? And like I said before you want to start this drama and act like you were the victim and your wife was the victim? Heís an opportunist and I donítí like that.

So I needed this boost as a champion of the division, I needed this boost. Like I said, I never thought of investing in myself the way Iíve done. To be a champion and get away with so many different things, man itís been crazy.

But now Iíve turned every stone over man. This is the most precise camp that Iíve ever had, in my entire life. I feel it tops all camps and I needed this re-ignition in my life. I needed this extra boost because I will do what I say Iím going to do and that night Iím damn well going to try. I guarantee you that.


Was it frustrating for you to kind of have to reset yourself and now think about preparing for other opponents that are going to be wanting to fight you starting with Dominic Breazeale?

D. Wilder

No, it wasnít. It wasnít hard for me. Youíve got to look at what Iíve been through. I keep talking about the past. Youíve got to see what Iíve been through with different guys disappointing me.

Failing drug tests. Making me lose out on a lot of money. And stuff like that. So I understand the business of boxing and I know that if you have something in place one minute, the next minute it could be gone just like that.

Once you go through this cycle and you go through it over and over again, you try to get the understanding, a better understanding of fights and whatís to come. Nothing is guaranteed until youíre in that ring and that guy throws the first blow.

As we can see even when the bell rings, it doesnít start until that first blow is thrown because weíve got guys that will get out of the damn ring at the time the bell rings.

So things like that have prepared me. I understand as a fighter why he made that decision. I hurt Tyson Fury very badly. I gave him a crushing.

Like I said, the man had memory loss and thatís not healthy. Thatís not healthy for you and as a man, as a man with a family, hey, if you need a warm-up, a tune-up to see if your marbles are back in place, go do that. Take as many more months as you need.

We understand. He said he got three more fights and then be out of here. We all know why heís going to be out of here because one of those fights leads up to me. And Iím going to finish it. Iím going to finish the job.

So I understand it all. I have a guy there that canít understand things. Even in everyday life thereís someone going through something. I try. My mind, like I said is so big and spacious so when you are describing something and telling me something I try to take my mind in a virtual reality and put myself in your position.

I try to look at every aspect possible and try to go and understand. So I understand why he made that decision. I understand it all. And itís healthy that I want the best Fury when that time comes, just like I want with all these guys.

Because I donít want no excuses. Iím the only fighter that can come in with damaged arms and body mashed and still knock you out because I am blessed. My grandma said I was anointed by God. And she was so right.


Iím just wondering if youíll talk about this topic of betting on yourself and what the plan is on your career to maximize the value you can get out of it?

D. Wilder

Yes, most definitely. Like I said, if anybodyís going to take my career, itís going to be myself. I understand we used to have a promoter and what comes in the contract with having a promoter.

But when you get to a certain point and you know youíre the talent and theyíre coming to see your talent. And if you have the opportunity, why not take a chance on yourself?

Why not bet on yourself and I have a smart team that educated me and guided me through. No matter what people say about certain people, I have a wonderful team.

Me and Shelly and Jay Deas, we started together. Weíre going to end together. And when we brought Al along, even more it made me and my team strong.

So who Iím with now? Itís who Iím going to end with. And they guided me all the way through. Theyíre going to make sure that not only do I go in history but they go in history as well as a team and itís a blessing to have such a strong team in a business thatís so dirty.

Thatís why I bet on myself. I have everything established and set for myself. My own promotion. And weíre looking forward to doing great things.

Weíre very serious in the promotion. I know a lot of guys, oh, Iíve got a promotion coming up. Well that sounds good but what do you really want to do with it? And Iím in it for the long run.

I think I have the talent and ability to display myself in a way that can bring excitement in a way Iíve already done but the next step is to cement outside of the ring.

I think Iím going to be able to promote fighters and be able to talk about them and not talk about myself and be able to really promote fighters and bring the next Deontay Wilder or the next whoever they want to be.

I always say, even as I tell my brother I donít want you to be just like me. I want you to be better than me. Iím the type of person that even if you do better than me, Iím happy for you.

And a lot of people are not like that because some people you do get equal to them or higher than them. Thatís when the jealousy and envy come. Iím not that type of person.

My heart is of gold. Iím a provider and protector. And I love to see people do great even if itís better than I.

Shelly Finkel

Deontay is willing to take the risk both in taking low money and heís willing to walk away. One of the most powerful words in the world is no and he is strong enough to say no and believe in himself that whatever he said no to now would be worth a lot more later.

So far that has proven through and I donít see any reason it wonít be going forward. Heís a very, very strong human, not physically but mentally. And when youíre with him, youíre with him and heís with you. Thereís nothing better.

People have tried to break us up. His strength of who he is, means he knows who was there for him whether it be Jay or Al or myself. And thatís who he sticks with. Iím just very proud of him and proud to be part of his team.

K. Swanson

What Iíd like to do is ask Deontay if he has final thoughts before we hang up. And we look forward to seeing you next week in Brooklyn for Fight Week. Deontay?

D. Wilder

May 18 is the time. I think everyone is being patient with this little thing that we have going on in the heavyweight division.

Just look at it and consider this Ė the excitement is back in the heavyweight division. The fire is lit. Iím more excited than Iíve ever been in my career because of everything thatís going on with it.

So I ask people just to be patient. And with patience comes time. And youíve got to be able to even both out, patience and time, because they all work together.

Youíre going to get the main fight that you guys want to see. The great thing about it is that weíre all still in discussion. I can understand if it was a closed door and weíre not having no discussion with nobody. Then it would be something that really would be a laid out or drawn out thing.

But everyone is still in discussion and talking and itís just going to take a little time but I just tell people, the fans of boxing, people thatís coming in boxing, everyone just to have patience. The big fights are going to happen.

You know that when the big fights happen, you know that Deontay Wilderís involved in it because most of these guys they live by the motto of less risk with high rewards.

But we know that Iíve taken high risks with low rewards. Weíve gotten smarter. Weíve proven ourselves. And weíre doing our own thing. Like I said, weíre betting on ourselves and when I bet on myself, youíre going to get great response.

Youíre going to get great shows out of me. And Iím looking forward to May 18. So Iíll see you guys there and Iím looking forward to you guys. And I also want to announce my new clothing line. I got it coming out that will be sold online. You can look out for that. That way you can get your gear and are ready for May 18 and support me.


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